Yong-pal – Episode 16 Review

A war begins as Yeo-jin finds any means to take down their rival company, even if it means betraying someone so that she can protect Hanshin. She is not to be messed with and underestimated.

YP Ep16-1
After the party, Yeo-jin tells Tae-hyun to go home first as she says she has work to do in the office for a bit. When asked what is it about, she replies, “War”.
YP Ep16-2 YP Ep16-3
Oh, I love these two, heh. Tae-hyun asks if Daejung is more powerful to which his bodyguard Sang-chul jokingly replies that it’s not possible as long as he is here and that he could take them out with one fist, LOL. Sang-chul confesses that he is younger than Tae-hyun who drops his respect tone, “You want to die?”
YP Ep16-5 YP Ep16-6
Yeo-jin definitely knows how to prepare for war – changing into comfortable clothes and it seems none of presidents are able to voice out being against going into war. Strong.
YP Ep16-4
I like how she scolds strategy team members for being in formal attire and that they can do whatever they like since they are going to cramp up for next three days. However, if they can’t find Daejung’s weakness, they would work elsewhere.
YP Ep16-7 YP Ep16-8
Tae-hyun plans to help Do-joon escape and asks his bodyguard and Chief Lee for help as he think it will help ease Yeo-jin’s shoulders.
YP Ep16-9 YP Ep16-10
Thanks to the genius team members, they found Daejung’s weakness which is a biotech company. Daejung’s strategy team members find out that Hanshin is trying to buy biotech’s stocks and get to work as well.
YP Ep16-13 YP Ep16-14
Thanks to Sang-chul’s fighting skills, Tae-hyun helps Chief Lee (who had inject something into Do-joon’s IV to trigger seizure so that he can them to leave) wheel Do-joon out of the hospital. Though, the security head has seen everything through CCTVs, Secretary Min tells him to let them be.
YP Ep16-15 YP Ep16-11
I knew that Secretary Min is the mole as he calls Chairman Choi’s secretary. Yeo-jin notices that he leaves the room and hears about the increased stake. She tells them to cancel the order and I knew that it’s her plan – to make Daejung spend more money.
YP Ep16-12
Chairman Choi hears that Do-joon has escaped and after Hanshin retreats, Daejung is unable to cancel the order. Now, that’s the plan. Smart Yeo-jin.
YP Ep16-16 YP Ep16-17
Not only that, she also knew that Secretary Min has been reporting to Daejung and that Tae-hyun helped Do-joon escape. She also thinks that it’s likely that Daejung is chasing after Do-joon. “I was just protecting Hanshin… and betrayed my husband.” Ah, damn.
YP Ep16-18
Do-joon wakes up the ambulance with Tae-hyun and tries to get off as he doesn’t care about threats and would just make a deal with Hanshin. Oh, gawd, really? I am glad that he is no longer chairman. He knocks both Tae-hyun and his bodyguard out of their consciousness.
YP Ep16-19 YP Ep16-20
Chae-young is already there with helicopter and Do-joon gets off the ambulance but doesn’t see her. Instead, he waves at black cars as if saying “Come at me, bro” but he thinks they are here to save him. Whut, lol.  And, of course, as Chae-young watched, the car knocks him down.
YP Ep16-21 YP Ep16-22
A masked man climbs out of the car to take out his phone which is the video call with Chairman Choi, before taking out a knife to stab Do-joon. Chae-young runs to his side as the cars leave. Do-joon manages to smile at her before closing his eyes. Eh, what??? For an evil guy, how can he be killed off the show?!
YP Ep16-23 YP Ep16-24
Tae-hyun goes to confront Yeo-jin if she order the death of Do-joon to which she replies that she did. Not directly, as she knew everything’s going on, but still she says she did order them. Tae-hyun realises that he is been used. Ouchh.
YP Ep16-25 YP Ep16-26
Both of them spend their night in their respective rooms, thinking about their times together as we are shown the whole flashbacks of them together.
YP Ep16-29
The next morning, Tae-hyun goes out for a walk and sees Yeo-jin. She asks him not to leave and that he can stay to use power to either destroy twelfth floor or rebuild Hanshin Hospital. However, Tae-hyun says no and that this place is thirteenth floor. If he tear down twelfth floor, they will also fall apart.
YP Ep16-27 YP Ep16-28
He tells her that he is back when he belongs while she is back with the crocodiles and she can return to him anytime as he will wait for her. They hug before he leaves to pack.
YP Ep16-31
Yeo-jin, in tears, strolls and enters the greenhouse where Tae-hyun planted lavenders. Head maid tells her that it was Tae-hyun’s doing which makes her break down in tears.
YP Ep16-32 YP Ep16-33
After packing, Tae-hyun leaves with one last look at the mansion. His bodyguard drives up to him, having been ‘fired’ by Yeo-jin to take care of Tae-hyun. While driving, Sang-chul asks if Tae-hyun has a place to return to as he doesn’t have a place to go. Aw, hahah, these two.
YP Ep16-34 YP Ep16-35
Meanwhile at the crematorium, Do-joon’s coffin is being cremated as Chae-young watches. It seems like she is the only one there for her husband’s funeral. Poor both of them. Chae-young’s eyes look as if she will do anything to avenge her husband.

Hmm, so new revenge? This time round, it’ll probably be Chae-young’s turn and her anger to take revenge. It doesn’t make sense for Do-joon to die, though. I mean, for an evil role, his role sucks then. Did a villain really die? Maybe it’s because the writer doesn’t know what to do with Do-joon so that they decide to kill him off for the sake of every character who are no longer on his side. Or perhaps, like I said earlier, it’s to make Chae-young’s character have her own comeback now that her husband has passed away.
YP Ep16-38

I wonder how the finale is going to be, now that Yeo-jin has managed to protect Hanshin and that Tae-hyun left. Will Yeo-jin change her mind to leave together with him or that she would still try to convince him to work together on rebuilding the hospital? I am not sure if I am rooting for them to be separated, being business and all, for the sake of Tae-hyun, or them together, being sweet and all, for the sake of drama’s story. And, as I said before, bring Yong-pal back! It seems like Tae-hyun wasn’t Yong-pal and he is kind of changed now. So, where is our Yong-pal? I hope that we will at least see Tae-hyun back to being doctor at the hospital because I feel that he has been running around too much, thanks to Yeo-jin, LOL. The last two episodes better be good!
YP Ep16-39


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