Twenty Again – Episode 5 Review

Oh, I am actually enjoying more in this episode – Professor Cha thinking Nora is dying and becoming more thoughtful of her. And there is Professor Kim whom I find to be more hilarious.

TwAgn Ep5-5
Hyun-suk invites Woo-chul over and feigns surprise when Nora calls Woo-chul out, “Min-soo’s dad…” Haha, nice. He is all like, “You’re Nora’s husband? Wow, I had been so curious about what kind of guy she married.” Pffttt.
TwAgn Ep5-6 TwAgn Ep5-7
After the meeting, Hyun-suk ushers Woo-chul out and Nora grits through her teeth, asking Hyun-suk what he is doing. Hyun-suk grins widely (dimple!), saying that she is impatient and they will talk once inside.
TwAgn Ep5-8
I like how Woo-chul, with his excellent hilarious expression, is now going all, “Since when were they that close? When did they start hanging out? High school friends? Which high school did Nora go to again?” and starts to search up Hyun-suk’s biography for his high school. Hah, you jealous? As if.
TwAgn Ep5-11 TwAgn Ep5-10
Turns out that Hyun-suk was doing that to help Nora that if she runs into her husband at school, she can tell him that she is there on errand for Hyun-suk. Aw.
TwAgn Ep5-12 TwAgn Ep5-13
He even fills the some in her bucket list for Nora without her knowing – going to a late night movie (with a popcorn) and eating food on a stick by the street. Nora is surprised that Hyun-suk isn’t married and he explains that he is afraid to meet someone like her who changed a lot since becoming a married woman.
TwAgn Ep5-14 TwAgn Ep5-1
At home, Woo-chul paces in front of the window till Hyun-suk drives up with Nora to drop her off. He hilariously peers at them, being curious about what they are saying.
TwAgn Ep5-15 TwAgn Ep5-16
Woo-chul tells Nora to never tell Hyun-suk about divorce and keeps questioning her about her closeness with Hyun-suk. Which is when Nora notes that they had never had this kind of conversation. Psychopath Woo-chul, you got a woman, man. And you’re still asking her about her high school friend.
TwAgn Ep5-17 TwAgn Ep5-18
Nora falls asleep, thinking about how close she used to be with Hyun-suk. In the past, they planned MT in secret excitedly and I love how carefree they used to be.
TwAgn Ep5-19 TwAgn Ep5-20
The next day at school on Monday morning, Seung-hyun calls Nora to tell her that Professor Sung has quitted (YES!) and gives her credit for having gut to send the video. She still doesn’t tell her who asked her to pass the video to Nora. Hyun-suk watches with a smile from the distance.
TwAgn Ep5-21 TwAgn Ep5-22
More good news for Nora as Soon-nam’s dance minion recognises her from the video which Soon-nam demands to find and sign her up no matter what, when she comes looking for him. LOL, that expression on Soon-nam when he finds out that Nora was actually that girl in the video. He is like, “I am last year’s president and this year’s president already auditioned you, so can’t be helped.” LOL, really. Pffttt.
TwAgn Ep5-23 TwAgn Ep5-24
Together, they go for lunch to take pictures together for their project and Sang-ye happens to see them there and goes to eavesdrop on them, smiling at their closeness with Nora calling Soon-nam senior cutely.
TwAgn Ep5-25 TwAgn Ep5-26
Hye-mi also has the same project and takes couple photos with her partner which Min-soo walks pass by and witness it. He shouts out her name and the next thing we see is that there is crowd around watching them argue.
TwAgn Ep5-27 TwAgn Ep5-29
Nora and Soon-nam also happen to be there. Hye-mi complains how Min-soo never do those things and storms off. Min-soo follows after her, telling her that he will do those things now. Nora looks at her son, smiling to herself, “My Min-soo has already grown up into a man.” Hmm, not so…
TwAgn Ep5-31 TwAgn Ep5-2
Nora goes for her first dance practice and she gets pretty good hang of the warm up. After the practice, she happily bids goodbyes, calling the sunbae. Min-soo is on his way to meet Hye-mi and spots his mother. That slow-motion, though! Hahah. He looks so shocked that he mouths ‘Mom’ before running to hide.
