D-Day – Episode 3 Review

The real thing has begun as Seoul is shaken. In aftermath, there are more patients from the natural disaster – earthquake – and Hye-sung struggles with the lives of patients due to limited medical stuffs and equipments.

DDay Ep3-1
Before the earthquake strikes, we see people going about their lives as usual. Chief Kang driving her son to meet Assemblyman Gu who is in meeting and reprimanding the members.
DDay Ep3-2 DDay Ep3-3
Continuing from previous episode, the world, I mean Seoul shakes, scaring the people who are running for their lives. The hospitals, the conference rooms, the buildings and overhead bridges – everything drop off balance and pieces start to collapse. It looks totally crazy as it looks damn realistic.
DDay Ep3-5 DDay Ep3-6
Finally, the earthquake stops. Hye-sung and Ddol-mi get up, all covered in black dust, take in their surroundings are all in messed with overturned cars, roads opened up and everything crashed. How do I even survive is such situation?
DDay Ep3-7
Chief Kang stirs awake by passer-by and finds that her son, Dong-hwa, is gone. She finds his toy instead and we see that he did run out of the car during earthquake to retrieve his toy. She cries out for him, but Dong-hwa is nowhere to be found.
DDay Ep3-8 DDay Ep3-10
There is emergency help which the man seeks for help to help his 8-months pregnant wife out of the car which is going to burst out in flames. Quickly, Hye-sung manages to get her out carefully though her cervical spine might be damaged.
DDay Ep3-9
I get Hye-sung’s pain when he forces himself to turn away from the pregnant woman who is in pain, apologising and telling her husband to go to hospital with obstetrics and gynecology instead and that he doesn’t know gynecology.
DDay Ep3-13 DDay Ep3-11
One hour since the earthquake. Hye-sung and Ddol-mi run back to Han River Mirae Hospital and it is damaged as well. Hye-sung checks the liver patient and I wonder when and how did Jina get there.
DDay Ep3-14 DDay Ep3-12
Thankfully, Hye-sung’s mother is still all well with no injuries despite falling off the bed. I was expected the earthquake to shake his mother awake. xD He hugs her close, aw.
DDay Ep3-15 DDay Ep3-16
They still do not get what happened or why the electricity is cut off. How can?! It’s common sense, though. The nurse, Nurse Kim, finally appears with a wound on her head and is in shock. She tells them that it’s an earthquake. Earthquake in Seoul.
DDay Ep3-17 DDay Ep3-18
Hating Assemblyman for no reason, man. Okay, I don’t know why, but he better hear about Chief Kang and her son soon. He hears that magnitude is 6.5 and that the buildings could withstand 4.0. Is that building he is in one of those? He wonders if he hate the sky or be thankful. Be thankful?! For not getting injured??
DDay Ep3-19
Hye-sung and Co. also hear that it’s magnitude of 6.5 from the radio and they don’t have water nor electricity. Hye-sung tells them that they have to accept the patients who will be coming.
DDay Ep3-20 DDay Ep3-21
The fire fighters are helpless as there is no water to put out the fire. “Firefighters just watching the fire unable to extinguish it. Does this make sense?!” Caption Choi flares up in anger.
DDay Ep3-22
With many patients to prepare for, Nurse Kim wants no part in this and go home to check on her family, but Hye-sung manages to convince her to stay as they need her because she knows the hospital well. I get her, but they have no choice. They would struggle finding what they need or have left without her.
DDay Ep3-24 DDay Ep3-23
Nurse Kim finds every resources they have left. Due to limited resources, Hye-sung tells them that they will not waste their ammo. Which means they will not use for those minimal – those who won’t die without treatment – and worst – those with lowest chance to live – cases.
DDay Ep3-25 DDay Ep3-26
Ddol-mi and Jina get down to work with Hye-sung’s instruction to mark their foreheads. Red for emergency – people whose life can be saved when given treatment. Blue for not life threatening and who needs major surgery – the minimum and worst cases. Black for dead. It’s actually good direction, so that the resources won’t be wasted.
DDay Ep3-27 DDay Ep3-28
