Twenty Again – Episode 8 Review

I love how Twenty Again is getting better and better. It’s surprisingly addicting as the story and characters develop. There are few school-related stuffs which I can relate to and I wish I’d done that/those. It’s time for Nora to finally find out the truth and bring out her teen self.

TwAgn Ep8-3
Nora surprises Woo-chul that she won’t be quitting school and to go ahead with divorce agreement, oh yeah~! She even tells him that she knows about him having another woman. Woo-chul’s reaction is damn amusing, though, LOL. You have lost, man.
TwAgn Ep8-4
There is this guy who keeps wondering about why Woo-chul called Nora to meet up. Tsk, not worrying but getting curious. I thought he said he has nothing to do with her, haha.
TwAgn Ep8-5 TwAgn Ep8-6
Hyun-suk goes to look up Nora at school the next day and calls her madam. He seems to be dying to know the answers to his questions about Nora, hah. Nora then asks if he is the one who sent the flowers. “What flowers? What am I, crazy? Why would I send you roses?” Hyun-suk scoffs. Nora: “I never said I got roses.” HAH, he got caught!
TwAgn Ep8-7 TwAgn Ep8-8
One of the dancers twists her ankle during the practice and Nora tends to her injury, using her past skills. Hmm, I feel like something is going to happen from this.
TwAgn Ep8-12
Though still being petty and jerk, Hyun-suk gives the spicy rice cake to Nora as trash, haha. He can’t directly tell her that he wants her to eat them. Adorable, though, heh.
TwAgn Ep8-11
Nora eats them at her lunch place and she recognises the taste as how her grandmother used to make. She quickly calls Hyun-suk who refuses to tell her where he bought it as he doesn’t want her to know about the shop.
TwAgn Ep8-14 TwAgn Ep8-15
Nora runs to his office to ask again but he still refuses as he asks if she even have the right to miss Grandma’s spicy rice cake.
TwAgn Ep8-16
Turns out that, as Yoon-young tells Nora, teen Hyun-suk had stayed all three days during Grandma’s funeral which Nora couldn’t attend. He had grown attached to Grandma. So, this is probably why Hyun-suk dislikes and was mean to her when they met for the first time in 20 years.
TwAgn Ep8-17 TwAgn Ep8-18
Woo-chul tells Min-soo that he will try to convince his mother again to quit school. But, Min-soo surprises him (again) that he is actually alright with his mother going to the same school as him. Yay!
TwAgn Ep8-19 TwAgn Ep8-20
After checking most things off her bucket list thanks to Hyun-suk the night before, she calls out his name at school to thank him for everything he had done for him even though it was just out of pity. Like literally everything including going to her grandmother’s funeral. Daw.
TwAgn Ep8-21 TwAgn Ep8-22
Thinking how he has been petty towards Nora, Hyun-suk goes to Nora’s part time job and helps her to carry boxes into store box, hilariously shocking the boss. He is like, “You should quit here and come work at my office.” Oohh, someone is changing again, huh? He evens tell the boss that his friend is quitting.
TwAgn Ep8-23
Talking as if he needs manpower for his work, Nora agrees to work for him and is friendly with him again like old times, hiding her smile. Aw yeah! She tells her boss that she is not quitting and will take on two part time jobs.
TwAgn Ep8-25 TwAgn Ep8-27
That daebak moment when Nora, dressing up as a rich mother, borrows Hyun-suk’s car so that Soon-nam, dresses as driver, can drive it to Seung-hyun’s workplace which she quitted due to her wrist injury, to confront the boss about her wage miscalculation. Bwahaha, best thing ever!
TwAgn Ep8-30
When they leave the bar, they cheer with fist pumps as Nora manages to get the remaining pay for Seung-hyun. Whee~! When asked where she learnt how to do that, she replies that she learnt from dramas.
TwAgn Ep8-31 TwAgn Ep8-29
They go to their separate ways and as Nora leaves, Soon-nam calls after her, “Noona! Nora noona! See you at school!” Aww, I like how he is calling her noona instead of ahjumma as Nora is way much older than him. He gives her a thumb-up, hehe. Cute.
TwAgn Ep8-33 TwAgn Ep8-34
Midterms come and go, and it’s time for campus festival! Nora sees Min-soo with Hye-mi who is convincing him to take part in couple games, and goes on unnoticed. Meanwhile, Min-soo doesn’t know that Woo-chul is at the festival too.
TwAgn Ep8-35 TwAgn Ep8-36
It’s couple games’ time and Min-soo and Hye-mi get to final round. In final round, they got second place as Min-soo sees his father and quickly turn around with Hye-mi. Whew. Yi-jin holds Woo-chul’s hand but he quickly lets go.
TwAgn Ep8-38 TwAgn Ep8-37
Nora helps out at her classmates’ booth smoothly and Hyun-suk comes by. Seeing that Nora is there, he stops at that booth to eat and has been watching her whole afternoon, lol.
TwAgn Ep8-39 TwAgn Ep8-40
All of sudden, Soon-nam comes running to take Nora to plead with her to take the girl’s place as the girl’s injury has worsened. However, Nora shakes her head, saying that she can’t do it even though she knows the steps. She runs off and right into Hyun-suk who has overheard everything.
TwAgn Ep8-41 TwAgn Ep8-42
He asks why she is not doing it as going onstage is on her bucket list. She explains that it was because she thought she was dying. But still. He tells her not to regret but she counters that she would embarrass herself. Besides that, who would she dance for? Hyun-suk says to dance for him (oh em geeee) as he had never really seen her dance onstage.
TwAgn Ep8-44 TwAgn Ep8-43
So, Nora gets on the stage and when she takes the spotlight, Hyun-suk smiles while Min-soo gapes to see his own mother dancing.
TwAgn Ep8-46
Of course, Woo-chul and Yi-jin are there as well. Yi-jin recognises her student and Woo-chul’s eyes widen in shock as he sees who is there on the stage – his wife. Bwahahah.
TwAgn Ep8-47 TwAgn Ep8-48
And, gosh, Nora looks damn cool as a dancer in that outfit! Her gaze! Hyun-suk’s smile fades as he looks her with solemn face, suddenly feeling differently. Ooohh, is that what I am thinking?

Daww, I love this episode as it shines more on Nora’s friendship with Soon-nam and Seung-hyun, especially her way to get Seung-hyun’s pay. It definitely will be useful for their theatre class! I love how Soon-nam is starting to call Nora ‘noona’ and even believes in her as a backup when she insists that she cannot do it. This trio always get me everytime! It shows how precious a friendship is.
TwAgn Ep8-26

Which takes me to Hyun-suk who asked her to dance for him when Nora says no one would want to see her dance. What really gets me is their on-and-off friendship. Nora thanks him for everything – the things on her bucket list, Grandma’s spicy rice cake, him attending Grandma’s funeral and being her friend. It’s so precious that it gets Hyun-suk to finally think that he has been childish with their bickering. Friendship is what highlights this episode and probably the show, though, this friendship might turn into a love (interest) as we see that Hyun-suk is suddenly looking at Nora differently as if he is falling for her all over again. Well, we all know you (we, too) can’t help it!
TwAgn Ep8-49


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