Twenty Again – Episode 7 Review

We are back to the square now, but Nora is getting better and better. Though not with the two guys around her, at least she is thinking fast – faster than before when she first entered college.

TwAgn Ep7-3
After confirming, Hyun-suk is relieved that Nora is not dying at all. He wonders why she didn’t confront her husband about having an affair, though.
TwAgn Ep7-5 TwAgn Ep7-4
I knew that he would revert back to being a jerk towards Nora as he ignores her the next day at school as she wants to give the lunchboxes she made, and even being petty by cycling right in front of Woo-chul’s car. LOL.
TwAgn Ep7-6 TwAgn Ep7-7
Instead of passing the lunchboxes to Min-soo to break the rules, Nora passes them to Hye-mi who, of course, shares with Min-soo during lunch box. I don’t like how Hye-mi lies about her making those, though.
TwAgn Ep7-10 TwAgn Ep7-9
Nora is contended to see Min-soo eat happily with his girlfriend. As she leaves, she sees Woo-chul walking towards direction and Nora has to grab Hye-mi out of blue to prevent her son from being caught dating, knowing about the contract.
TwAgn Ep7-11 TwAgn Ep7-12
Well, turns out that Woo-chul is meeting his girlfriend there, but he lies to his son that he is out for a walk. LOL, these two lying to each other. Min-soo now knows that his mother is helping him.
TwAgn Ep7-15 TwAgn Ep7-16
Heh, look at how Soon-nam and Seung-hyun stuff themselves with delicious kimbap which Nora made for them as well. Mmhm, I want those too!
TwAgn Ep7-13 TwAgn Ep7-14
Nora goes to Hyun-suk’s place to pass the lunchbox to him, but Hyun-suk coldly tell her to leave and never to come to his place again. He says he has been wasting time on her. Ouch, dammit. Nora leaves, upset. Well, what happened to the guy smiling the night before?
TwAgn Ep7-17 TwAgn Ep7-18
But, she turns around to return to yell back at Hyun-suk about how she never ask him to do anything. Ooh, I love how she is actually doing it instead of imaging it. But, tears form in her eyes as she leaves, having thought they are good friends. She declares to never acknowledge him as told.
TwAgn Ep7-20 TwAgn Ep7-19
The next day, Nora empties her locker to which Hyun-suk pettily says to do that. “Are you blind and deaf? I’m doing it right now!” Haha, she acts like a kid fighting with a kid boy and hmphs away.
TwAgn Ep7-21 TwAgn Ep7-22
Hyun-suk finds that Nora left her phone in the locker, locks it up and keeps the away like a naughty kid. It’s only until after practice that Nora realises she lost her phone. She chases after Hyun-suk only to be waved off. Tsk, these two…
TwAgn Ep7-23 TwAgn Ep7-24
Even during theatre class, they exchange angry glances at each other which I find amusing, hah. And he still doesn’t return her phone. He is like, “Oh dear, what should I do? I left my drawer keys in the office.” Nora says she can go to his office, but he coldly says not anyone can enter his office which hurts her.
TwAgn Ep7-25 TwAgn Ep7-26
Which makes her cry in the restroom. Yi-jin happens to be there and comments how a man is not worth crying over. Nora waits for her to leave but Yi-jin left her phone behind as it rings “Cousin Oppa”. Nora returns to Yi-jin which Woo-chul sees and runs away, LOL.
TwAgn Ep7-27 TwAgn Ep7-28
All of sudden, a flower delivery comes for her and the card reads, “To the person I wanted to watch over.” It makes her think about how she had only receive an envelope of mall vouchers from Woo-chul on her birthdays.
TwAgn Ep7-29
The sender of the flowers turns out to be… Hyun-suk! Hahah! He is mortified at how Sang-ye never cancel the flower delivery and blames up for coming up with such idea. HAHAH, it’s freaking hilarious.
TwAgn Ep7-30
Meanwhile, Woo-chul follows the two women and wonder how Nora and  Yi-jin know each other. Oh, this guy… His terrified expression though, haha.
TwAgn Ep7-31 TwAgn Ep7-32
Woo-chul meets Yi-jin at an art gallery and they talk about how they met for first time. (All of sudden, I am reminded of that art gallery friend from I Remember You, lol.) Anyway, their first meeting is hilariously dramatic, lol. It went how Woo-chul deduced that Yi-jin almost fainted from being moved by an art.
TwAgn Ep7-33
LOL, it looks like a psychopath has come to kill sleeping Nora, but Woo-chul is simply trying to hypnotise her into quitting school. Pffttt, as if it would work.
TwAgn Ep7-35 TwAgn Ep7-34
The next day, Hyun-suk finally decides to return the phone to its rightful owner as the phone keeps ringing and Nora is already there, running smack into him. She hurriedly answers her husband’s call.
TwAgn Ep7-38 TwAgn Ep7-39
Nora meets Woo-chul at a fancy restaurant which is unlike of him to do that. She asks why he is being like this. Woo-chul answers that if she quits school, he will cancel the divorce. But Nora stays firm as she says, “No. Go through with the divorce agreement. I will continue going to school.” YESSSS! YAY, way to go, Nora!!

One thing to notice: I love how Nora’s hair is making her look younger than in first episode. Oh, I am so enjoying the childish fights between Nora and Hyun-suk, but I hope Hyun-suk doesn’t remain that way towards her for a long time. Love how Nora has ‘grown’ now that she has friends in college – Soon-nam and Seung-hyun – and is returning to her old self which I thought I’d never get to see in her adult self.. It’s nice to see how Soon-nam is very considered of Nora and her feelings. Hee, he must be having interest in her?
TwAgn Ep7-1

With her husband, I hope she is finally letting herself out of Woo-chul’s world which she thinks is a whole world to her. She really wasted her youth and Woo-chul has never really consider her life. Woo-chul is one who only thinks about himself and his career. Well, I hope he would notice the difference when Nora decides to live her life in her own way and regret it. It’d be best for Nora, as a mother who has wasted 20 years of her life, to do what she wants and enjoys. And, Hyun-suk is actually kind of making her life better in a way by getting into petty fights with her which makes her stronger in actions and words. Now, who will win? Hehe.
TwAgn Ep7-41


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