Yong-pal – Episode 15 Review

Oh, so evil Yeo-jin. She is now in the place where Do-joon used to be and still hell bent on the revenge. Tae-hyun is there, as her husband, to trying to stop her. But, of course, will she listen?

YP Ep15-3
Tae-hyun broods over Yeo-jin’s words about being the queen of crocodiles. Meanwhile in her room, Yeo-jin thinks about his words and calls him, however, Chae-young already beat to her.
YP Ep15-4 YP Ep15-5
Yeo-jin finds out from Secretary Min that Chae-young calls Tae-hyun who leaves the mansion to the hospital to meet Chae-young whose husband is in operating room.
YP Ep15-6 YP Ep15-7
However, Do-joon is transferred to the restricted room where Yeo-jin used to lie in. Even Tae-hyun is not allowed to go in, and is surprised to see Chief Lee coming out from there. Well, I am surprised too. Chief Lee better be thankful towards Tae-hyun!
YP Ep15-11 YP Ep15-10
Chae-young faints from yelling at the guards and anger and Yeo-jin happens to come by to see her in Tae-hyun’s arms. Oh, damn, that glare.
YP Ep15-8 YP Ep15-9
In the secret room, Yeo-jin laughs an evil laugh at Do-joon’s state like how Do-joon used to laugh at Yeo-jin, knowing that he may be able to hear her after reducing the dosage. She says she will confine him for three years before killing him. Woah.
YP Ep15-12 YP Ep15-13
After hearing from Yeo-jin to thank Tae-hyun for sparing his life, he thanks Tae-hyun personally, saying that he won’t betray him or Chairwoman and that he will work like a dog for both of them to the end. At least, he is thankful but those words better be true.
YP Ep15-14
Yeo-jin is officially declared as CEO of Hanshin Group, taking over Do-joon’s place. In Yeo-jin’s office, Tae-hyun sits her down to tell her about Chief Lee and late Director Park.
YP Ep15-15 YP Ep15-16
As it turns out, they were responsible for Yeo-jin being alive today. Director Park had directed the surgery and tasked Chief Lee to do a difficult procedure, despite him being in the process of a lawsuit. He managed to do the procedure, which made me raise to stardom.
YP Ep15-17
Thanks to his skills, Hanshin sent a team of lawyers to help defend Chief Lee which he was very thankful for. Tae-hyun continues that Chief Lee has been living in prison that was worse than death for a surgeon ever since he came up to twelfth floor.
YP Ep15-18 YP Ep15-19
Which is same for Tae-hyun and the real reason why Tae-hyun wants to help her get back to her throne is because Yeo-jin had once told him she would destroy the prison – the twelfth floor of Hanshin Hospital. Which that day he found the reason to do so.
YP Ep15-20
Tae-hyun tells her to stop the revenge and return to him as Han Yeo-jin he loves. Tears well up in Yeo-jin’s eyes as she thinks. She orders Secretary Min to find out who died on the day she was brought in. Uh-oh.
YP Ep15-21 YP Ep15-22
Tae-hyun goes to Chae-young’s room to assure her that Yeo-jin will change her mind about Do-joon. Chae-young says she can’t forgivr Do-joon for what he had done, but she now feel bad for him.
YP Ep15-23 YP Ep15-24
Secretary Min tells head security that he doesn’t want to wait three years for Yeo-jin to kill Do-joon. Hey, I thought Do-joon can hear? Oh, dumb. Anyway, Secretary Min says he plans to borrow someone one’s hands to send him off.
YP Ep15-27 YP Ep15-25
Back at home, Tae-hyun is against idea of attending a celebration party for Yeo-jin as he would feel awkward standing around and not knowing anyone. He whines like, “But, is there any way I can get out of it?” Head maid: “If you pass away.” LOL, best sarcastic answer ever! xD Head maid says to invite his friends.
YP Ep15-32 YP Ep15-30
So, he invites his nurse buddies, as well as people from the church. Aw, yeahh~! And, oohhh, Tae-hyun is dressed in tuxedo handsomely.
YP Ep15-1
Yeo-jin tells Tae-hyun that she is glad he invited them, saying that his friends are now her friends. She thanks him. Daw, it’s nice to see her smile like this with Tae-hyun.
YP Ep15-35 YP Ep15-34
While Yeo-jin attends to guests, Nurse Oh tells Tae-hyun to wipe off his drool from looking at Yeo-jin, hah. He is reminded about the ring. Aiyo. Doo-chul is also invited to the party and passes him an envelope of money as belated wedding gift.
YP Ep15-36 YP Ep15-37
To Yeo-jin’s horror, Chairman Choi of Daejung Group comes by the party, asking to talk to Yeo-jin. In the room privately, she tells him about everything she knows about his son and his real motives.
YP Ep15-39
Chairman Choi knows about Do-joon’s motive to kill his son and tells her to hand over Do-joon to him. But, of course, Yeo-jin refuses to do so. He enrages, saying how his wife has gone crazy because their son died.
YP Ep15-40
Yeo-jin reveals that she has the USB which changes his tune, and says firmly that Han Do-joon must die by her hands. Chairman Choi laughs and agrees with her, telling her to give him a piece of Do-joon’s flesh. (Ew, whut?) He continues that Do-joon must die within three days.
YP Ep15-41 YP Ep15-42
He leaves, passing Tae-hyun who was not allowed in the room earlier. Inside, Yeo-jin clenches her jaw and hits something out of anger. Oh, looks like the war is going to begin between the two companies.

It’s up to Yeo-jin whether to have Do-joon dead within three days otherwise Hanshin Group will be in trouble and war with Daejung Group. But, she wants Do-joon to suffer three years of being locked up in prison where Yeo-jin was locked up. It’s going to put her into dilemma as both chairwoman and evil sister. Like brother, like sister.
YP Ep15-43

I don’t know if it’s just me or Yong-pal is getting nowhere its actual story of Tae-hyun being Yong-pal. I mean, its title is Yong-pal! I miss seeing Yong-pal in action, doing anything to help those in needs and taking big risks, and I really hope to see him soon. I feel that the attention has diverted a lot since episode 1 which was really great. Unlike now episodes, episode 1 has shown a lot about Yong-pal. Here we are, we see the attention is on Yeo-jin and her revenge. What is Tae-hyun’s role in this? Especially as his alias. Yes, I get that his skills and ability have got Yeo-jin to where she is now, but at least have him back in action throughout. Also, yes, I get that Tae-hyun is there to remind Yeo-jin about who actually kept her locked up and tell her to give up the revenge. But that is because he is her husband and he loves her truly. I am afraid that it might be no use as Yeo-jin is hell bent on torturing Do-joon and wants him dead, like Chairman Choi does. Bring the cool Tae-hyun back!
YP Ep15-44


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