Twenty Again – Episode 10 Review

Our ahjumma unni/noona student is on her track to finding her true and old self. Though it might be too late as she is in her thirties, she still has good chance to experience what she didn’t get to in her younger days aka motherhood-taking-away-her-youth.

TwAgn Ep10-1
The grumpy and idiot professors stare down at each other, arguing over Nora to which Woo-chul asks if Hyun-suk likes his wife. Hyun-suk doesn’t deny it. They stare down till a phone rings. Hyun-suk picks it up like it’s Nora calling but it’s actually Sang-ye, LOL.
TwAgn Ep10-4 TwAgn Ep10-3
That’s when Woo-chul disappears and goes to meet Yi-jin secretly. Which, of course, Hyun-suk sees. The secret couple goes for a stroll and spots Hyun-suk and Nora strolling together. Funny how she is assuming that her boyfriend’s wife is having something going on with Hyun-suk romantically.
TwAgn Ep10-6 TwAgn Ep10-5
The next day, Hyun-suk suggests going for cycling and so they have childish competition, haha. Hyun-suk and Nora win the race, which means that Woo-chul has to treat them.
TwAgn Ep10-9 TwAgn Ep10-8
Though he wants to ride with Nora, Hyun-suk makes her ride with Woo-chul, giving them a chance to patch up and making Yi-jin think that he likes her, LOL. Pffftt. During car ride, petty Woo-chul races up against Hyun-suk. Tsk.
TwAgn Ep10-7 TwAgn Ep10-11
From the way Nora talks, Woo-chul is surprised at how much she has changed to which she answers that is her true personality which makes her think, “My true personality…” Yay, she is unleashing her true personality!
TwAgn Ep10-10
At the rest stop, Woo-chul says he wants to eat, but Nora says she already eaten. He bought flowers for her instead, in attempt to brighten her mood. Oh, really? You trying?
TwAgn Ep10-12 TwAgn Ep10-13
Seeing that her mood is better now, he tells her to quit working at Hyun-suk’s but, of course, Nora refuses. Realising that she is working because he won’t be paying for school, he offers to pay for everything. LOL, really? As usual, Nora turns it down, saying that she enjoys the work which she can help her friend while working.
TwAgn Ep10-14 TwAgn Ep10-15
Min-soo has been waiting and is surprised to see his parents come home together. Instead of asking about the divorce, he just keeps quiet for now, seeing how his parents are looking alright together.
TwAgn Ep10-16
Hyun-suk tries to burn the mixtape and confession card but couldn’t bring himself to do. He decides to keep them as keepsake and says that the feelings will pass.
TwAgn Ep10-17 TwAgn Ep10-18
LOL, that moment when Woo-chul spills his coffee when he sees his wife dressed up and asks for ice, but Nora says she knows that his coffee is always lukewarm as he likes it. Well done, Nora!
TwAgn Ep10-19 TwAgn Ep10-20
Hyun-suk is another one – staring at Nora while over-pouring his coffee, LOL.
TwAgn Ep10-21 TwAgn Ep10-22
She dresses up for a date with her partner, Danny, who is really sweet, patience and nice. Daww. He explains to Nora about the dishes and even brings her out to “chill out” date at the park.
TwAgn Ep10-44 TwAgn Ep10-23
A nice date for Nora which is probably her first time as they watch a movie. As Danny can’t get any sweeter, he offers to wait with Nora for her bus which she is very thankful for when he says she is his (role-playing) girlfriend for today. Awww.
TwAgn Ep10-25 TwAgn Ep10-24
Nora returns to Hyun-suk’s office and tells him how consideration Danny is and how he took care of her and happy she was. You can see how she excitedly says these that Hyun-suk just gapes at her and asks, “Han Nora, Just how on earth have you been living your life?”
TwAgn Ep10-26 TwAgn Ep10-27
Min-soo is distracted by discovering and confirming that his parents are sleeping in separate rooms, that he asks Hye-mi what she would do if her parents are going to be divorced, pretending to be asking in his friend’s stead. Hye-mi answers that she would try to stop them, but if it can’t be worked out, his friend should just live on his own.
TwAgn Ep10-28
I may have said this few times but this trio is so awesome, even at acting out scenario. Hyun-suk praises them and they did very well for their assignment, woohoo.
TwAgn Ep10-29 TwAgn Ep10-30
Woo-chul declares to Hyun-suk that they won’t be working together anymore which Hyun-suk is gladly obliges. They gets into more conflict as Woo-chul asks why he pretend to like Nora and take Yi-jin with him. Hyun-suk cannot take it anymore and flares up, asking if it really look like that in his eyes. He continues, “I sent Nora to you because she wants her family, so I wanted you two to work things out. That’s why I took Kim Yi-jin, you punk.”
TwAgn Ep10-31
Finally. Hyun-suk tells Woo-chul to quickly end things with Yi-jin otherwise he won’t leave him alone. Ooohh, he is threatening him. Woo-chul is stunned and asks what rights he has. Hyun-suk: “I have the right because I like Han Nora.” Oooomo.
TwAgn Ep10-32 TwAgn Ep10-33
After meeting with Yoon-young about the reason his parents are divorcing, Min-soo bursts into Woo-chul’s office (who is contemplating between two women, like wth), saying that he saw the divorce contract and asking if he really wants divorce because she is ignorant. Aw, Min-soo~
TwAgn Ep10-34 TwAgn Ep10-35
Min-soo comes home to find his mother laying out new blanket in his room and gets mad at her for spending her money on it. He tells her everything he knows and confronts if she is really to going to keep him in dark about her illness. “No matter how much of a jerk I was to you, I’m still your son,” he cries.
TwAgn Ep10-36 TwAgn Ep10-41
Even though his mother is not dying, Min-soo continues to confront about the fact that she was thinking about dying alone during those three months. He slowly takes her hand and apologises for making her feel all alone and hugs her, crying on her shoulder. Oh, criesss.
TwAgn Ep10-38
The next day, Nora calls Woo-chul to meet up and Woo-chul tries to make a new deal with her – she can go to different college next year and that he will support her in every aspect. But that was just his imagination, LOL.
TwAgn Ep10-39 TwAgn Ep10-40
Nora snaps him out of his imagination by asking if he has a lecture today. When he says no, she says, “Then let’s go and file for divorce.” Woo-chul can hardly believe his ears and has to ask again. Nora takes out the divorce papers before saying, “Let’s go to court right now.” Woohoo~!

