Twenty Again – Episode 11 Review

It’s progressing well and I have never been so delighted since I have been feeling frustrated watching Nora not doing what she is supposed to do. Now that she has more courage and fearless, she is in new light. Not only Nora has changed, her husband also has changed.

TwAgn Ep11-3
Nora declares that they should go to the court and finalise their divorce, saying that it’s what Woo-chul always wanted. But it’s now Woo-chul’s turn to get defensive, LOL.
TwAgn Ep11-6 TwAgn Ep11-7
He asks her about Min-soo and we see that Nora has asked Min-soo to give her blessings. Min-soo had commented that her dance was really great onstage, aww. Mom told him to live his life doing what is best for himself, not like his mother with regrets.
TwAgn Ep11-4 TwAgn Ep11-5
He is so shocked and stunned by Nora’s words that when he leaves, he goes to a wrong car, LOL. He must be still obsessing about his wife is always close with Hyun-sk as he sees him picking Nora up. Actually, Hyun-suk happens to drive by.
TwAgn Ep11-8 TwAgn Ep11-9
I wish Nora told Hyun-suk about her wanting to finalise her divorce with Woo-chul since Hyun-suk now thinks that their relationship is going well as spouses. Oh, sigh.
TwAgn Ep11-10
Yi-jin receives a basket of flowers (which the card dropped along the way, too bad) and wonders if it’s from Hyun-suk, saying that he is confusing her.
TwAgn Ep11-11 TwAgn Ep11-12
She heads to Hyun-suk’s place only to find him cycling on the way back and calling out Nora. She eyes them curiously and the way they speak to each other. She put few pieces together and recalls Hyun-suk mentioning that his ideal woman is Kim Woo-chul’s wife, but shakes the thought out of her head.
TwAgn Ep11-13 TwAgn Ep11-14
Now, Nora is curious about Hyun-suk’s past about why he went to Russia to study. But he is like, “Why are you digging into my past?” Well, you were damn curious about her when you two met for the first time in 20 years, so why can’t she ask you those things? Haha.
TwAgn Ep11-17 TwAgn Ep11-18
After her work at Hyun-suk’s office, Nora comes home to find Woo-chul waiting for her and telling her to go to his office. In his office, Woo-chul declares that they won’t be divorcing as she is being too rash.
TwAgn Ep11-15 TwAgn Ep11-16
He shows her the contract they signed and Nora finally does what I have been waiting for! She tears up the contract, telling him to stop doing things like this. Whee~! The look on Woo-chul’s face is priceless! Hah, it’s as if it’s his precious thing. But, still, Woo-chul comes up with another excuse that his family status has to be confirmed by school, so Nora says she will wait till July for Min-soo’s sake. Ughhh, Woo-chul, what are you thinking, really?
TwAgn Ep11-19 TwAgn Ep11-20
Nora receives her first pay from Hyun-suk which is all new and shiny. She gives the money to Min-soo for his allowance since she insists that it’s her first time giving Min-soo allowance from money she earned. Aww.
TwAgn Ep11-21 TwAgn Ep11-22
Yi-jin confirms with background check and Woo-chul that Nora is indeed Woo-chul’s wife. She confronts him about it and Woo-chul tells her as if Nora is the one holding onto him, when he is actually the one delaying divorce now. Oh gawd, he must not have conscience now.
TwAgn Ep11-23 TwAgn Ep11-24
On the way out to relax with Hye-mi, Min-soo sees his mother struggling with the slides on computer and goes to help her. Double awws. She thanks him, calling him “student”, and winks at him. Too cutee!
TwAgn Ep11-25
Min-soo and Hye-mi drink beer in the park and Min-soo thinks about being an adult. He is one, but he wonders if he is really true adult as he flashes back to the conversation with his father about being adult.
TwAgn Ep11-26 TwAgn Ep11-27
Dad says that it’s adult matter and that Min-soo will understand in few years when he is a true adult. Yes, he is an adult now, but he still needs Dad’s protection and support, so he is not a true grown up. Quite true and it makes me think about myself.
TwAgn Ep11-28 TwAgn Ep11-29
Sang-ye calls Nora over to help out sort stuffs and Nora wants to do laundry, picking up the things to be washed all the way up to Hyun-suk’s bedroom. It’s when Hyun-suk arrives and goes to his bedroom, thinking that Sang-ye organised stuffs, and knocks into Nora. HAH, this is damn epic! Hun-suk pulls her back as Nora is falling so Nora got him slammed up against the wall. HAHA. Both even got their eyes as big as saucepan.
TwAgn Ep11-30
They stay like that for few more moments, both clearly affected. Hehe. They finally break away and Hyun-suk yells at her for doing laundry. It’s not like she is hired to be a maid.
TwAgn Ep11-32 TwAgn Ep11-31
When both separate, each of them put their hands over their hearts, trying to calm down. And does it seem that Nora feels something too?! Whoops!
TwAgn Ep11-33 TwAgn Ep11-34
Seung-hyun is afraid to sleep in her room as Nora (being called over for help) and Soon-nam (having been called over to fix) can’t fix the bars. Nora texts Min-soo about it meanwhile Woo-chul wonders where she is, seeing that it’s late.
TwAgn Ep11-35 TwAgn Ep11-36
He even imagine her at Hyun-suk’s place, having wine and that Nora has chosen Hyun-suk. They lean in for a kiss… till Woo-chul’s voice cuts in, “Hey, Cha Hyun-suk!” That’s just his imagination, LOL. Woo-chul drives up to Hyun-suk’s place only to find that Nora is not there.
TwAgn Ep11-37 TwAgn Ep11-38
Hyun-suk actually freaks out more than Woo-chul when he learns that Nora is missing. Aw, he is way more worried but Woo-chul finds it annoying. Tsk.
TwAgn Ep11-51 TwAgn Ep11-39
Hyun-suk is worried that Nora is drunk somewhere outside as she is not answering her phone for which it is in a locker. Cut to: Nora at sauna with Seung-hyun and Soon-nam, chatting happily. Loving them three together!
TwAgn Ep11-43
But, still, Nora avoids answering about her personal life, naww. Just then, Seung-hyun receives a call from Nora. Oohh, yeah!
TwAgn Ep11-40
When Seung-hyun asks Nora what Hyun-suk was like in high school, she says she can’t remember and out pop Hyun-suk’s voice, “Do you have dementia?” Woohoo, Hyun-suk is there as well! And Soon-nam has to go off.
TwAgn Ep11-45 TwAgn Ep11-44
Hyun-suk tries to convince Nora to go home and that he will stay here with Seung-hyun. Know what Nora says? “Why would I trust you? And leave that young, pretty girl here alone?” Hyun-suk gapes. HAHAH. He says that Seung-hyun is his student but Nora counters that he is a man.
TwAgn Ep11-42 TwAgn Ep11-41
Meanwhile at home, Min-soo hears someone coming home and thinks it’s Mom, asking why she came home when she said she will stay at a friend’s house. Dad asks why he didn’t tell him earlier and Min-soo asks if he ever been curious about what Mom was up to. Good!
TwAgn Ep11-46
Nora ends up staying with Seung-hyun, having fallen asleep with Hyun-suk watching them before heading to sleep as well Aw, doesn’t it look like a family? xD
TwAgn Ep11-48 TwAgn Ep11-49
Seung-hyun wakes up sleepily to go to toilet. While sleeping, Nora get closer to Hyun-suk, looking for pillow and blanket. She opens her eyes to see Hyun-suk right in front of her. Her eyes widen as she feels something differently – her heart starts to pound. Oohhhh, are we finally getting there?

