Twenty Again – Episode 12 Review

It’s a lot for Nora to take in as she finds herself in tough situation with Hyun-suk and looking at him differently now. She still come on strong but now she is stronger, even in her words.

TwAgn Ep12-2
Nora panics when Hyun-suk slings his arm over her while sleeping and quickly slides out of his arm. Naww. Too bad Hyun-suk doesn’t get to see Nora like that before she quickly rushes home.
TwAgn Ep12-3 TwAgn Ep12-4
Even Seung-hyun ships Professor Hyun-suk and Nora together, telling him that they look good together! But, Hyun-suk tells her that they are just friends.
TwAgn Ep12-6 TwAgn Ep12-5
It’s Nora’s turn to feel awkward and run away from Hyun-suk, hah. Feeling something, huh? 😀
TwAgn Ep12-7 TwAgn Ep12-8
I almost forgot that Hyun-suk doesn’t know about Nora and Woo-chul getting divorce and Yi-jin has to tell him that they have already agreed to divorce few years ago which is news to him (but finally!). But damn, Yi-jin is telling him her own side version of story – Nora going to college to hold onto her husband.
TwAgn Ep12-9 TwAgn Ep12-10
Nora finally finds out from Sang-ye about her grandma’s shop which Hyun-suk hasn’t been to tell. Same goes for Yoong-young who joins her at the shop with Dong-chul who tells them everything.
TwAgn Ep12-11 TwAgn Ep12-12
Turns out that both Hyun-suk and Dong-chul found the secret recipe while cleaning up back then and Hyun-suk had claimed the ownership of the shop since then, passing the recipe down to Dong-chul.
TwAgn Ep12-13 TwAgn Ep12-14
Nora realises that Hyun-suk protected her grandmother’s shop and tears up tasting the same spicy rice cake. Dong-chul calls Hyun-suk about it and Hyun-suk even tells to close the shop and let Nora cry, LOL. When asked if he is Nora’s husband or father, he asnwers: “I’m her oppa!” Aww, haha.
TwAgn Ep12-15 TwAgn Ep12-16
Nora returns to the office and Hyun-suk says to go out for a meeting which is at camping grounds. Hyun-suk tells her to read stuff while he cooks. Nora watches her like how we would watch him and notes, “Right, he always had those dimples.” Did you only notice that now? But, yes, he is cute, right!
TwAgn Ep12-17 TwAgn Ep12-18
After the spread dinner, just when I thought he cheats to let himself win (because the loser will have to wash the dishes), I didn’t expect that Hyun-suk cheats to let Nora win Go Stop games. Daww.
TwAgn Ep12-19 TwAgn Ep12-20
As Nora feels very grateful towards Hyun-suk about her grandmother and her shop, Hyun-suk tells her to say, “Thank you, oppa.” Hah, whut. He claims that he is taller and bigger than her, and that his birthday is earlier then hers. Aww, hehe. So, Nora says, “Alright… oppa”.
TwAgn Ep12-21
Min-soo finds out that his mother is working at a convenience store and confronts his father about it. Woo-chul also didn’t know about it and goes to look for her. Poor boss who often get surprise by Nora’s visitors, LOL. Woo-chul is like, “Why is Kim Woo Chul’s wife here being mistreated? You’re Professor Kim Woo Chul’s wife!” Oh gosh, really? Oh gawd.
TwAgn Ep12-24
Hahaha, he is definitely making a fool out of himself as he falls to the floor and poses like he is sitting there. LOL, his ego. Thanks to him, Nora gets fired.
TwAgn Ep12-26 TwAgn Ep12-25
I have been wondering why Nora doesn’t know that it Hyun-suk at the show where she saw her husband with another woman. And, finally finally! Her memory of that is triggered when she sees a young couple.
TwAgn Ep12-27 TwAgn Ep12-28
She quickly goes to see Hyun-suk and gets it all wrong. She thinks that he must have laughed at her running away that day and that he was suddenly being a good friend to her just because he felt sorry. He tries to explain but she runs off.
TwAgn Ep12-30
The next day, she calls Sang-ye that she will be quitting and hides away whenever she sees Hyun-suk at school.
TwAgn Ep12-31 TwAgn Ep12-32
That’s only for a while as Hyun-suk manages to track her down like a stalker, hah. He tells her to return to office to help out as there is an audition.
TwAgn Ep12-34 TwAgn Ep12-33
Nora gets away from her to meet someone. Just when he lies down to rest, Min-soo and Hye-mi argue on the way there. Hyun-suk calls them out and counsels them, not knowing that he is talking to his first love’s son, hah. Funny how he counsel them about men and women dating and yet he sucks at his own. LOL.
TwAgn Ep12-35 TwAgn Ep12-36
Yi-jin asks to see Nora about part-time job and keeps asking questions. So busybody. But, oh gosh, I love how calm Nora is when she tells Yi-jin that she can have Kim Woo-chul. She found out! Since the day Yi-jin followed her and that she finds that Yi-jin’s Cousin Oppa’ number is same as Woo-chul’s. Good eyes!
TwAgn Ep12-37 TwAgn Ep12-38
Yi-jin hears that Woo-chul is the one who has been delaying the process of divorce and Nora also hears from her that the family status thing was an excuse. Nora confronts Woo-chul about it and tells him to stop being that way and I love that she says that he has narcissistic personality disorder when Woo-chul is himself a psychology professor, LOL.
TwAgn Ep12-39
Woo-chul also hears from her that she just came back from meeting his woman Yi-jin and wonders how she knows. And he can only think it’s Hyun-suk’s fault and goes to confront innocent Hyun-suk. Oh gawd, can Woo-chul stop thinking it’s Hyun-suk’s fault all the time?
TwAgn Ep12-40 TwAgn Ep12-41
But, later, Woo-chul realises that Hyun-suk doesn’t genuinely know about Nora asking for divorce as he asks, “Divorce papers? Nora asked for a divorce? Is that what you’re saying? When? When?” Heh, does this mean he think he has a chance now?
TwAgn Ep12-42 TwAgn Ep12-43
Nora eventually returns to help out as Hyun-suk pleads with her to help out. After the audition ends, Hyun-suk praises Nora a lot for doing well which makes her wonder why he is like that when it isn’t a big deal. I know, right?
TwAgn Ep12-44
On the way out, Hyun-suk follows Nora out and explains that he never pitied her, not even once. She is a very important person to him, he says, and that he did everything because he wanted to and he likes her (as a friend, most probably).
TwAgn Ep12-45 TwAgn Ep12-46
He passes her the memory box which he says it’s a proof that he didn’t pity her and that she is quite the woman.
TwAgn Ep12-47
Woo-chul stares at the divorce contract and rips it up. Woah, those eyes. Oh no, is he going to try to take Nora back?
TwAgn Ep12-48
When alone, Nora opens the box and sees the mixtape with the songs she used to like and the confession card. As she finishes reading, she hears Hyun-suk’s voice, “Ha Nora, I like you,” and looks up. Is he really there?? Is it finally a confession?? 😀

