Cheo Yong 2 – Episodes 1 & 2 Review

OCN dramas always get me everytime. I loved the first season – Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong. So, you can say I was ecstatic and very much looking forward to the season two. Even though I get why most people would be scared to watch it as one of its genre is horror because of ghosts, they are actually not scary or that scary-looking.

There is one thing I am upset about this new season is that they changed the female lead, but the new leading heroine seems to be alright and fun as well. Now, let’s take on the season two – Cheo Yong 2!

Episode 1
CY2 Ep1-8
The first episode starts with a new case as an office woman, Kim Yoo-ri (cameo by Lee Young Ah), goes missing mysteriously, having being pulled into the darkness.
CY2 Ep1-9 CY2 Ep1-10
It’s this case which the Police Chief (played by Lee Kyung Young) has to hand over to his frenemy, Inspector Kang Gi-young (played by Joo Jin Mo) who takes time to agree on taking the case.
CY2 Ep1-12 CY2 Ep1-13
Well, not without bringing back Yoon Cheo-yong (played by Oh Ji Ho) and his former team, which has been disbanded after the last epic case in the previous season of Cheo Yong, together as per Inspector Kang’s request. Woohoo! Of course, ghost high schooler Han Na-young (played by Jun Hyo Seong) is in too!
CY2 Ep1-15
Seems like Na-young is no longer confined to the previous police station where her best friend, Ha Sun-woo, used to work at. Awesome!
CY2 Ep1-6 CY2 Ep1-14
Now let’s not forget who came over from season 1, other than Cheo-yong and his sidekick, I am so glad to see Detective Byun Gook-jin (played by Yoo Seung Mok) and Detective Lee Jong-hyun (played by Yeon Je Wook) back in the team, along with new female detective Jung Ha-yoon (played by Ha Yeon Joo).
CY2 Ep1-16 CY2 Ep1-17
The team, which is now called Special Case Investigation Team, is assigned the case which we saw earlier. Team Leader Byun and Jong-hyun found a clue through someone’s recordings of illegal garbage and both Cheo-yong and Na-young also get a clue from a hobo ghost (cameo by Lee Won Jong). They are all lead to Park In-hyeok.
CY2 Ep1-18 CY2 Ep1-19
I love how Na-young is now able to roam freely to help Cheo-yong find the suspect as she can simply get in men’s room as no one can see her, hah.
CY2 Ep1-22 CY2 Ep1-21
However, the suspect they caught is not whom they are looking for as suspect In-young is just someone who disposes of the dismembered bodies and doesn’t know anything about missing girls.
CY2 Ep1-23
They still manage to find another clue through In-young’s transit card and find out that In-hyeok’s brother owns a warehouse at the location he frequents, though. They head to the warehouse and found people there, but one of them flees.
CY2 Ep1-24 CY2 Ep1-25
This is where we are introduced to a new character, handsome Police Officer Han Tae-kyung (played by Kim Kwon). He helps Cheo-yong, who is the only one not enjoying the car chase, (HAH), chase down the escaping man with Na-young ogling over him, heh.
CY2 Ep1-26
Oh, I love how Cheo-yong manage to get the words out of the escaping man’s mouth by threatening to flatten the car and him in car junkyard, HAH. So, it turns out that Park In-hyeok and the rest are just guarding stuff.
CY2 Ep1-27 CY2 Ep1-28
The team discovers more of dismembered bodies and finds that the bodies they found are incomplete. So, they deduce that the killer is collecting prettiest body part of each victim to build a new woman. Oh gosh.
CY2 Ep1-29
Cheo-yong and Ha-yoon pay visit to Yoo-ri’s work place as they suspect that she might be the next victim.
CY2 Ep1-30 CY2 Ep1-31
While investigating, Cheo-yong sees a long-haired female ghost who lures both of them into the elevator which acts up weirdly again like how it did in the beginning with Yoo-ri in it.
CY2 Ep1-32 CY2 Ep1-33
It’s really weird though. What makes Ha-yoon float in the air while Cheo-yong is still down, trying to hold Ha-yoon? But then, Cheo-yong gets the flashback memories of the last moments before death of the female ghost. The elevator halt to stop and returns to normal.
CY2 Ep1-34 CY2 Ep1-35
To settle herself down from what she experienced in the elevator, Ha-yoon washes her face while not knowing that someone has been watching the female toilet through a secret camera. She hears noises from the basin but ignores it. And the noises come from Yoo-ri who keeps banging on the pipes to get someone’s attention.
CY2 Ep1-36 CY2 Ep1-37
A man enters and drags her to a room where he ties her up on a table. And he powers up that cutting saw or whatever you call it. And the next thing we see is the splattering blood. Oh gawd, that’s disturbing.

Though it’s really already gruesome in the first episode, way more than season 1, it’s still watchable and makes us curious on how the team is going to react to such psychopath and catch him.

