Yong-pal – Episode 18 (Final) Review

It’s finally the end of Yong-pal after we have been going round and round in circles. Our doctor faces hard time as his love is dying with almost no hope or people wanting to save her, even though she is a very important person. But time has changed.

YP Ep18-4
Seems that Yeo-jin is somehow confused as she thinks it’s still the day of party from three years ago and she asks the head maid where her brother is.
YP Ep18-5
Whee, our hacker managed to bypass the tight security and download Yeo-jin’s medical scan despite a close call with Secretary Min.
YP Ep18-8 YP Ep18-9
I was nervous when the hacker goes to Tae-hyun’s clinic as I was afraid something or someone might get in the way. But, whew! He manages to meet Tae-hyun and shows him the scans. Finally! Tae-hyun sees that it’s liver cancer and is told that it’s Yeo-jin’s.
YP Ep18-11 YP Ep18-10
Tae-hyun calls Chae-young about the possibility of Yeo-jin having cancer and Chae-young feigns surprise by saying, “No way!” Oh gosh. He tells her to relay a message to Yeo-jin, “When you see Yeo-jin, tell her that I’ll go up to the thirteenth floor if she’s really having a hard time. She doesn’t need to feel forced to come down to the first floor.”
YP Ep18-12 YP Ep18-13
Chae-young arrives and takes a cup of water but her maid signals not to, which confirms the head maid’s suspicious that it’s water which turns Yeo-jin into state she is in now.
YP Ep18-14
The meeting with Yeo-jin is quiet as Yeo-jin doesn’t respond to Chae-young who thinks that she is being ignored.
YP Ep18-15 YP Ep18-16
Chae-young calls Tae-hyun and lies about having a talk with Yeo-jin, like everything Tae-hyun has questions about. When asked about Yeo-jin’s reply to his message, Chae-young lies that Yeo-jin said she’d never go to the twelfth floor of Hanshin Hospital and that she won’t go to the First Floor Clinic either. It should sound strange to him!
YP Ep18-18 YP Ep18-17
Omg, it’s so annoying to see Secretary Min laughing at Yeo-jin’s cancer, having stabbed her in her back. The head maid suggests moving Yeo-jin to guest house and he agrees.
YP Ep18-19 YP Ep18-20
The head maid moves Yeo-jin to the guest house and when she asks for water which the spy maid left there, the head maid throws the pitcher and bursts, with tears in her eyes, at Yeo-jin that she must not drink this water and that she has to get a hold of herself.
YP Ep18-21 YP Ep18-22
Tae-hyun is trying to figure out something when his bodyguard comes to ask about what Chae-young said. He accidentally lets slip that he is still Tae-hyun’s bodyguard hired by Yeo-jin.
YP Ep18-23 YP Ep18-24
Only the head maid knows about it and the bodyguard calls her who gives message codes as they are being wire-tapped. Tae-hyun manages to figure out that Yeo-jin is in guesthouse and that they should reach before guests’ arrival at seven. The bodyguard also tells that he made opening in the fence for the dog.
YP Ep18-25 YP Ep18-26
So, they enter the guesthouse through the opening and the bodyguard takes down a guard so easily. Tae-hyun rushes to Yeo-jin’s room and she immediately recognises him. Whew, I was afraid of something else.
YP Ep18-28 YP Ep18-27
As Chae-young, Secretary Min and the board members gather, they are surprised by Yeo-jin’s appearance along with Tae-hyun. Woohoo! Secretary orders to get them out but Yeo-jin tells him that he is fired and orders to get the guest out of her house.
YP Ep18-29 YP Ep18-30
Detective Lee arrives with his squad as Tae-hyun called him earlier and arrests the shareholders for a long list of charges. Woohoo, I am cheering! The best thing is that when Secretary Min asks for a warrant, Detective Lee says he doesn’t need one and that a house owner called about thieves in the house.
YP Ep18-31
And, so they are all arrested including Chae-young who gives Tae-hyun one last look before taken away.
YP Ep18-35 YP Ep18-33
Yeo-jin is rushed to hospital for dialysis. Really, Hanshin Hospital? Oh wait, there is no one there to harm her now. Okay, phew.
YP Ep18-32
The next day when she wakes up to Tae-hyun sleeping at her bedside, Chief Lee, despite her not wanting to see him, comes in to tell her she was exposed to colourless and odourless ethionine for a long time.
YP Ep18-34 YP Ep18-36
Her cancer is still operable however it overlaps with her surgery three years ago though the success rate will be very low. Chief Lee suggests that it’s best for him to operate since he did it three years ago. Also, he is the only doctor who is willing to take care of her.
YP Ep18-37
Yeo-jin just tells him to make her live longer as she wants to make best use of her remaining time to spend with Tae-hyun. As Chief Lee leaves, the head maid offers to donate her liver as she had checked she was a match three years ago. Aww, I knew that she’d totally stick to Yeo-jin’s side no matter what.
YP Ep18-40 YP Ep18-41
Knowing that the surgery will be very difficult and Tae-hyun offers to do it but Chief Lee tells him to get a grip of himself as he has conscience now. So they can only put hope in the conference with doctors.
YP Ep18-39 YP Ep18-38
However, the other specialist doctors also say they can’t do it as soon as they see the CT scans. The room also starts to empty out.
YP Ep18-42
In Yeo-jin’s room, Tae-hyun gets on his knees and begs Chief Lee to do the surgery but he says he can’t as well, as it’s too risky. Yeo-jin hears everything and tear roll down her cheek.
YP Ep18-43
So, Yeo-jin tells Tae-hyun that she won’t do the surgery to which he claims that a surgeon will turn up. Yeo-jin knows that he is lying and asks why he hasn’t put the ring on her finger yet. She also requests to take her to Windy Hill when he answers that he was going to give the ring to her when they returned to Windy Hill.
YP Ep18-45 YP Ep18-44
While on the way to Windy Hill, someone arrives in Korea and it’s Cynthiaaaa!! I knew she would be the one who makes miracle for Yeo-jin’s surgery! And there is someone else sitting beside her in taxi. Meanwhile, Tae-hyun carries Yeo-jin on his back up the hill.
YP Ep18-46 YP Ep18-47
On top of the hill, Yeo-jin wonders why they didn’t come sooner. Tae-hyun puts the ring on her finger before leaning to kiss her softly.
YP Ep18-49
Chief Lee is surprised to hear that Cynthia has heard and come for Yeo-jin’s surgery. She introduces the man with her as Yong-pal (cameo by Kim Jae Young). Oooh, what a surprise. I’d expected her to return as genius doctor, lol.
YP Ep18-51 YP Ep18-50
Yeo-jin passes out when Chief Lee calls Tae-hyun to quickly head over to Hanshin Hospital.
YP Ep18-52 YP Ep18-53
As soon as he arrives, Tae-hyun is introduced to new Yong-pal who has been making illegal house calls like Tae-hyun used to. Cynthia explains that he is here to operate on Yeo-jin.
YP Ep18-55 YP Ep18-54
They begin operation and they find that the adhesions are worse. Nevertheless, Ex-Yong-pal works with New Yong-pal and Chief Lee while the head maid is getting ready for surgery. And they do the surgery with Tae-hyun telling Yeo-jin in voiceover to hang in there before it fades to white.
YP Ep18-56
The next thing is we hear Yeo-jin in voiceover: “A way to escape from a nightmare is to wake up from sleep. But as long as you refuse to wake up, the nightmare will continue. That nightmare becomes another reality and that reality will never end. Until he calls my name.”
YP Ep18-57 YP Ep18-58
Tae-hyun calls out her name, “Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin, can you hear me?” Her eyes open and he asks if she knows who he is. She smiles before answering in her head, “Yong-pal.”

