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Episodes aired: 12 of 16 episodes (as of 3rd October)

Sometimes, a show can be addicting without you knowing while watching. You just want to see what is going to happen if it isn’t going your way. Well, that’s at least how I feel while watching Twenty Again.

TwAgn Ep6-42
How can someone in her 40 be looking so youthful, cute and pretty?! Choi Ji Woo plays Ha Nora, a housewife who has been taking care of her son since she was 18 years old. Because she didn’t get a chance to go to college, all thanks to a bastard, during her younger days or enjoy any and her son is now 20 years old, she studied very hard secretly.
TwAgn Ep1-40 TwAgn Ep9-49
And so, she gets accepted into Woocheon University despite her age (well, of course). Woocheon University is also where her son also get accepted into and her husband working at as psychology professor. The thing about this drama is seeing Nora learn and grow into someone different – and bringing out her true teenager self – which is great.
TwAgn Ep2-38
Not only her family is in the same school as her, Nora’s high school friend is also a professor – theatre professor, to be exact – teaching in the same school. He is Cha Hyun-suk (played by Lee Sang Yoon) and I never thought he could be cute! And, oh, his dimples! Okay, Hyun-suk is always grumpy in this show, though. It is because Nora was his first love back in high school. They used to be close, together with Nora’s best friend.
TwAgn Ep7-42
The reason for his grumpiness? Well, you will know why when you watch Twenty Again! 😀 And, he can be quite petty and childish.
TwAgn Ep10-45 TwAgn Ep6-43
Choi Won Young is probably the only actor whom I am familiar with in this drama as I have seen him last in I Remember You. He plays Nora’s husband, Kim Woo-chul. How can a creepy psychopath look like an idiot! Haha xD There is one thing I forgot to mention – Nora and Woo-chul are to be divorced. Not sure if it’s a spoiler, haha. His reactions, especially his facial expressions, are always hilarious. Like Hyun-suk, he can be childish. Well, almost every adult can be petty and childish, hah.
TwAgn Ep9-48 TwAgn Ep11-52
Kim Min Jae plays Nora’s son, Kim Min-soo. Am I only the one who thinks he looks like Yeo Jin Goo? 😛 Anyway, even though he is in childish relationship with Oh Hye-mi (played by Son Na Eun), he still focus on his studies because of his father. Both father and son are actually against Nora going to the same as them.

TwAgn Ep6-44
Why you should watch Twenty Again
– The cuteness from adults!
– Ha Nora becoming better
– It’s just addictive
– Cha Hyun-suk’s childishness, heh
– It’s exciting
– Especially the relationship between people like it’s a small world
– Comedy!

Well, just watch Twenty Again, hah! It’s very light and comedic. I can’t wait to see the progressing relationship between Nora and Hyun-suk. I wish that Nora and Woo-chul would just quickly divorce. But there is their son, Min-soo. I wonder how Min-soo is going to live on his own or whom he is going to choose to live with. I hope that Min-soo will live with his mother. Not with that cheater Woo-chul. As always, it will make us want to watch more.
TwAgn Ep7-43


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