TwAgn Ep5-32
Like father, like son. Min-soo calls his father about Mom attending his, their, school and Woo-chul’s expression mirrors Min-soo’s. Haha, I know I have said this many times, but his expressions are hilarious.
TwAgn Ep5-35 TwAgn Ep5-36
Woo-chul calls Nora to go home instantly and confronts her about being student at his school. I love how Nora is countering Woo-chul’s words and she wonders why they should be legally divorced since they have been living as divorced couple.
TwAgn Ep5-37 TwAgn Ep5-38
Nora tries to talk to Min-soo who is still upset about his mother going to his school. She apologises, but says that she is not quitting. She wonders why she should quit college and says that she will pretend not to know him at school. Min-soo throws tantrum and says he is going to drop out, but Nora just heads to her room quietly. Woo-chul tells his son that he will try to talk to his mother.
TwAgn Ep5-40 TwAgn Ep5-39
Nora does it – she pretends not to know Min-soo and ignores him at school the next day. I hope Min-soo gets hurt by this?! Woo-chul witnesses it with curiosity as to why she does that. Yeah, who are the ones who want her to quit school?
TwAgn Ep5-41 TwAgn Ep5-42
Woo-chul goes to confront Hyun-suk about knowing Nora’s going to school and Hyun-suk is all like, “Why do I have to tell you?” and says that he wants to help her. “I have no interest in your married life with Nora. What I’m interested in is Nora.” Really? Omo. That should get you mad, Woo-chul.
TwAgn Ep5-43 TwAgn Ep5-44
Later, Hyun-suk hears from Sang-ye that she has given the tickets to Woo-chul as she expects him to go with his wife. The tickets are also given to Nora by Hyun-suk. He is horrified, knowing that Woo-chul will take his girlfriend instead of his wife.
TwAgn Ep5-45 TwAgn Ep5-46
He fails to get Nora through call and quickly drives to the venue where Nora is already there and misses her husband with his girlfriend who are there as well.
TwAgn Ep5-47
Hyun-suk arrives and scoffs at the expected sight of Woo-chul with Professor Yi-jin before heading off to look for Nora.
TwAgn Ep5-49 TwAgn Ep5-48
However, it’s too late as Nora rounds the corner and sees her husband waiting for someone. Out from the restroom is Yi-jin and Woo-chul fixes her scarf like a boyfriend would do. Uh-oh, nooo. But it’s good thing that she discovers her husband’s affair, though they may be divorced already.

I like how Nora is becoming a real student in college, thanks to Seung-hyun and Soon-nam. Especially Soon-nam who acts not acceptable of her, but deep down, he still cares about her as, if not friend, a schoolmate. She eventually joins his Bounce club which is a dream come true for her as she never get a chance to further her skills as a dancer. It’s really nice to see Soon-nam becoming friendlier with her despite being against her in the first place and it’s so cute of her to call him sunbae at school and of him to tell her to eat whatever sunbae feeds her. Good things happened, but not without finding out the sad truth – her (ex) husband already having a woman. What’s more, she is finding out that Woo-chul may be divorcing because of the woman Yi-jin. I wonder how she is going to take all these in, seeing how she loves him.
TwAgn Ep5-30

Besides Soon-nam, Hyun-suk is always there for Nora and makes sure to fulfil her bucket list. But that’s because he thinks she is dying for real. I wonder how he is going to treat her differently when he finds out that it’s a false alarm. Will he return to being a jerk like how he met Nora for the first time in many years? That aside, I like how he doesn’t want Nora to be hurt from finding out about Woo-chul and tries every way to avoid that. But it’s going to happen anyway and I hope for Hyun-suk to be there for her again.
TwAgn Ep5-50


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