Yong-pal – Episode 13 Review

We get to see Yeo-jin now as the chairwoman and the wife of Tae-hyun. Very differently, Tae-hyun has to deal with dual sides of his new wife, and I actually find more comedic and cute moments in this episode, coming from Joo Won especially.

YP Ep13-2
Well, of course, Tae-hyun manages to arrive at funeral to declare being Yeo-jin’s legal guardian, having registered their marriage. Yay!
YP Ep13-3 YP Ep13-4
Turns out that Secretary Min has already become loyal to Yeo-jin since meeting her, turning away from Do-joon whom he had set up. Oohh, didn’t see that coming.
YP Ep13-5
Do-joon is finally arrested! I love how he says that there is no warrant but when the chief prosecutor asks the judge, the judge says to take him away and that the warrant will arrive.
YP Ep13-7 YP Ep13-6
When Detective Lee arrests President Go for being an accomplice to murder, he asks the chief police whether he can arrest him. I love how the chief police answer, hahah. Detective Lee: “Sir, may we arrest him?” Chief Police: “Accomplice to murder? What about evidence?” “We have a witness and evidence.” “Then why do you ask?” “I’m sorry!” Detective Lee salutes. Hehe.
YP Ep13-8
A group of people from Hanshin Electric arrives with late factory worker’s portrait at the funeral which Yeo-jin gives her thanks and deepest condolences, saying that she wouldn’t been where she is now had it not been for her, pretending to be her.
YP Ep13-10 YP Ep13-9
News spread fast to the house that every maid and security guards become loyal to Yeo-jin and don’t even listen to Chae-young. And, wow, Yeo-jin is so cold that she even kicks Chae-young out of the house.
YP Ep13-11 YP Ep13-12
I luff how Tae-hyun and Detective Lee are buddies now that Tae-hyun is being released with a fine to pay which he asks for a discount, heh. Detective Lee even tells him to go ahead and make house calls. As long as he doesn’t run away with gangsters.
YP Ep13-13 YP Ep13-14
Must be totally weird and new for Tae-hyun to be getting respect, called “Sir” and one of the powerful people, being Chairwoman’s husband which is at the same level as Chae-young.
YP Ep13-17 YP Ep13-18
President Go is still, of course, not saying anything and tells Detective Lee to send him to the prosecutor’s office. So smug, ugh.
YP Ep13-15 YP Ep13-16
Meanwhile, at the prosecutor’s office, it turns out that the USB is fake. Woah, how did Yeo-jin even? It means good news for Do-joon as his crime can’t be validated. It seems that Do-joon has a deal with the chief prosecutor.
YP Ep13-19 YP Ep13-20
Tae-hyun is driven to Yeo-jin’s home which is now his home too. He surprises Yeo-jin with a backhug and why can’t I still find chemistry from it. Tae-hyun cooks soy bean paste and together they eat.
YP Ep13-23
The manners from Tae-hyun as he dismisses calling the maids to make table and wash dishes, earn him points, even from the kitchen staffs. Heh, he is doing it right. Unlike the rich ones. And too bad, they are not sleeping together yet.
YP Ep13-24 YP Ep13-25
When he is ushered to his room at next building, the head maid bump into a table and pretends nothing happened and Tae-hyun’s expression as he tries to get her attention, LOL. Turns out that she has terrible peripheral vision and is advised to go to the hospital.
YP Ep13-26 YP Ep13-27
The next morning, Tae-hyun’s jaws drop as the kitchen staffs make a big and lavish breakfast spread for him because they like him. They giggle, heh. He tries his best to eat as much as he can. Yeo-jin is up early to see her husband off, but I am finding Tae-hyun cuter. 😛
YP Ep13-29 YP Ep13-28
Security Min wheels Yeo-jin into the room of board members. Always reminded of Tae-hyun’s words, she gets up to walk towards her chair. The board members act friendly with her but she coldly tell them how no one woke her up for three years. Woah, fierce.
YP Ep13-31 YP Ep13-32
The night before, President Go has committed suicide after seeing the note from his son, “Father, save me.” His death is spread to the board members and Yeo-jin hears of it but feigns ignorance. Which means that Yeo-jin could have something to do with it.
YP Ep13-33 YP Ep13-34
She pulls out the USB – the real one! – showing that she has cards and power. The Vice Chairman is in disbelief and Yeo-jin confirms that it’s what her father gave to her. She smiles to herself, “Should we look at… who will be the next President Go?” Woah, she is becoming murderous, like her brother. But for different reasons.
YP Ep13-35
Secretary Min wheels her empty wheelchair out of the room before closing the door. Yeo-jin looks at it with a very different – confident and menacing – smile. Wow, Yeo-jin has changed a lot now that she has whole power. But I wonder how long is that going to last, since Do-joon could get out anytime.

I also wonder if her sweet moments with Tae-hyun will last long too, since there is Chae-young in their way. Uh-oh, I hope Chae-young doesn’t! I mean, dramas… I rather see how Yeo-jin use her power to deal with the people and enemies around her. I am looking forward to see her plans as seemingly vicious and vengeful woman. Actually, this is what getting interesting again in Yong-pal. After those romance and all.
YP Ep13-38

It’s actually nice to see the turns in Tae-hyun’s life. He is now holding an important position and an heir to the largest shareholder in Hanshin Group. But what I love about it is that Tae-hyun doesn’t try to make use of it and still being naïve to all these. I love how he is, of course, different from other chaebols. Well, that’s because he grew up in poor environment and with family love. It’s hilarious to see him interact with his new secretary (or driver?) as he is still not used to it. He even gets annoyed with the driver for wanting to make him comfortable which he is already comfortable and can’t say anything, heh. I like how there are amusing moments in this episodes like those.
YP Ep13-37


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