I like how the truths finally are revealed in this episode. Partially, it’s Nora’s fault for not telling Hyun-suk that she is getting divorce which made Hyun-suk thinks she was trying to hold the marriage. It’s true about what Nora says about Woo-chul – that he has narcissist personality disorder. He would always want things to go his way such as trying to get Nora to transfer to another school and always pushing back the date of processing divorce when he was actually the one who asked for it in the first place. He always asks for more time and plans whatever out himself. Which also makes Yi-jin a victim as he lied to her that Nora was the one who keep clinging onto him. He thinks only about himself and often thinks that it’s for himself when Nora does unusual things – going to college, dancing onstage, preparing lunchbox and dressing up. But, nope, none of them are for him as he thought. That shows how big his ego is and how narcissist he is.

In fact, he is only beginning to “see” Nora now that Hyun-suk is back in her life. Often, it’s Woo-chul who is at fault, but he put blames on Hyun-suk and confronts him. Which ends up in him telling Hyun-suk what he doesn’t know – Nora asking for the divorce. With Woo-chul thinking that Hyun-suk encouraged Nora to get a divorce, again, it shows how full Woo-chul is of himself. He also seems to be afraid of losing Nora or more like wants to “keep” Nora with him, as he often thought Nora was always with Hyun-suk. It’s as if having Nora around as his “wife” and sticking to him, it would boost his ego, not love. But too bad, Nora doesn’t really love him as much as he doesn’t too. He just only care about himself and his ego. In short, he is somehow like player. Meanwhile, Hyun-suk is much better one and suits Nora.
TwAgn Ep12-49


2 thoughts on “Twenty Again – Episode 12 Review

  1. Hyun Suk’s first love is different from WC’s first love, he saw her as she is, unpolished gem, with her strength, her persistent, her will-power, her zeal and devotion to her Dancing…. She is sprinting with life! What’s more she also see what others do not see, she not only see herself, she can see his potential and even encourage him to strive forward, having trust in 20 years’ time, he will fulfilled his dream. The Gem is not just the skill or talent in her he found, but that LIFE within her. But all these LIVELINESS was sucked and drained out from her by that unfortunate teen pregnancy. When she finally realized that what’s between them was not true love but ‘lust’, responsibilities for MinSoo took over, and allowed this husband of 20 years slowly reduced her to mere existing for existence sake.

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