Sassy, Go Go – Episode 1 Review

This is good! I am already loving it! Especially there is Jung Eun Ji whom I loved in Reply 1997. I am really so glad for her to be taking on the lead for this drama, rather than Kim Yoo Jung (who would most likely be compared to Kim So Hyun in Who Are You: School 2015). Sassy, Go Go is also known as Cheer Up! and consists of 12 episodes.

SGG Ep1-7
Its premiere gives off a good start as Kang Yeon-doo (played by APink’s Jung Eun Ji) shows off her sassiness. But she is not that smart in her studies as she is placed 196th (out of 200) in her school, Sevit High School. LOL.
SGG Ep1-8 SGG Ep1-10
She is known to love dancing and, of course, she is good at it. Speaking of, she is in dance club called “Real King” where the bottom placed students are in as well. Which is the reason why their club room is not given electricity.
SGG Ep1-12 SGG Ep1-11
They manage to steal electricity from next door which the club is called “Baek Ho”, a cheerleading club in name only. Note: IN NAME. Yes, it means they are always study and the prestigious ones. The first placed student is Kim Yeol (played by Lee Won Geun) and oh gosh, he is charming! 😛
SGG Ep1-13 SGG Ep1-14
The two clubs are totally enemies and opposite. Yeon-doo confronts Yeol for cutting off their electricity, so they get into fight. Look at how Yeol raises both of his hands as if saying “I am not doing anything” while Yeon-doo gets her hair stuck in his name tag. Haha.
SGG Ep1-19 SGG Ep1-20
I am already loving the chemistry between Yeon-doo and Yeol as she accidentally falls on top of him, when she tries to make peace with him.
SGG Ep1-62 SGG Ep1-22
However, the sight of them together is photographed and sent to the teachers to be reported. Hah, I totally love how these two teachers are different yet so funny. They can look even hilariously fierce.
SGG Ep1-16 SGG Ep1-17
I bet this is disciplinary master, or more like school principal’s right-hand man, Teacher Im Soo-yong (played by In Gyo Jin). When he finds out that Real King broke the bicycle generator, the most expensive thing in school (hah), he gives them five penalty points.
SGG Ep1-18 SGG Ep1-27
This is Teacher Yang Tae-bum (played by Kim Ji Suk) and he seems to be more to students’ side as he is often seen saving students’ asses from Teacher Im. The photo was sent to him initially, but he sent the photo to Teacher Im who reported it. He even paste Yeon-doo’s poster back up, heh.
SGG Ep1-23 SGG Ep1-24
Yeol has the best grades in school and a powerful father so he is given considerations by the school principal regarding the “kissing” photo issue. Oh damn, Prinicpal Choi Kyung-ran (played by Park Hae Mi) seems to care about the best students and school’s status. Ugh.
SGG Ep1-61
Despite having a father who is powerful, Yeol doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with his father as he ignored his call earlier on.
SGG Ep1-25 SGG Ep1-26
Yeon-doo who has no one to back her, of course will be punished for “inappropriate behaviour”. Her club is being abolished and it’s no use for her to beg Principal Choi to give them a chance.
SGG Ep1-28
Oh yes, the culprit for the photo? It’s revealed to be Kwon Soo-ah (played by Chae Soo Bin) and I am already hating her. Her mother seems to be very strict, is familiar with Principal Choi and even gives her cash. Bribe, probably?
SGG Ep1-33 SGG Ep1-34
Her tutor, Director Lee (played by Kil Hae Yeon), even showed her the best students’ profiles and told her whom to get close with and that she should beat Yeol in academics. Gosh.
SGG Ep1-31 SGG Ep1-32
She even fakes herself in front of Yeon-doo who is her roommate. Oh, ugh.
SGG Ep1-39
Let’s not forget to introduce Seo Ha-joon (played by Ji Soo) who is close with Yeol (bromance!) and his father always beat him up physically for not doing well in his studies.
SGG Ep1-36 SGG Ep1-37
I love that Yeon-doo has best friend who followed her to same school. He is Ha Dong-jae (played by VIXX’s Cha Hak Yeon) and a basketballer. From their conversation, he likes basketball a lot even though he is physically disabled. Well, we don’t know what, but let time tell us!
SGG Ep1-35 SGG Ep1-40
Daw, Dong-jae is such a bestie as he helps her with her poster and even stands by her protesting, well more like being there to hold her drink, hah. But, still. He is the only one who is always there for Yeon-doo.
SGG Ep1-41 SGG Ep1-42
I am so glad that it doesn’t take long before Yeon-doo finds out that Soo-ah was the one who reported the photo and finally seeing her true self. Soo-ah: “Do friends exist in this school?”
SGG Ep1-43 SGG Ep1-44
It means that she will be alone for her music project and she tears up while singing verses on her own. Finally, she can’t take it anymore, and confronts Soo-ah and asks Yeol to confirm if they really kissed or not. I wonder why Yeol doesn’t even try to confirm that they didn’t really kiss.
SGG Ep1-47 SGG Ep1-48
Yeon-doo must be really hurt as the person whom she thought to be friends, betrayed her. Gosh, so evil Soo-ah. She declares that she will be quitting school and leaves right away with her luggage.
SGG Ep1-60
As a true bestie and knowing that Soo-ah has done something bad to his best friend, Dong-jae spills milk over Soo-ah and says that he done that on purpose. Well done, Dong-jae!
SGG Ep1-56
At her home, Yeon-doo cries her heart out, saying that the food is salty which makes her mother puzzled. I like how her mother is different from those oh-so-classy and rich mothers.
SGG Ep1-50 SGG Ep1-51
Oh, Dong-jae lives next to Yeon-doo and he actually leaves school for her! Daw, they are really true besties! Dong-jae tells her that she has many penalty points and another news which we didn’t get to hear.
SGG Ep1-58 SGG Ep1-63
I guess that’s what make her return to school next day (with luggage) and even applies to join Baek-ho, saying that she will take over it. Oh, I love sassy Yeon-doo! 😛 And I can’t to see what she is going to do in Baek Ho.

