Twenty Again – Episode 6 Review

They are just adorable and look good in the uniforms! In fact, they look younger wearing them! Nora is finally getting to do what she has always wanted to do, thanks to her high school friends.

TwAgn Ep6-3
Oh, no, even though Hyun-suk arrives to stop Nora from seeing what is front of her, Nora eventually finds out the truth about her husband and thinks back to the times Woo-chul asked to break up.
TwAgn Ep6-4 TwAgn Ep6-5
Now, it all comes to her that Woo-chul is probably divorcing her because of another woman, not her uneducational background. She bursts into laughter at the ridiculous thoughts. Hyun-suk watches it with worry from behind in his car, aw. “That awful jerk,” Yoon-young curses.
TwAgn Ep6-9 TwAgn Ep6-10
Nora comes home and pretends not to know anything about Woo-chul’s affair. Woo-chul tells her that he will still give her living expenses but has absolutely no intention of paying for her tuition. Oh, come on. Definitely jerk, way more than Hyun-suk.
TwAgn Ep6-6 TwAgn Ep6-7
I love how she is being sassy, knowing the truth, and asks him if he is cheating on her while pounding on dried pollack. It’s like she is pounding on her husband. xD Woo-chul gets flustered and yells who would eat that. Nora snaps that she is going to eat it and that she really like pollack stew, hahah.
TwAgn Ep6-11 TwAgn Ep6-12
The next day at school, Nora busies herself with cleaning the club room and Hyun-suk watches from distance, thinking how she works to forget her problems and that she is not even healthy.
TwAgn Ep6-13 TwAgn Ep6-14
Hyun-suk calls Yoon-young to ask for her help and lets her know that he knows about Nora’s ‘cancer’ to which Yoon-young realises that he doesn’t know it’s an error. She thinks to herself, “Looks like you’ve been caught.” Keke.
TwAgn Ep6-8 TwAgn Ep6-15
It’s to get Nora to dress up in her old high school uniforms as everyone else does, including Yoon-young and Hyun-suk, since it’s April’s Fool Day. Heh, so cute. While leaving school, Hyun-suk sees Woo-chul driving and slings his arms around the girls on purpose. Haha, so childish. And Woo-chul’s eyes almost literally bug out of his head.
TwAgn Ep6-17 TwAgn Ep6-16
They go to their old high school and meet another classmate, Dong-chul. While walking through hallways, both Nora and Hyun-suk reminisce their younger selfs.
TwAgn Ep6-20 TwAgn Ep6-21
It turns out that teen Hyun-suk saw the fight between teens Nora and Yoon-young and had been going to Nora’s grandmother’s rice cake shop since ever.
TwAgn Ep6-18 TwAgn Ep6-19
The adults think back and laugh at their teen selfs. Nora pulls childish pranks on Hyun-suk which makes her laugh light-heartedly and we get glimpse of their teen selfs, having done the same thing.
TwAgn Ep6-1
Oh, I love how they are so adorable in even taking selcas, heh.
TwAgn Ep6-22 TwAgn Ep6-23
Hm, I wonder why Nora still doesn’t know about her grandmother’s shop still there as they walk down the road which Nora sees the old location of her grandmother’s shop. Flashback shows that her grandmother had not wanted Nora’s friends to find out that she lived in the shop.
TwAgn Ep6-24
Grandmas said she would pretend not to know her which got the tears to form in Nora’s eyes, both in past and present. Hyun-suk tries to cheer her up by poking her face like how she did.
TwAgn Ep6-25 TwAgn Ep6-26
Min-soo accompanies Hye-mi to a club in their old school uniforms, not knowing that her mother is there as well. But the adults fail to get in. Hm, so the club is for young adults? They go to another club with 90’s songs blasting, anyway.
TwAgn Ep6-28 TwAgn Ep6-27
Min-soo gets drunk from seeing Hye-mi dance with someone else and tries to mimic another’s dancer’s steps. Soon, he is able to get hang of it and dances with Hye-mi and why do I feel they are still childish.
TwAgn Ep6-29 TwAgn Ep6-30
Hah, I love how both mother and son sneak in together that night and get caught by Woo-chul. What I even love about is how Nora simply replies Woo-chul where she went – clubbing – and even tells Min-soo to try as well, LOL. Looks like Min-soo is looking at her mother in different light now.
TwAgn Ep6-35 TwAgn Ep6-36
Later that night, Hyun-suk browse through their photos from earlier and wonders if Nora is dying. Meanwhile, Nora draws more cute cartoons in her notebook and wonders why Hyun-suk change.
TwAgn Ep6-31
Looks like Hyun-suk is hiding something from Nora about the shop and her grandmother’s funeral. Dong-chul also has something ties to the shop as it helped clear his debt.
TwAgn Ep6-32 TwAgn Ep6-33
Nora found a part-time job, thanks to Seung-hyun, as she wanted to try working. Hyun-suk hears about it from her as she forgets about meeting him at his place where Hyun-suk prepares spicy rice cake. Aw, man.
TwAgn Ep6-34
This gets Hyun-suk furious and he storms into the convenience shop where he drags her by wrist to outside (seriously, oh, wrist grab) to confront her about working when she is not well.
TwAgn Ep6-37 TwAgn Ep6-38
He tells her that he knew it all along and that’s when Nora finally realise what he is talking about and tells him that it was an error. “I’m not dying!” Oh, finally. Hyun-suk’s mouth gape, “You’re not dying? Not dying? You’re not dying?”
TwAgn Ep6-39 TwAgn Ep6-41
This finally get to him and he bursts out, “Hey, Han Nora! You dirty bum!” He looks like he is about to cry when he breaks into a wide smile as he hugs her tightly. Aw, yeah!

However, will Hyun-suk return to being a jerk? He better not! Not when Woo-chul is cheating on Nora. It’s nice to see the four friends gather together to walk down the memory lane. Love that it’s like the title, being Twenty Again. What’s even nicer is that Nora has been housewife and away from social life for twenty years and that she now has Hyun-suk and Yoon-young to reminisce with together. It’s freaking hilarious to see how Hyun-suk is childish towards Woo-chul as trying to ‘steal’ her so he can teach him a lesson. LOL. Well, Woo-chul deserves that as he now keeps thinking how close Nora and Hyun-suk are. You mad, bro? xD But it’s high possibility that Hyun-suk will fall for her all over again, right? Hopefully, Nora will open up more to Hyun-suk as Woo-chul is way more being a jerk than Hyun-suk. 😛
TwAgn Ep6-40


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