Yong-pal – Episode 12 Review

It’s the matter of time as Tae-hyun faces obstacles on the way to registering his marriage with Yeo-jin. Luckily for him, he has made friends while being Yong-pal and that his gangster friends, even his loan shark, are always there for him.

YP Ep12-3
Yeo-jin lets Do-joon’s secretary know of the USB which contains what Do-joon has been looking for and he immediately falls to his knees. And she actually tosses the USB drive, which is also known as the royal seal of Hanshin Kingdom, to him? Whut?? I hope it’s a fake one or she made copies.
YP Ep12-4 YP Ep12-5
Tae-hyun goes to airport to collect Yeo-jin’s passport so that he can register for their marriage. Ah, smart plan. And hello to Man-shik who gets sent on errand to take passport for Tae-hyun.
YP Ep12-6 YP Ep12-7
On the way back, Man-shik gets a call and says that Yong-pal will be there, which means Tae-hyun. Tae-hyun says that he won’t do house calls anymore, but Man-shik manages to convince him. And I don’t feel anything good about it.
YP Ep12-8 YP Ep12-9
Yong-pal gets back to action, not after cursing at Man-shik for lying to him about the amount of injured people. Amusing, hahah. But hey, at least, we are seeing Yong-pal back in action again!
YP Ep12-10 YP Ep12-11
Outside, someone has been following Tae-hyun and he reports to President Go about Tae-hyun taking Yeo-jin’s passport which he concludes that Yeo-jin might be alive.
YP Ep12-12 YP Ep12-13
President Go quickly goes to see Do-joon about the possibility of Yeo-jin being alive, but Do-joon has already beaten to him. I mean, his secretary, Secretary Min, who has passed the USB over to Do-joon. WHAT???
YP Ep12-14
And, Secretary Min has already told everything to Do-joon about Yeo-jin’s plan to come to funeral, betraying Yeo-jin and remaining loyal to his boss. What is Yeo-jin thinking of?!
YP Ep12-15 YP Ep12-16
Man-shik suddenly looks uneasy and tells Yong-pal to run away. Oh, he actually tattled on him to the police and the police is on the way now. Aw, at least he is telling him about the police. He tells the gangsters to run away as well, and the man who followed Tae-hyun, comes in with an order to kill Tae-hyun off.
YP Ep12-17 YP Ep12-18
Man-shik stops him, telling Tae-hyun to run away, just as police arrives. Detective Lee finds them both on the rooftop with the man chasing after Tae-hyun. As always, Detective Lee is fascinated with Yong-pal in front of him. Tsk, can’t you see what is happening?!
YP Ep12-19 YP Ep12-20
The man pushes Detective Lee off, crushing his body. Tae-hyun hears it and finds that he has collapsed lungs. Of course, Tae-hyun quickly rushes to his side for aid to make him breathe easily before running off.
YP Ep12-21
Having heard about Yeo-jin being alive from her spy maid, Chae-young goes to see Yeo-jin and yay, she is on her side, having been told about the plans, though she’s been trying to tell not to go to funeral.
YP Ep12-23 YP Ep12-22
The next day, Chae-young helps to hire a team of stylists to doll Yeo-jin up for the funeral.
YP Ep12-24
Tae-hyun is halfway registering marriage when Detective Lee handcuffs him. Really?? Just listen to him! Ugh!
YP Ep12-25 YP Ep12-26
As Detective Lee is on the way to police station with Tae-hyun, Doo-chul is behind him in the car, calling him. YES! He is here to save the day! He asks Detective Lee if he is being too hard on his saviour. This makes him remember how Tae-hyun save his life.
YP Ep12-28 YP Ep12-27
Doo-chul is the best ahjussi ever as he has already wrapped the man, who pushed Detective Lee off the rooftop, up in his car trunk like a gift. Doo-chul tells him, “So, go easy on the quack who saves lives and chase the killer who takes lives.” Well said!
YP Ep12-33
Detective Lee drives Tae-hyun back to registration and it’s chasing against time as Tae-hyun quickly registers the marriage.
YP Ep12-29 YP Ep12-30
With the help of Chae-young, Yeo-jin enters the funeral with sunglasses and hat covering her face. And, hey, nice hair! Chae-young tells her that this is as far as she can take her and that she will have to face the fight on her own.
YP Ep12-31 YP Ep12-32
She raises from her wheelchair and walks towards her huge portrait. She takes off her veil and sunglasses, revealing her face in front of her portrait, shocking everyone except Do-joon who feigns shock. Do-joon even tries to act all like, “Yeo-jin-ah! What happened?”
YP Ep12-34
Yeo-jin tries to tell the police chief about Do-joon holding her captive illegally for past three years, however, the police says that there are formal steps to be taken. With that, Do-joon addresses his sister as someone not of sound mind and body.
YP Ep12-35 YP Ep12-36
Damn, it’s so annoying! That people would believe Do-joon as he is her only legal guardian. He even shows the fake diagnosis to the police who believes the damned thing. Yeo-jin can only stand there, thinking, “Tae-hyun, hurry back!” Do-joon smirks at her.

Okay, why is the police chief dumb as well? Why can’t he just listen to Yeo-jin about wanting to conduct full checkup at another hospital as long as it’s not Hanshin Hospital? I really hope Tae-hyun makes it back! He better be! Otherwise Yeo-jin’d be embarrassing herself and losing to her vicious brother. There’s no way that Yeo-jin would be dumb to give Secretary Min the only USB which is passed on to Do-joon. She is smart and she should have backup plan, like hopefully she still has the power and the USB.
YP Ep12-37

I like how Tae-hyun always put patients first, even to the extent of saving Detective Lee’s life though he could be at the risk of getting caught. What’s I like even more is Doo-chul! How does he even know what is going on? Oh, I don’t care, as long as he managed to get to Detective Lee and saved Tae-hyun! Now, will Tae-hyun be able to make it to the funeral on time, as Yeo-jin’s legal guardian? Quick, Yong-pal, I trust you!
YP Ep12-38


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