To be honest, I’d prefer them to be best high school friends, going back and forth at each other. At the same time, if I wanted that and Nora to be divorced from Woo-chul, I wonder who is going to be with her for lifetime? So, I am rooting for Hyun-suk and Nora to be romantically together. 😛 But, then, there is Min-soo. He is bit matured now and I hope Hye-mi does as well. He will learn from his mother mostly – to live what is best for him and not to regret like his mother who had thrown away her youth to bring Min-soo up. He definitely knows that it’s not entirely his mother’s fault for being that way and that his father is partially responsible for that. Woo-chul had made Nora take care of Min-soo whole 20 years all by herself while himself succeed in becoming a professor. What about Nora’s dream? That is where Woo-chul is partially responsible for Nora’s dull life.
TwAgn Ep11-1

I love how Nora is being herself like her teenager self when she is around Hyun-suk and Hyun-suk is being an old lady, grumbling and grumbling no matter what Nora does, just because he has feelings for her. He grumbles to hide his feelings, haha. Oh, so grumpy. I am so glad that Nora is finally feeling something towards Hyun-suk as she is always oblivious about why Hyun-suk acts that way. I hope she realises his feelings soon!
TwAgn Ep11-50


2 thoughts on “Twenty Again – Episode 11 Review

  1. I never felt frustrated with Nora. in fact, the whole drama has been the gradual stepping up of her character and I found myself cheering her for most of the run. Only the romance angle was something where she was oblivious but that’s understandable.


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