D-Day – Episode 2 Review

This is getting interesting as we are given insights of both of our leads before the real thing happen. It’s all about saving lives for them but others’ prides get in their way.

DDay Ep2-5
A huge accident happens and Hye-sung manages to get away from falling crane with Jina. Hye-sung immediately gets to work as doctor, taking stethoscope from Ddol-m and ordering her to treat the patients.
DDay Ep2-9 DDay Ep2-7
It’s funny how the fire truck stops in the middle of the road to pick up Captain Choi’s crew on the way to the scene. I mean, would they ignore if it’s just a stranger? LOL.
DDay Ep2-6 DDay Ep2-10
There is a man with a rod stuck in the chest (ouch) and Hye-sung quickly tells them not to pull out the rod and send him to hospital. As a doctor, Hye-sung promises the man that he will live. He sees Ddol-mi treat a patient’s arm and smiles. Looks like she is proving that she is indeed a doctor.
DDay Ep2-11 DDay Ep2-12
Meanwhile, Captain Choi’s minion, Woo-sung, finds a sinkhole and two patients – one in the car in the hole and another on above ground. Wow, a sinkhole? So that’s what caused the crane to fall.
DDay Ep2-13
Hye-sung must be really deadbeat from running around to treat patients onsite that Ddol-mi has to kick him really hard, hah. Love her. But, a word ‘patient’ finally knocks sense into him.
DDay Ep2-14 DDay Ep2-15
The man is brought up from the sinkhole and the ambulance on the way will be too late for him. Ddol-mi offers to use her ambulance and says that she doesn’t want to see a patient die in front of her eyes, surprising Hye-sung.
DDay Ep2-16 DDay Ep2-17
Woo-sung is still ignoring his hyung. Hye-sung tries to talk to him, but Woo-sung flares up and blames him for the state of their mother is in. Angry, Hye-sung hits his brother across his face.
DDay Ep2-18 DDay Ep2-19
We flashback to the day Hye-sung was brought into the hospital along with his parents. Woo-jin was there as well, as a doctor, rushing to Hye-sung’s side. Their mother doesn’t wake up later, even after a month since the surgery. Woo-sung asks if it’s medical malpractice and tells Hye-sung to reveal what really happened to Mom. Hmm, I wonder if it was Woo-jin’s mistake.
DDay Ep2-20
Both Ddol-mi and Jina have urgent patients, however, Mirae Hospital doesn’t have enough beds and Woo-jin rejects one of them, telling Ddol-mi to move to another hospital.
DDay Ep2-22 DDay Ep2-23
At the Han River Mirae Hospital, Hye-sung treats every patient and the reporter is there as well. He gets a call from Ddol-mi about the patient and instruct Jina to bring him over to his hospital despite the bad setting.
DDay Ep2-24 DDay Ep2-21
Despite lack of staffs, he tells his friend to help out as well and she is psychiatrist Eun So-yul (played by Kim Jung Hwa). The patient is wheeled in as Ddol-mi keeps performing CPR on him.
DDay Ep2-25
She and the Busan driver keep going back and forth, telling her to get off and return to Busan. However, Hye-sung is not letting her go as he needs assistant. All the while she keeps compressing the patient’s lungs, lol.
DDay Ep2-26 DDay Ep2-27
Ddol-mi ends up being the operating room as well as So-yul. She can’t concentrate well as she accidentally tear the organ when asked to cut. Eventually, the surgery is a success and the reporter has been waiting outside to interview Hye-sung.
DDay Ep2-28 DDay Ep2-29
His interview goes on air and everyone, literally everyone, watch him as he talks about how the patient was rejected from Mirae Hospital because that doctor chose to save his own life as doctor and didn’t want to bring troubles.
DDay Ep2-30 DDay Ep2-31
At least there is someone higher than Director Lee, the president of Mirae and he wants the director to reinstate Hye-sung at Mirae Hospital. But of course, Director Lee tries to explain that he only brings in troubles and lawsuits. The president even threatens his position, hoho.
DDay Ep2-32 DDay Ep2-33
Everything settles at Han River Mirae Hospital, well not for Ddol-mi as she is told by her chief that she is fired. To make things worse, she can’t return to Busan as she left her wallet at the hospital. Hye-sung says he will give the money to her the next day which means she has to stay in and he goes to sleep. I love how she kicks in the air as if to hit him, hah.
DDay Ep2-36
Chief Kang finds out that the patient sent back is Minister Suk Jung-won whom Woo-jin has just parted with earlier. Director Lee is infuriated at Woo-jin for not recognising the minister. He thinks everything is screwed.
DDay Ep2-37 DDay Ep2-38
However, Chief Kang tells him that she has discovered that the minister has an affair and that they could use it to cover up the story by claiming that they sent the minister to another hospital deliberately to protect his personal life. Okay, wow, smart.
DDay Ep2-41
Director Lee drops by Han River Mirae Hospital to check on the patient and talk with Hye-sung. He shakes him awake, hah. Anyway, the director orders to transfer the patient and Hye-sung assumes that he must got mad after seeing his interview.
DDay Ep2-39 DDay Ep2-40
Of course, Hye-sung will never let him transfer the patient, says that he will take care of him since he operated on him and asks how about putting in more staffs. Director Lee flares up and storms out.
DDay Ep2-42
The reporter is shown videos of dead fish in Incheon which is unusual and he quickly persuade his boss to broadcast the possibility of natural disaster and at least let them be prepared. Of course, he is dismissed.
DDay Ep2-44 DDay Ep2-43
Ddol-mi wakes Hye-sung up in the morning, demanding for her transportation money. They head out and Hye-sung withdraws the money at the bank, giving her money for plane fare, meal and consolation.
DDay Ep2-46 DDay Ep2-45
Ddol-mi is dejected at being fired and Hye-sung breaks the news to her that she isn’t fired. He had called her chief last night and praised her to the skies, LOL. He gets smacked in return for not telling her earlier.
DDay Ep2-47
That’s when he sees an unusually huge rainbow and bright sky. Suddenly, he sees that the leaves are trembling and elsewhere, the glass cracks and the lights sway.
DDay Ep2-49 DDay Ep2-51
Cars crash into one another. Water shoots out from manholes and the ground begin to crack. A nearby building shakes as well and pieces and pieces start to fall from it. And whole building starts to collapse.
DDay Ep2-1
Both Hye-sung and Ddo-mi start to run for their lives as the earthquake has arrived. The boss should have listened to the reporter, man.

Now, that is the real beginning as the earthquake has finally hit! I have to say that Ddol-mi is unlucky to have been stuck in Seoul when she is supposed to return to Busan. The circumstances around Hye-sung also involve Ddol-mi and now she has to be stuck in Seoul where everyone will try to struggle to live and demand for medical needs. In this episode, we have seen more of how Hye-sung is like – patients come first for him, but still reckless. As for Ddol-mi, thanks to Hye-sung, she gets to experience of what she has never done before and that’s what is going to make her grow and prove that the doctor licence is not just a paper. Besides that, her mind set is similar to that of Hye-sung’s.
DDay Ep2-52

I wonder how they are going to fight against the other doctors, like Woo-jin and Director Lee, who have different views of not wanting to get into troubles and lawsuits. It’s really dumb, though. I wonder if such people exist in real life – suing a doctor who just wants to save a patient’s life.
DDay Ep2-53


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