Episode 2
CY2 Ep2-3
It must be good being a ghost as Na-young can stalk boyband around freely, heh. She discovers that the courier guy, who sent the scary doll to a boyband member, is a fan of Pink Idol. This must be something crucial.
CY2 Ep2-7 CY2 Ep2-8
Looks we have another new victim as someone is following her late at night. The next we know is that her disappearance has been reported to the team and she is Kim Hui-yeon.
CY2 Ep2-9
Whoops, Na-young accidentally bumps into Ha-yoon and is sucked into her body. The looks on the detectives’ faces are amusing as Ha-yoon suddenly acts differently, haha.
CY2 Ep2-10
Of course, when Na-young is definitely overjoyed to be possessing someone and tries to pretend that she is busy, Cheo-yong knows what happened and drags her out to investigate together.
CY2 Ep2-11 CY2 Ep2-12
Well, Na-young isn’t going to do that and beelines for lingerie shop, asking Cheo-yong to get a pair for her. HAHA, omg. Cheo-yong’s exasperated face, LOL.
CY2 Ep2-13
In the changing room, there is a secret camera as well as someone is spying. Luckily, Na-young is pulled away from changing.
CY2 Ep2-14 CY2 Ep2-15
Cheo-yong meets with the building’s owner and it’s definitely him who has been watching women through secret cameras.
CY2 Ep2-16 CY2 Ep2-40
Which is Na-young realises that he knows her real name without even being introduced. Cheo-yong quickly figures it out and dashes to the changing room to find a pinhole camera. But, the building’s owner claims that it’s for security purpose. Like, whut?
CY2 Ep2-17 CY2 Ep2-18
Na-young is ejected out of Ha-yoon’s body and Ha-yoon doesn’t seem to be surprised for now knowing what happened.
CY2 Ep2-20 CY2 Ep2-19
Remember what happened in the first scene? Well, turns out that it helps Cheo-yong put piece and piece together that the courier man might be the killer in disguise and they quickly get on it. However, the vet guy kills him.
CY2 Ep2-22
Thanks to Cheo-yong’s sharp instincts and eyes, he notices something odd about the vet, Lee Cheol-gyu, and finds a secret passage to the basement where he finds dead courier guy.
CY2 Ep2-21
Meanwhile in the basement, Cheol-gyu injects anesthesia into Hui-yeon and shows her the masterpiece which Hui-yeon’s head will complete it. Oh gawd.
CY2 Ep2-23 CY2 Ep2-24
Cheo-yong finally gets to the operating room but it’s too late as Hu-yeon is bled to death and he passes out from Cheol-gyu’s injection.
CY2 Ep2-41 CY2 Ep2-25
Next we know that Cheol-gyu has escaped with his masterpiece body. And Cheo-yong finds out that Hui-yeon has twin sister, Kim Hui-su. And she is due to return to Korea. Oh shyt. It’s likely that Cheol-gyu is going after her since he failed the first one.
CY2 Ep2-26 CY2 Ep2-27
Cheol-gyu uses Hui-yeon’s phone to trick Hui-su into being picked by him. But Hui-su is uneasy and texts her “sister”. To her horrified, Cheol-gyu responds her message before knocking her out.
CY2 Ep2-28
At his new hideout, Hui-su is suffering the same fate as her dead sister, being introduced to the masterpiece and all. The team manages to track Cheol-gyu’s location down.
CY2 Ep2-29 CY2 Ep2-30
However, Cheol-gyu is notified of the police as Hui-su threatens to disfigure her face and quickly escape with his headless masterpiece and passed out Hui-su. Like, how?? How the hell did he even manage to transport them into his car? Anyway, Cheo-yong gives chase in his car.
CY2 Ep2-32 CY2 Ep2-31
Cheo-yong manages to stop Cheol-gyu’s car with his car, but they get into fight afterwards. But all of sudden, Cheol-gyu sees something that horrifies him and cowers in fear. It’s his headless woman walking towards him.
CY2 Ep2-33
But it’s Hui-su in reality as she points gun at him and Cheo-yong slowly put down her hands as she sobs.
CY2 Ep2-35 CY2 Ep2-34
Lee Cheol-gyu, the worst and most sickening psychopath ever, has finally been arrested. Ghost Hui-yeon appears besides her elder sister Hui-su and looks over to both Cheo-young and Na-young to thank them for saving her sister.
CY2 Ep2-36
Time for dinner celebration! Ha-yoon tells Cheo-yong about her being sick when younger and that she didn’t remember anything for a while after inviting a spirit into her. (Oh My Ghostess, anyone?)
CY2 Ep2-37
Later, Ha-yoon meets with Inspector Kang. Why never switch on the lights?? It seems that they are talking about something being verified with the inspector handing a really dusty police case file and saying that it begins now.
CY2 Ep2-38
Somewhere, a man is running away as if being chased. But he gets knocked out and finds himself tied up to a chair later. The man in dark use hot torch to torture him… Whut.

The first case is already quite “dark” and “sickening”. Well, that’s expected from an OCN drama. I am looking forward to how future cases are going to be like. What I love is how Ha Yeon Joo is able to portray Han Na-young very well. It’s really similar to how Jun Hyo Seong acts out. It reminds me of cutesy Oh My Ghostess! And I totally love the relationship between Cheo-yong and Na-young which is why I am excited to watch season 2. It’s great to see their chemistry as ahjussi and his high schooler again! 😀
CY2 Ep2-1

Another thing what I really like in this new season is that Na-young is able to help Cheo-yong out as she is able to roam around freely to look for suspects or look into something. (Also to get up close to handsome boyband members! Though she is not being able to touch them physically, sadly.) She is more useful now which I am excited about her role for this second season, espcieally her possessing Ha-yoon though we are still unsure of the two girls’ connection. It seems that almost everyone in his team know of Cheo-yong’s special ability which is good as they wouldn’t need to question how he is able to solve cases easily. Unlike in previous season where he doesn’t want to explain. Here’s to more ghosts!
CY2 Ep2-39


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