That’s actually quite satisfying. A satisfying ending, with Yeo-jin being saved by new Yong-pal as miracle alongside with Ex-Yong-pal. The ending, with its whole story, which makes me so ready to let it go, hahah. New Yong-pal actually kind of brings the show back on its track and also trying to bring old Yong-pal back. It started with Yong-pal saving lives and ends with Yong-pal (though he is new, but still) saving Yeo-jin, the lead of all. Though Tae-hyun has already discarded his alias as Yong-pal, there is still Yong-pal feel from him as he even offers to do a risky surgery because that’s him – to save someone no matter what. “No one dies on my operating table.” That’s his motto. That’s what I am satisfied about the ending. The thing I don’t get is why they would stop such a genius surgeon from doing anymore surgery. Yes, they may be jealous of his excellent skills, but lives come first. Oh wait, it’s a drama where they prioritise people’s ranks over the dangers of their health. Besides that, they are just afraid of getting into trouble.
YP Ep18-59

I had expected a lot from Yong-pal to be similar to Healer, but nah. It was kind of disappointing because they gave us wrong impression in the first place with those teasers and all.

Other than being glad about Yong-pal finally ending so that the actors and actresses can finally rest because of the damned live-shooting system, I am really so glad that it didn’t extend to 24 episodes in total just because of the rumour. Actually, it would have been better if it were 16 episodes in total instead of 18. They could have not killed off Do-joon (like, really?!), exclude Chae-young’s revenge and Yeo-jin dying of cancer. But that probably wouldn’t bring back Yong-pal. So, I will have to admit that they did alright with the last two episodes, even though I feel that they made Yong-pal an extravagant one – they just literally threw in big scenes to get attention. I have to admit that otherwise I wouldn’t be watching and typing reviews for this drama like this. And that’s probably why Yong-pal still managed to keep its viewership ratings at 20% and higher. Way to go, Yong-pal.
YP Ep18-48


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  2. The new Yong Pal did not save Yeo Jin.
    Tae Hyun never ceased to be Yong Pal so there’s no such thing as ex-Yong Pal. Tae Hyun was the one who made the call to proceed with the surgery after the new Yong Pal asked him if it was a go or not.


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