Yong-pal – Episode 17 Review

It’s expected; new revenge is taking place secretly as Yeo-jin is still a chairwoman who is seeing hallucinations of her brother. Tae-hyun is leading a new and nice life, well that’s for now. We need our Yong-pal back.

YP Ep17-2
Six months later. (Woah, that’s fast.) Tae-hyun narrates as he lies in his home, “I opened my own place. A neighbourhood clinic. Since I didn’t finish my residency, I couldn’t become a specialist. So I couldn’t get a job anywhere. So I decided to live as a relaxed doctor in a quiet town. Living a carefree life. I don’t have to rush to make house calls for gangsters or make sickening house calls for the privileged class anymore. But to be honest, it’s not really a carefree life.”
YP Ep17-4 YP Ep17-3
That’s when someone calls out, “Oppa!” and that’s So-hyun who is all healthy now. And there is his jobless bodyguard still living with them, aw, hahah.
YP Ep17-5 YP Ep17-6
Yeo-jin is, of course, still chairwoman and having lunch with Alexon’s chairman and chief prosecutor. Chairman Choi bursts into the room, begging her to let him off and to the chairman that he will pay back soon. Seems like he is in debt.
YP Ep17-7
As Chairman Choi is being dragged out, he tells Yeo-jin, “The son was killed by the brother. The brother was killed by the dead son’s father. And that father is killed by the dead brother’s sister. So, who will kill the sister?”
YP Ep17-8
Yeo-jin doesn’t say anything. In voiceover, she says, “Revenge and war… ended like this.”
YP Ep17-9 YP Ep17-10
Turns out that Doo-chul helped Tae-hyun set up the clinic financially and the doctor hilariously tells him to pay up as he is pretty well off, unlike the kid before him, hah.
YP Ep17-12 YP Ep17-11
At Doma’s House where Tae-hyun give shots to patients, Chae-young is there as well and it seems that she has been visiting there. Outside, she tells Tae-hyun to call her “noona” and talks about she miss being Chairman’s wife.
YP Ep17-13
They end their chat as the patients are ready. As Tae-hyun leaves, Chae-young’s smile disappears and thinks, “Revenge started a long time ago.” I knew that she is trying to get close with him with a motive.
YP Ep17-14 YP Ep17-16
Yeo-jin returns home and doesn’t look well. She looks at her father’s portrait as she asks in her mind, “How did you get through it, Dad?” As she retreats to her room, she sees Do-joon at the staircase shockingly before collapsing. He is dead, so she must be hallucinating.
YP Ep17-17 YP Ep17-18
Her fainting must be an occurrence as she asks if she faint again. The head maid tries to persuade her to see doctors but Yeo-jin says firmly, “No doctors” and that not a rumour gets out.
YP Ep17-19 YP Ep17-20
It’s great to see that Nurse Oh and the ahjumma nurse come by to hang out with Tae-hyun and the gangsters. Tae-hyun tells them that he is happy like this and that it’s comfortable. He tells them to try leaning back in their chairs and look up at the sky to feel the breeze. Tae-hyun thinks to himself, “Yeo-jin, you should come find me soon.”
YP Ep17-21 YP Ep17-22
Yeo-jin is there watching them in her car from the distance. She thinks to herself, “Tae-hyun, I want to join you.” She is about to open the car when Chae-young joins them. Yeo-jin looks upset and tells her driver to go ahead.
YP Ep17-23 YP Ep17-24
Chae-young knows that Yeo-jin is there as she watches the car go. Yeo-jin sobs in the car and thinks to herself, “I’m glad that you’re happy.” Aw, man.
YP Ep17-27 YP Ep17-26
At an event, Yeo-jin tries to make a speech but she sees dead President Go among the seaters.
YP Ep17-25 YP Ep17-28
It worsens as she hallucinates Do-joon standing in front of her which makes her faint again in front of many people. Secretary Min just stands there like, “Oooh, who cares?” What the…
YP Ep17-29
Tae-hyun sees the news about Yeo-jin fainting and Sang-chul tells him, “Let’s go.” Woah woah, he doesn’t hesitate a second. (And, aw, the clinic’s name is “First Floor Clinic”.)
YP Ep17-30 YP Ep17-31
We can see that her health is not normal but the doctor lies that her scans are normal and is, of course, in cahoots with Secretary. No one can be trusted in Hanshin Hospital, man.
YP Ep17-34 YP Ep17-32
The one behind all this is… Chae-young. The board members who used to be on Do-joon’s then Yeo-jin’s side, are all laughing at how Yeo-jin has Stage 2 liver cancer. And that the plan is going well. Whut? So they can like literally cause someone to have cancer?
YP Ep17-35
Tae-hyun goes to hospital to see her, but pretends that he is visiting a friend. Yeo-jin tells him that she is okay. Ughh. And what angers me the most is the two-faced of those men who pretend to be flustered at Yeo-jin not being well when they just come from meeting Chae-young. Ughhh.
YP Ep17-36
Later, Tae-hyun thinks about something amiss as he approached Chief Lee earlier to find out something. It’s Yeo-jin’s CT results which Chief Lee can’t even access. Yes, quick, get on it!
YP Ep17-39 YP Ep17-40
Head maid manages to convince Yeo-jin to go see the doctor whom she can trust. And that particular maid, who have been Chae-young’s spy, has been spiking Yeo-jin’s water. She contacts Chae-young about Yeo-jin going out on her own, but doesn’t know where.
YP Ep17-37 YP Ep17-38
Chae-young knows where and even prevents Tae-hyun from meeting her by calling him out to Doma’s House. She acts like she coincidentally meets Yeo-jin. They talk in their car and she lies that she sees Do-joon too when Yeo-jin confesses that she has been hallucinating.
YP Ep17-41 YP Ep17-42
After the talk, Yeo-jin leaves in her car and, of course, Chae-young changes her expression like two-faced. While driving, Yeo-jin suddenly hears Do-joon’s voice and immediately brakes to a halt when she sees someone crossing the road. It’s Tae-hyun, yes! She passes out.
YP Ep17-43 YP Ep17-44
Tae-hyun brings her back for IV drip. After she comes to consciousness, they goes to rooftop to finally have a chat. When asked if she is not feeling well or okay, she lies that she is feeling okay. Oh, damn, tell him the truth! They cuddle and she tells him that she will come down from thirteen floor soon.
YP Ep17-45
She says that she made up her mind and asks if he will accept her if she returns. Tae-hyun kisses her forehead before reply, “You’re already back.” They look at each other in eyes before leaning to kiss.
YP Ep17-48 YP Ep17-47
Secretary Min comes by to pick Yeo-jin up. Whut, how he know? Sang-chul is informed and goes up to tell Yeo-jin. Tae-hyun, at first, tells him to tell Secretary Min to leave, but Yeo-jin says she will come down soon as she tells Tae-hyun that she still have to sort out her things.
YP Ep17-49
Before leaving, Tae-hyun back-hugs her and his hand moves as if he feels something on Yeo-jin’s abdomen. Ooh, you can feel something is wrong when you have liver cancer? Well, that’s if you’re a doctor.
YP Ep17-50
YP Ep17-53 YP Ep17-51
Back at home, Yeo-jin asks for (poison) water and Secretary Min looks at it with an evil look and a smirk. This doesn’t go unnoticed as the head maid eyes him suspiciously.
YP Ep17-52 YP Ep17-54
After tucking Yeo-jin into her bed, the head maid enters the room with now-evil people who tells her straight that Yeo-jin has cancer and that she will die soon. Oh, damnn. She is told not to let the Chairwoman meet with her husband until she passes away as he is heir.
YP Ep17-55
I am not sure if she is really going to be on their side as she initially says that she focuses on her current master then adds that, with time, masters change. Ugh damnnn. Is she really going to betray Yeo-jin?
YP Ep17-56 YP Ep17-57
The next day, Secretary Min tells that the war room is now dissolved, saying that he will deliver instructions from Chairwoman which we know that he is doing behind her back. He tells them that they will be returned to their own positions and laughs evilly as he leaves.
YP Ep17-58
One of them seems to know something’s up and tries to access something but is denied access. Smart, you should get on it as well!
YP Ep17-59 YP Ep17-60
Yeo-jin sleeps comfortably in her bed till someone calls out her name. It’s the ghostly Do-joon. She screams out loud as she sees him.

