Sassy, Go Go – Episode 2 Review

High school dramas are not dramas without students having problems and their parent’s involvements. We are beginning to see each of students’ problems which are making us curious as to what are their stories. And some of the problems/intentions lead to another.

SGG Ep2-16
Totally loving Yeon-doo’s mother as she yells at Teacher Im to get his hands off Yeon-doo who caused disturbance at Baek Ho.
SGG Ep2-17 SGG Ep2-18
She demands the transfer papers and criticizes the school’s treatment, only to be told by her daughter that she is not transferring at all. Heh. Later on, Mom feels ashamed for exploding and her hand shakes as it doesn’t seem like her.
SGG Ep2-19
Mom is different from other mothers as she loves her daughter a lot that she even allow her to dance. Of course, she would not stand it if her daughter is ostracized or in pain alone.
SGG Ep2-84 SGG Ep2-83
SGG Ep2-24
As Yeon-doo gets punished by Teacher Im (he is hilarious xD), Real King members, one by one, start to support Yeon-doo and help out in her punishments, even though Yeon-doo is the one who got them into trouble. Aww.
SGG Ep2-26 SGG Ep2-27
Teacher Im catches them playing with water and starts to chase after Yeon-doo who runs into and falls on top of Yeol who walks pass by earlier with Ha-joon. Again. But this time, she quickly get off before Yeol counts.
SGG Ep2-33 SGG Ep2-29
Looks like Yeol is becoming curious about Yeon-doo as he looks at strawberry milk, which Yeon-doo and Dong-jae often drink, cutely like a little boy. Look at his eyes full of curiosity!
SGG Ep2-32
I love how they make a scene into a cartoon and animate it. This one is so cute, with strawberries, hehe! 😛 And oh, I want that strawberry milk as well, please.
SGG Ep2-34 SGG Ep2-35
As Yeon-doo told Soo-ah to clean the room earlier, Soo-ah actually put Yeon-doo’s stuffs in washing machine, which angers Yeon-doo, and asks “Isn’t the objective of cleaning is to clean dirty things?” Wow, claps for ya. Yeon-doo holds it together and tries to get the girls’ stuffs to do the same.
SGG Ep2-38
And come bursting in Real King members, yay! They help Yeon-doo by taking the girls’ things and throws them into the washing machine. Now the meanie girls should know the taste, right?
SGG Ep2-39 SGG Ep2-40
More punishments for Real King members as Teacher Im asks them to decide which – Running, writing an apology or cleaning the gym. They discuss as if planning for real (“Want to go run? The weather is nice today.”) which makes Teach yell at them, asking if they are planning a date or something. I know, right? Hahah, love it! xD
SGG Ep2-53 SGG Ep2-43
Real King and Baek Ho are called to the club room the next day. The two clubs will have to compete in cheerleading competition for real which is unbelievable and impossible for everyone. Principal Choi even throws bait at Yeon-doo as she tells her that she will revive Real King club if they win the competition.
SGG Ep2-45 SGG Ep2-44
Of course, Yeon-doo would do anything to revive their club. Just when she almost say yes after thinking, Yeol cuts in and asks if they don’t really get what’s happening here.
SGG Ep2-47 SGG Ep2-48
Yay for Yeol exposing the real motive of forming cheerleading team. He is right about everything – they plan to use Real King for cheerleading since they are dancers, for Soo-ah’s (who will just ride along) benefit for her admission to Ivy League. All these just for Soo-ah’s admission, oh gawd.
SGG Ep2-49 SGG Ep2-50
Soo-ah is also another who mostly cares about status and social class. When Yeon-doo demands apology from Soo-ah, Soo-ah asks why she should apologise and tells Yeon-doo that they are of different classes. That Yeon-doo wouldn’t even dare to look at her outside of school and she should watch her language around her. This shows that she is full of herself.
SGG Ep2-51 SGG Ep2-52
However, when alone, she shows her inferiority complex as she yells into her phone at Director Lee to do discreet job. When her mother calls, she changes her mood and becomes obedient which also shows how she has always been all about her mother’s satisfactory, with no lead on her own.
SGG Ep2-54 SGG Ep2-55
We get to hear bit about the relationship between Yeol and his father as Yeol’s father tells Yeon-doo’s mother that Yeol goes to Sevit High School in order not to live with him. And it seems like that Yeon-doo’s mother doesn’t know who his son is.