Meanwhile at Mirae Hospital who seems to have survived the earthquake, they close their doors with many people banging on their doors. ER has also closed down. How can?! Gosh. If only there was a doctor like Hye-sung in that hospital as well or if he hadn’t been kicked out.
DDay Ep3-29 DDay Ep3-30
Back at rundown hospital, Ddol-mi marks a young man’s mother black which the son knows what it means and rages, saying that she is still breathing and can be saved. He even throws Ddol-mi down. But, Ddol-mi gets to tell him straight that she too want to save her but they don’t have medicine, blood or microscope for the surgery. She even tells the son to hit him if it will being his mother back alive. Woah, that gets to his head and the son cries for his mother.
DDay Ep3-33
Due to destruction, the man with his pregnant wife comes to their hospital instead, and this time round, Hye-sung takes them in. The four have never delivered a baby, but Hye-sung says it will all be well. Yes, it will. Then, the husband tells them there are twins, which make them gasp, haha.
DDay Ep3-37 DDay Ep3-38
Meanwhile in the subway, Mr Kang luckily knows the subway well and directs the passenger out of the subway into underground. Thank goodness that the underground is firm and able to withstand the shake. There are a group of deaf children and there is a kind stranger helping them out, aw.
DDay Ep3-35 DDay Ep3-36
Hye-sung and Co. successfully delivered the babies, though one of them is not crying. As they do not have suction, Hye-sung uses his mouth to suck the fluid out of the baby so that he can breathe. Whew!
DDay Ep3-39
Hye-sung even comes up with using styrofoam boxes and hot packs as incubators for the babies.
DDay Ep3-40 DDay Ep3-41
Knowing that the building will collapse, Hye-sung carries his mother on his back and tells the patients to leave the unsafe hospital, but one of them laughs if off. Bam, a ceiling light drops. LOL, you don’t laugh.
DDay Ep3-43 DDay Ep3-44
They plan to go to the boat as the new father suggested as he knows how to operate. They walk through destructed street till they see sinkhole. That’s a big one, wow.
DDay Ep3-45 DDay Ep3-46
Halfway through, two old men give up walking and run back to the hospital despite the warnings from Jina and Ddol-mi.
DDay Ep3-47 DDay Ep3-48
Hye-sung chases after them, but when the old men go inside the hospital, the building starts to crack and bam, it’s collapsing as Hye-sung runs into it. Wait, did he really run inside?
DDay Ep3-49
Jina and Ddol-mi hears the sound of collapsing building and see it from afar. And how can the old men be so dumb. Yes, I know they’re desperate, but still.

The CGI effects have really been done so well that it’s believable. The earthquake, the destructions, the explosions and all. How do they even? I bet they have put a lot of money into this production and I hope more viewers will watch this drama, not only because it’s first ever genre, but it’s also because it gives us insights on how earthquake is like in real life. How people deal with the aftermath. How medics deal with the patients (well, probably like how Hye-sung did, if there are limited resources). It also gives us that ‘frightening’ feel which the victims have felt more during and after real earthquakes in real life.
DDay Ep3-51

This episode mostly gives us on how Hye-sung manage to work around the rundown hospital where there is no emergency room or treatments. He makes use of every resources on those patients whose lives can be saved using them. I like how the four of them are working together, with Hye-sung leading and ordering them. It’s amazing how the building manage to hold still while they work on treating patients. Especially the part about delivering the baby, I mean babies. All of them have never delivered a baby, but Hye-sung still tell them to do it anyway and he will try his best. Hah, it definitely makes him look like a crazy person but of course he can’t just simply ignore them who have come to them for help in the end. Gladly, it has gone well, especially when Hye-sung uses his mouth as suction for suck the fluid which blocks the baby’s breathing. Priority is everything in here. And it’s to save lives. That’s Hye-sung.
DDay Ep3-52


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