Twenty Again – Episode 9 Review

Hyun-suk looks like a high schooler in front of Nora, heh. Nora discovers her old self and is becoming stronger in her words and actions towards her husband who is at loggerheads with Hyun-suk over Nora childishly, and yet still comically.

TwAgn Ep9-3
Hyun-suk looking at Nora on stage brings us back to when teens Nora and Hyun-suk went on overnight trip secretly. Remember where teen Nora predicted that Hyun-suk would be a famous director in twenty years’ time?
TwAgn Ep9-6 TwAgn Ep9-7
Yup, we continue from there – each of them write down what would each other be as time capsules.
TwAgn Ep9-8 TwAgn Ep9-9
TwAgn Ep9-10
It was the night of performance, however, Hyun-suk’s father had collapsed. He was forced to rush off, having to miss the performance and bumping into teen Woo-chul. It was also the night when Woo-chul saw Nora dance for the first time. Interesting universe.
TwAgn Ep9-11 TwAgn Ep9-12
Back in present, Woo-chul watches with the same expression as back then. Meanwhile, Hyun-suk walks away without responding to Nora’s waves. Why so grumpy? Haha.
TwAgn Ep9-14 TwAgn Ep9-15
It’s a happy nice for Nora and whole Bounce club, yayness! Meanwhile after reeling from the shock of seeing his mother dance onstage, he realises what he gets the love for dancing from. Are we going to see him dance for real soon?
TwAgn Ep9-16
In the past, Hyun-suk had asked to go grocery shopping with Nora and we see that he must had planned to confess to her. Aw, man.
TwAgn Ep9-18 TwAgn Ep9-17
The next morning, Nora makes lunchboxes again and when she asks Min-soo whether he wants one, he tells her yes. And look at her excited giving her son lunch. LOL, that moment when Woo-chul tries to sneak one, Nora simply takes it out of his hands, saying it’s hers. Too bad, hahah. xD
TwAgn Ep9-20 TwAgn Ep9-19
At school, Hyun-suk jumps at everytime when Nora calls out his name. He can’t even look straight in her eyes and tries to make excuses to get away. Heh, you feeling something? Nora still finds him anyway and thanks him for the last night, giving him the lunchboxes.
TwAgn Ep9-21
And we see that Hyun-suk stuffs himself with the rice balls Nora made. He even eat Sang-ye’s share, hah.
TwAgn Ep9-23 TwAgn Ep9-25
It’s time for partner swap and everyone has to describe another’s five positive and one negative traits. Nora describes Soon-nam as a deep person. He is brave, great leader, humorous and passionate. Bad trait? Her first impression of him wasn’t the greatest.
TwAgn Ep9-22 TwAgn Ep9-24
Now it’s Nora’s traits – Soon-nam describes her, “Han Nora’s positive traits are that she is quite spirited, is pure, has a strong sense of justice, a hideen sense of charisma and is very pretty.” Awww. The class asks them to date each other. Heh. Her bad trait is that she doesn’t divulge personal information.
TwAgn Ep9-26
Naw, both Nora and Soon-nam are little sad about parting now that Soon-nam has grown to like hanging out with her. Heh. And, Nora’s new partner, who used to be Hye-mi’s partner, seems to like her too. Well, that’s good!
TwAgn Ep9-27 TwAgn Ep9-28
Both Hyun-suk and Woo-chul are shocked that they have to go on trip together. Hmm, I wonder what is going to happen there. And, of course, it’s an opportunity for Yi-jin and Woo-chul to have their own sweet times.
TwAgn Ep9-29 TwAgn Ep9-30
Nora gets her first paycheck though it’s lesser than she thought. She complained but is told that all students just accept it. So, she just accepts it as well. Hyun-suk overhears everything, but decides not to intervene. But, how can he hear from outside?
TwAgn Ep9-31
Bad day for Min-soo as he sees his exam results and is kicked out from the club as whole school knows he is dating now.
TwAgn Ep9-32 TwAgn Ep9-33
LOL, Hyun-suk lies that he threw the food away and Nora sees him like he is acting like a high schooler and Hyun-suk keeps making excuses that it’s like that as habit. He also changes his lie that he forced himself to eat all the rice balls Nora made. Pfffttt, he doesn’t want to admit that they are damn delicious.
TwAgn Ep9-35 TwAgn Ep9-36
It’s retreat day as both Woo-chul and Hyun-suk arrive at the retreat location with the professors. Sang-ye makes Nora go on the trip too after faking a phone call. Hmm…
TwAgn Ep9-34
So, Nora takes bus to the place and is enjoying the breeze.
TwAgn Ep9-38
Min-soo comes home to an empty house and searches in his father’s room for his contract which he finds that he has to maintain GPA of 3.8. Woah, that’s high. As he puts it back, he finds the divorce contract of his parents. Uh-oh, that’s not a good way to find out.
TwAgn Ep9-39 TwAgn Ep9-40
Nora arrives at the retreat dinner, to everyone’s surprise. Look at how Woo-chul’s eyes are almost bulging out. HAHA. She passes the document to Hyun-suk and tends to go off, but Yi-jin innocently insists that Nora stays to eat dinner with them. Oooh.
TwAgn Ep9-42 TwAgn Ep9-41
However, Nora ate too fast during that she gets indigestion and unwell. Hyun-suk helps to massage Nora’s arms which Woo-chul spies, with medicine in his hands. Too late, bro. He looks at how close they are and is like, “That punk is trying to hit on her.” Say yourself, man.
TwAgn Ep9-43 TwAgn Ep9-44
Nora finally burps and Hyun-suk fixes her a cup of hot tea to soothe her stomach, telling her to stay overnight since it’s late.
TwAgn Ep9-45 TwAgn Ep9-46
On the way, Woo-chul confronts Hyun-suk about touching his “wife”. Wow, did Woo-chul say “wife”, especially which he has another woman right there inside? Hyun-suk retorts that he is taking care of his sick friend and that he should have taken care of her. Woo-chul shows the medicine in his hands.
TwAgn Ep9-5
Woo-chul asks straightforwardly if Hyun-suk likes his wife. “What are you going to do if I do like her?” Hyun-suk replies. They step closer to each other and glare at each other like animals. Really, their glares are really similar to those of animals. (And that scene reminds me of similar one in I Remember You, haha.)

I really do find Woo-chul ridiculous of claiming Nora to be his wife when he is actually having an affair with another woman. Especially he had told Nora to pretend not to know him in public. Hyun-suk is right to be doing those things as her friend, knowing everything even though he likes her more than a friend.
TwAgn Ep9-4

It’s really nice to see Nora getting that moment of recognition and praises as a dancer from almost everyone at school. I agree with Yi-jin that Nora lost her chance to nurture her talent. Ironic how her boyfriend was the one who caused it, haha. Anyway, it’s amazing how her one stage that night has changed everyone’s attitude towards her at school. Also, Min-soo is getting warming up towards his mother as he finds out that she was outcast. It’s great how Min-soo tries to find out Nora’s well=being at school from his girlfriend Hye-mi.
TwAgn Ep9-47


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