Yong-pal – Episode 14 Review

Whoops, we have our new ruler and she is getting stronger than ever. However, another is not so getting used to the changes around him.

YP Ep14-2
Heh, as Tae-hyun is now an important person, all the hospital staffs want to greet him that Tae-hyun keep running away to avoid them such asking his bodyguard to go to basement parking lot.
YP Ep14-3 YP Ep14-4
He even runs back into the elevator when entire VIP floor greet him, saying “Aish! This is driving me crazy!” Am I only the one who find him hilariously cute here? 😛 His bodyguard even hilariously offers to “take care of” anyone who is making him uncomfortable, LOL.
YP Ep14-5
Luff these two together forever. Nurse Oh even teases Tae-hyun about the night and when Tae-hyun says there is no wedding night, she sounds in disbelief as he never really went through proper proposal. She comments that he is so unromantic, sounds true, hah.
YP Ep14-8 YP Ep14-9
Yay to head maid warming up to Tae-hyun at her checkup and he even brings her outside to look at the rings which he asks her for advice on whether Yeo-jin will like.
YP Ep14-7 YP Ep14-6
There are board members lining up outside Yeo-jin’s room, waiting to see her, like what?? Chae-young sees her father in one of them and confronts Yeo-jin about it, only to be dismissed seconds later. Woah, what a really vicious woman.
YP Ep14-10 YP Ep14-11
Chief Lee is still pinned on the possibility of Yeo-jin wanting to kill him and begs Tae-hyun to put in good words for him. He confesses that he should have gone to his mother’s operating room, not Yeo-jin’s, in the first place. Oh, what.
YP Ep14-12 YP Ep14-13
Turns out that Yeo-jin was brought in the same day as Tae-hyun’s mother did. And I am still disgusted at how all surgeons lined up, hoping to show their face in VVIP Yeo-jin’s operating room. Chief Lee was assigned by his senior to operate on Tae-hyun’s mother, but got called to attend to Yeo-jin.
YP Ep14-15
It’s a lot for Tae-hyun to take in as Chief Lee tells him, “Tae-hyun, I tried to go. But I was put into Yeo-jin’s operating room suddenly. I found that information recently that person was your mother. Yeah, I deserve death… But… but… Tae-hyun, please spare my life…”
YP Ep14-17 YP Ep14-16
Detective Lee hears about the murderous man being taken away during the transport and doesn’t find a clue. Secretary Min has ordered the kidnapping and the man is brought to somewhere to buried alive. Woah.
YP Ep14-19 YP Ep14-18
Tae-hyun comes home to see a board member begging Yeo-jin and hears that Yeo-jin “shut President Go up” which makes him want to walk outside. His bodyguard is still following him, so cute.
YP Ep14-21 YP Ep14-20
He walks into a rundown garden to collect his thoughts. Afterwards, he notices lavender blooming and asks his bodyguard about the garden to which the head maid answers that this is the place where they used to grow lavender.
YP Ep14-22
It’s nice to see how they are talking comfortably and how the head maid tells Tae-hyun that the bodyguard loves the dogs a lot that he wants to play with one of them while chasing it so that’s why she sent him out to catch it so that she can speak with Tae-hyun alone.
YP Ep14-23 YP Ep14-24
When asked about how Yeo-jin was like as a child, the head maid answers, “A scary child.” As a child, young Yeo-jin damaged the very rare racket to punish her father for scolding her brother. Tae-hyun finds it cute, though, and says that he feels bad for her. Head maid comments he must really love her to which Tae-hyun says he does.
YP Ep14-25 YP Ep14-26
It’s time for dinner, and Yeo-jin sits Tae-hyun down at the head of the table, saying that the seat is for head of household. Naw. They eat dinner together, similing together. That’s it till Tae-hyun gets serious. He tells Yeo-jin to stop her revenge and not to do anything to Chief Lee.
YP Ep14-27
Yeo-jin down water before telling him that Chief Lee deserves to die for locking her up in prison. Tae-hyun sympathises but counters that it’s more like murder and that she is taking out on a puppet. “Without revenge, there is no justice,” Yeo-jin says vengefully.
YP Ep14-28
Yeo-jin says she can never forgive Chief Lee and can kill him if she wants. Tae-hyun: “Then, what about me? How do I forgive you guys?” He must be referring to the night her mother and Yeo-jin were brought in. Yeo-jin doesn’t know anything about it and says she never did anything to him to ask for his forgiveness. Tae-hyun answers, “Are you sure? Please stop your revenge. This is my last request,” before walking off.
YP Ep14-30 YP Ep14-29
At the hospital, Chief Lee is being taken away, tied up like a mad person. But, the chief security gets an order to stop for now and Chief Lee is let go and relieved.
YP Ep14-31
Do-joon is released and finally heard about President Go’s death from his son. He reels at news and Chae-young is across the road in her car, watching him. She calls him and Do-joon seems to be touched by her mentioning being his family member.
YP Ep14-32 YP Ep14-33
Chae-young sees that he lies about going out to drink with board members and Do-joon spots Chae-young. They look at each other, aw, while talking on the phone. Chae-young suggests to go for a drink and when Do-joon says he will come to her, Chae-young stops him and says, “This time, I’ll go towards you.”  It’s nice to see them like this, now that they’re powerless.
YP Ep14-34 YP Ep14-35
All of sudden (I knew something bad is going happen!), a car comes knocking Do-joon and the driver comes out to check on him. Seeing how he is still conscious, the driver takes out a baton to hit Do-joon on his head so that he passes out. Chae-young rushes over to him and an ambulance arrives seconds later. (Whut? That must be a plan.)
YP Ep14-36
Chae-young asks where they are taking him to, but no one answers. Instead, a logo on the ambulance answers her, “Hanshin Hospital”.

Oh, seriously, now that hospital is bad place to go to when someone is plotting murder against you. What a perfect plan, Yeo-jin. Actually, I am liking vicious and menacing Yeo-jin. But poor Tae-hyun who still can’t convince his wife to stop the revenge. They are different in terms of personality. Yeo-jin is not a very forgiving person. Tae-hyun may not be, but he is not the type to do something for revenge. It hurts him how he can’t hate Yeo-jin, the woman he loves, for the death of his mother just because all the surgeons rush to the VVIP instead of any attending to a commoner’s operating room. I do hope that Tae-hyun’s love will somehow change Yeo-jin and her mind to better ones. If not, at least not to the extent of wanting to murder whoever locked up her and gets in her way.
YP Ep14-14


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