This is really gooooood! It feels promising and is already captivating me, though it might be too early to say this. One thing, I like how there isn’t bullying, especially in the first episode unlike other high school dramas like School 2013 and Who Are You: School 2015. The thing I am upset about is that the premiere of Sassy, Go Go only achieved 2.2% for its viewership ratings in Korea. The Koreans, especially ahjummas, are missing out on an adorable fun drama! If this drama continues this way, it’s going to be another little gem like I Remember You. With ratings like this, I really hope that the writer would not try to change the story’s direction just because of their greed for higher viewership ratings.
SGG Ep1-54

Putting the low ratings aside, let’s focus on the plot and the casts. I have to say that the way each of our characters act are strong, especially Jung Eun Ji’s. And there is Lee Won Geun, whom I fell hard for in Phantom as a hacker (he was a cameo), who is irresistibly charming. 😛 He is quite a good match with Jung Eun Ji! Okay, let’s get to their characters Kim Yeol and Kang Yeon-doo. I wonder if Yeol is really teasing Yeon-doo for fun and why he is not telling the truth about the kiss. I have to say he is such a bastard for being that way towards Yeon-doo. 😛 But at least, he helps her by suggesting to her to put up a poster. What is his intention, truly? Hope I am not the one who suspect his intention. xD Maybe there is a reason. We all know the antagonist Kwon Soo-ah’s intention which is due to the pressure from her mother. Or it could be that she is learned to be like that. There is one thing I noticed about – We see the father whom Yeol ignores a call from, and that father is close with Yeon-doo’s mother. That’s what I am curious about – is Yeon-doo’s mother really involved with Yeol’s father?
SGG Ep1-64


12 thoughts on “Sassy, Go Go – Episode 1 Review

  1. Kim Yeol is such an a$$hole-seeming, well he is an a$$, but i think he’s too soft on the inside. I am really curious about his relationship with his father and why he ignores him, but also what makes him behave like that and being so arrogant. The electricity between him and Eun Ji is already there! 😀 I can say i ship them, but i also ship her with N too lol even though it’s a condemned ship! XD Let’s home that Sassy Go Go’s ratings will get better and they’ll punish these makjang ahjummas! XD

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