D-Day – Episode 1 Review

I have been looking forward to this newly anticipated disaster medical drama D-Day due to its entirely new genre. Though the first episode is still developing the characters and story, I am already intrigued by everything. It’s quite engaging, especially when I am wondering when the doomsday will actually start to hit.

DDay Ep1-3
Firstly, we are introduced to our hero doctor, Lee Hye-sung (played by Kim Young Kwang) and he seems to have no tolerance for bullshit as we can see that he doesn’t really follow the hospital rules nor other doctors’ orders, including the ER chief, Chief Kang (played by Kim Hye Eun).
DDay Ep1-4 DDay Ep1-5
His colleague tries to reject a patient (Whut??) and another just because of their conditions and Hye-sung says to immediately send one of them for surgery without using MRIs and CTs for diagnosis.
DDay Ep1-6 DDay Ep1-7
He manages to save the patient, who went into cardiac arrest, in the operating room, turning the survival rate of 9% into 100%, which of course pisses the hospital director, Director Lee, off. You mad, old man? 😛
DDay Ep1-11 DDay Ep1-12
Meanwhile, in a very different situation, there is a doctor performing robotic surgery and he is Han Woo-jin (played by Ha Suk Jin). He is highly respected and adored by his junior for his robotic surgery skills.
DDay Ep1-8 DDay Ep1-9
Hye-sung is called by Director Lee who tells him that he is now transferred to another hospital along with his comatose mother. Director Lee says he will let him stay if Hye-sung apologises and gets on his knees. Well, Hye-sung doesn’t give bullshit and just bids his farewell which angers the director.
DDay Ep1-10
Hye-sung is transferred to a rundown hospital where he uses his charm to get the nurse to take care of his mother. Smart, hehe. He apologises to his mother for the facility and promises that he will visit her more often.
DDay Ep1-13
A group of three men talk about natural disasters, though they have very few audience where one of them finds it boring while talking on the phone. One of the spokesman is Assemblyman Gu Ja-hyuk (played by Cha In Pyo).
DDay Ep1-14 DDay Ep1-15
He seems to be familiar with Chief Kang who asks him to buy her drink later that night.
DDay Ep1-17 DDay Ep1-18
Finally, we are seeing our heroine, Jung Ddol-mi (played by Jung So Min), as she runs out of the ambulance to ush to men’s toilet to do her business hilariously, as the queue for women’s toilet is too long. Hah, oh so sassy. And she seems to be a fan of Doctor Han.
DDay Ep1-19 DDay Ep1-20
We also have a firefighter, Caption Choi Il-sub (played by Kim Sang Ho) who often gets calls from a homeless person, Mr Kang, attempting suicide. He seems to be annoyed with him as he goes to find him to tell him not to call him anymore. Why do I find this hilarious, hah.
DDay Ep1-21 DDay Ep1-22
Both of them enjoy the night singing which irritates the group of cyclists. This leads to a fight among them and when they cycle off, one of them gets knocked by a car.
DDay Ep1-23 DDay Ep1-24
A nearby jogger who is Hye-sung’s nurse friend, Park Jina (played by Yoon Joo Hee), quickly assesses the injured cyclist and requests to Ddol-mi to use their ambulance.
DDay Ep1-26 DDay Ep1-25
In the ambulance, Ddol-mi tries to diagnose but Jina is quick to diagnose a collapsed lung and urges the resident doctor to insert the needle but the thing is, Ddol-mi has never done it before. Jina quickly takes the needle and stabs the cyclist. He is able to breathe now and they breathe a sigh of relief.
DDay Ep1-27 DDay Ep1-29
They quickly rush to Mirae Hospital where Hye-sung is there to return his gown. Because she is the nurse, Jina gives Ddol-mi credit for saving the cyclist’s life. Hye-sung sees his brother, Lee Woo-sung (played by Song Ji Ho), who ignores him. Oh, why?
DDay Ep1-28
Woo-jin overhears that Jina was the one who saved the cyclist’s life and grabs Jina into a corner and scolds her. It seems that they were together once. And that was harsh grab, bro.
DDay Ep1-33 DDay Ep1-34
DDay Ep1-32
A drunk old man comes in and an intern fails to assess his condition. The intern, Ahn Dae-gil (played by Infinite’s Lee Sung Yeol), gets reprimand by Hye-sung for failing to diagnose a diabetic shock. Hye-sung reminds the old man to carry sweets around.
DDay Ep1-35
Woo-jin comes into ER and calls out Hye-sung for working at the hospital unauthorised. Ddol-mi witnesses everything from behind and the diabetic old man notes of Hye-sung’s unauthorised working.
DDay Ep1-36
A reporter tries to convince his superior about his research on earthquake but get denied. Instead, he is assigned to cover the topic of a celebrity dating scandal. Really? Wow, media… And it totally sounds like K-World nowadays. This superior, you will regret this!
DDay Ep1-37 DDay Ep1-38
Jina turns in her letter of resignation and confesses her saving the cyclist’s life to Chief Kang. What’s more, Woo-jin found about it. She also says that now that Hye-sung is transferred, working in ER doesn’t appeal to her. She wished for her chief not to get into trouble because of her.
DDay Ep1-39 DDay Ep1-40
Hye-sung hears this from Chief Kang and goes out to look for Jina. On the way out, he insults Ddol-mi for not being to do the needle stab and taking the credit. He explains how Jina has also never done it before and yet still able to do it, unlike Ddol-mi whom Hye-sung thinks she is afraid of getting into trouble. As always, Hye-sung puts patient’s life first.
DDay Ep1-41 DDay Ep1-42
Insulted as a doctor, Ddol-mmi crouches and cries. Meanwhile, Hye-sung finds Jina to treat her out for her first pneumothorax performance.
DDay Ep1-43 DDay Ep1-44
Ddol-mi is still in sour mood and vows to never come back to Seoul ever again. Hye-sung and Jina are having meal in a restaurant and Jina wonders why she never become a doctor. Hye-sung teases that she can’t become better than him.
DDay Ep1-47
All of sudden, something crashes into the restaurant and I never see that coming! I almost forgot what I am watching D-Day for. Seriously! Hye-sung notes a gas tube leaking and yells at Jina to run out before an explosion occurs.
DDay Ep1-46 DDay Ep1-45
Ddol-mi is nearby and three of them watch a crane fall towards them. Run, quick run!