SGG Ep2-56 SGG Ep2-57
Dong-jae seems to have something going on within himself as he finds Ha-joon bleeding on the bathroom floor. He couldn’t bring himself to carry Ha-joon and that’s when Yeol rushes in to bring Ha-joon to the hospital.
SGG Ep2-58 SGG Ep2-62
SGG Ep2-60 SGG Ep2-59
Yeol reprimands Ha-joon for doing it again and that he would kill him if he did it again. I like how Yeol cares a lot for Ha-joon, as he had been there for him the other time, and that Ha-joon trusts him. Oh, the bromance~
SGG Ep2-61 SGG Ep2-63
Yeon-doo is at hospital as well, having sprained her ankle from dancing at Dance Festival (where they won Popularity Award). She comes across Yeol who tells her to pretend that she never see them as he doesn’t want the school to know about Ha-joon.
SGG Ep2-65 SGG Ep2-64
As they leave, Yeon-doo sees and manages to get herself and the boys to hide from Teacher Yang who is trying to talk medical insurance and get discount, LOL.
SGG Ep2-67 SGG Ep2-66
While hiding, Yeon-doo won’t stop talking even in the corner when Teacher Yang nears them that he has to cover her mouth with his hand.
SGG Ep2-68
Oh my, the chemistry!!(!!) They look so good being so close together. Yeon-doo just stays still while Yeol appears to be enjoying the closeness, commenting, “You’re not so bad once you keep your mouth shut.” Is he thinking what I am thinking what he might be thinking?
SGG Ep2-69
Teacher Yang eventually finds out about Ha-joon’s condition and Ha-joon begs him not to tell his father and Principal Choi as he might get sent to a mental hospital by his father.
SGG Ep2-72 SGG Ep2-73
However, Principal Choi has already know about this because of Soo-ah who found the blood-stained towel. It’s in Principal Choi’s favour, as well as Soo-ah’s, as she tells Yeol that she will keep it a secret if he joins the cheerleading team. Well, it’s more like threatening.
SGG Ep2-75 SGG Ep2-74
I knew that there’s something up with these two. Yeon-doo is betrayed again as she finds those two following Soo-ah into a room where Soo-ah explains about cheerleading.
SGG Ep2-77
Yeon-doo tells Dong-jae about the betrayal as they look at the sky where they can’t see the stars, both having their own problems. Now, I am actually more curious about Dong-jae’s health condition. Maybe a trauma?
SGG Ep2-4 SGG Ep2-76
Meanwhile, another pair of besties eat ramen and laugh together. (Those eye smiles!!) Daw, it’s nice to see them together like this, especially how Ha-joon smiles when around Yeol, seeing how he is always grumpy and angry.
SGG Ep2-79 SGG Ep2-80
Yeol approaches Yeon-doo the next day to join cheerleading team which she rejects, saying she doesn’t face the one who goes back on his words and that she will never do anything related to Kwon Soo-ah. Lastly, she will not do cheerleading with him.
SGG Ep2-81

From that night scene with two pairs of best friends, at the end of the day, it’s what true friendship matters the most, the friend who will always be at side like how Yeon-doo with Dong-jae and Yeol with Ha-joon. Yes, there may be backstabbers, in Yeon-doo’s case, there is always at least one friend, a true one. She will learn who fake and real ones are. She will learn the lessons from the two betrayals that some people can be two-faced5 and not all are considering her a friend, like how those two dancers left Real King to be under Soo-ah. It may hurt her, but it will make her stronger. This is why she such a sassy one. 😀
SGG Ep2-78

Meanwhile, in Ha-joon’s case, Yeol is there to share his pain and keep him and his head together. Yeol is one who stays true to his friend and even protects Ha-joon, knowing that he wants his to secret to kept and Yeol fulfils it. Now he is even trying to form cheerleading team to protect his friend and this shows much he is very worth of trusting and wants to help his friend. He also has his own issue with his father but he puts Ha-joon’s problem first. As for Ha-joon, he must have been hurt by his father a lot physically and emotionally. Even to the extent of slitting his own wrist in order to cope with the pain of strong emotions (such as stress) and his bad relationship with his father. (I remember that Yeol mentions something about conference, so I guess Ha-joon’s parent(s) must have been there.)
SGG Ep2-82


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