It better happen! So that I can officially root for Nora and Hyun-suk to be together! What really gets me in this episode is Min-soo. He definitely knows family’s love, especially his mother’s love. Even though he is mean to her like any other teenagers, deep down, he loves his mother. (Well, of course, who doesn’t?) It’s just that he doesn’t know how to express it. But, him confronting his mother about not planning to let him know about her illness during three months is what gets me. I would do that too. Min-soo knows how much it would hurt and regret if his mother is really dying. I really like how he even look for Yoon-young, his mother’s best friend, to clarity and gets answer about everything, because he knows that his mother wouldn’t say anything to worry him. It’s really moving to see Min-soo develop. I hope he does in his relationship with Hye-mi, though. I still find that their relationship is bit childish.
TwAgn Ep10-42

Let’s move onto adults. Like Hyun-suk says, it seems that Woo-chul is jealous of him being close with his wife. It just doesn’t make sense, seeing that he, himself, is having an affair. But then, the thing is, Nora doesn’t seem to be curious as to who is the woman. Like as if she really doesn’t care about her husband’s personal life like how they always did and still do throughout their marriage years. Well, why did they make a baby in the first place? LOL. It must be an infatuation which is quite common these days. Better learn from this! And, well, Yoon-young saying that the husband and son is Nora’s world must be because Grandma was her world and that she’d preferred keep close-related people close to her and she only see them that she didn’t have time to go out into the world to try new things or make new friends because she had to take care of Min-soo. What I dislike is that teen Woo-chul didn’t even take care of Min-soo or help Nora out as he had only spent his whole life studying hard (and become a professor). That’s your karma, Woo-chul, with Nora going to your school, disturbing your life and Hyun-suk getting involved with your wife.
TwAgn Ep10-43


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