Wow, that was already a powerful start. I didn’t expect it to happen soon. Especially for its premiere. I thought we got to wait to wait for few more episodes for the development. Bam, an explosion occurs at the end of first episode and this is what intrigues me further. No, the preview for episode 2 is what intriguing me. I am actually anticipating a huge disaster. Plus, I’d love to see how the team’s hard work on the CG effects are going to turn out. The first one looks damn realistic.
DDay Ep1-49

I am never a fan of disaster genre. I never even watch the movie 2012 because of my fear for such things to happen in real life. But, somehow, I managed to overcome it and I am more anticipating this drama D-Day. I am really curious to see how the characters are going to struggle to stay alive and deal with the aftermath. There will be 20 episodes so this is only the beginning of fked up part. Besides that, this is probably first ever new genre for K-drama. I wonder how Hye-sung’s personality of putting patients’ lives first is going to affect and change the lives of the people affected. Am I only the one who feel that Hye-sung is similar to Tae-hyun from Yong-pal? Saving lives is their first priority no matter what. Though Ddol-mi seems to be new as a resident doctor, I believe that she will learn and develop into someone better and save lives like Hye-sung. Looking forward to more!

Oh, there is one more thing I would like to add. I like how the letter ‘D’ in the title ‘D-Day’ doesn’t mean one thing but three – ‘Disaster’, ‘Despair’ and ‘Determination’. Those three D’s definitely define how this drama is going to be.
DDay Ep1-48


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