It’s like as the revenge is going round and round in circles. Well, not exactly, but it seems like the show is all about focusing on revenge than on actual story as Yong-pal. Yeo-jin takes revenge on Do-joon for confining her, as well, Chairman Choi for killing his son dead, and now Chae-young takes revenge on Yeo-jin for Do-joon’s death. Let me ask this again – where is Yong-pal and will we get to see him in action for the last time in final episode? Again, Yong-pal has already been off the track since long ago and I was hoping for it to be on right track. Nah, it’s back to revenge as Chae-young wants to avenge her husband.
YP Ep17-33

It’s now Yeo-jin’s turn to be pitied. Poor Yeo-jin who doesn’t know that there are people turning and conspiring against her behind her back. It’s funny how they change the evil-plotting villain in this show, though, LOL. From Do-joon to Yeo-jin to Chae-young. And it’s weird to see Yeo-jin change from a fierce one to now a sick person. She used to be so smart, demanding and vicious. Well, she is still like those, but it’s kind of weak. All thanks to people causing her to fall sick. Now, that should be the reason to see Yong-pal back in action as he could save her, right? What I am worried about is that he is not a specialist or could not perform a surgery. It’s going to a difficult life for Tae-hyun as Yeo-jin is dying. Will he save her? Correction: Will he break the rules to save her? Will he even do anything to save her or beg someone to save her?
YP Ep17-46


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