D-Day – Episode 4 Review

Things are getting difficult as time passes during the aftermath of a massive earthquake in the city. Mirae Hospital isn’t doing anything to help the helpless patients, but, hey, at least there is someone who thinks like our hero and wants to save the patients.

DDay Ep4-6
Han River Mirae Hospital collapses as the two old men run into it and it’s too late to save them.
DDay Ep4-5 DDay Ep4-7
Hye-sung, for a moment, forgets about his own words of giving up minimum and worst cases and Ddol-mi has to knock sense into him.
DDay Ep4-9 DDay Ep4-10
Captain Choi and his squad run to where the grandmother begs the firefighters to save her baby. Turns out her baby is the cute little puppy, aww. Captain Choi laughs in disbelief but that at least lights up the mood which has been dampened due to disaster. Though it’s bit ridiculous to them, saving the puppy means a lot to the grandmother.
DDay Ep4-11 DDay Ep4-12
Hye-sung and the rest of those who managed to live, get on board the ship and the twins’ father can’t revive the engine and start it. When he is about to give up, Hye-sung tells him to try again. And, yes, the engine is revived!
DDay Ep4-14 DDay Ep4-13
While wandering around, Ddol-mi finds boxes of drinks and passes them around which lifts their spirits.
DDay Ep4-2 DDay Ep4-15
She finds Hye-sung to hand him a can but he is looking at something which prompts her to look as well. Ddol-mi’s eyes widen as she sees what Hye-sung has been staring at – broken bridge with a vehicle on the edge of it. What a sight.
DDay Ep4-18
At Mirae Hospital where they are still closing off the patients from outside, Doctor Yoo Myung-hyun (played by Go Kyu Pil) is approached by a man for help for his pregnant wife. Unlike Hye-sung, Doctor Yoo rejects them, saying that they don’t have obstetrics and gynaecology department and walks away which earns him a punch from the man.
DDay Ep4-19 DDay Ep4-20
Is it too early or wrong time to ship these two together? Hahah. xD Intern Ahn gets tasked to get more bedding while So-yul gets the dressing as she has nothing much to do as psychiatric.
DDay Ep4-24 DDay Ep4-23
As told earlier, the ship’s fuel is low and they have to get off soon after. On land, the twins’ mother isn’t doing well and Hye-sung orders more drips. However, Nurse Kim holds an empty IV bag which means they have run out of it.
DDay Ep4-22
This sends Hye-sung into hell-breaks-loose mode as he vents out his frustration by stomping on nearby trash can and yells, “What do we actually have then?!” He asks the sky, “What do you want me to do? You left us with nothing, oh? These people, do you want to see them die in the street? Right?!” Pressure from the patients and having nothing left must have been heavy load on him that he snaps.
DDay Ep4-25 DDay Ep4-26
Like how Hye-sung managed to talk to Nurse Kim about trusting her and all, Nurse Kim does the same as she tells him that she – and everyone else – have been following and trusting him. This manages to get to Hye-sung to get back on his feet and lead the way.
DDay Ep4-27 DDay Ep4-28
At the meeting with president, Assemblyman Gu is appointed as new special chief of national safety committee.
DDay Ep4-30 DDay Ep4-29
Hye-sung and the patients have finally reached Mirae Hospital but are told that the hospital has closed down. Director Park hears of this and tells his manager that he will only in take the patient in bed. Ugh, the Minister. The VIP.
DDay Ep4-32 DDay Ep4-31
While Hye-sung and the rest are asked to leave except for VIP, Chief Kang barely arrives at the hospital and despite her exhausted state, she tells the director to open the hospital.
DDay Ep4-33
In private, Chief Kang, using the media and all, says that it’s all for the hospital’s reputation, since Hye-sun’s interview has already tarnished Mirae Hospital’s image for rejecting a patient. Meanwhile, Woo-jin disagrees. So, Director Park decides to do it cautiously – little so that the media won’t talk.
DDay Ep4-36 DDay Ep4-37
They make the patients sign a waiver so that they can avoid lawsuits. Okay, wow. Director Park tells Hye-sung that he needs not sign it as he will not accept any of his patients. So frustrating.
DDay Ep4-39
Meanwhile, Woo-sung thinks that his mother might have died in the collapsed hospital. Oh, I wish he would try any means to contact his hyung as their mother is still alive and well.
DDay Ep4-38 DDay Ep4-40
As Director Park orders Hye-sung’s patients to leave which includes the twins and their mother, Hye-sung is on his knees, begging to allow him to take care of his patients and promising to never go against his will anymore. Chief Kang manages to talk to Director Park into permitting them to stay, telling him that there are many eyes. Well, image.
DDay Ep4-41 DDay Ep4-42
After signing contract to be responsible for his patients, Hye-sung runs into Woo-jin outside and it’s clear that they have bad history. Chief Kang comes on time to stop their bickering from getting intense further.
DDay Ep4-43
Jina finds Hye-sung who almost forgot about his own mother and we are shown the flashback of Hye-sung used to being close with Woo-jin, calling him “hyung”. He had asked Woo-jin (who promised to save Hye-sung’s mother) if nothing went wrong during his mother’s surgery and he answers that he heard the conference, nothing went wrong.
DDay Ep4-44 DDay Ep4-45
Hye-sung asks the twins’ father to look for more fuel for the ship and why do I feel uneasy? Nurse Kim and Ddol-mi are contemplating on how to tell Hye-sung that they want to leave – Nurse Kim worrying about her family and Ddol-mi is unfamiliar with the hospital so she thought she’d be a hindrance.
DDay Ep4-46
Just then, Chief Kang announces through intercom that Mirae is going into emergency state – shutting down power for conservation of electricity except for ORs, ER and ICU. They will have to discharge those who can walk.
DDay Ep4-47 DDay Ep4-49
This, of course, raises protests and angers from the patients who refuse to leave. Hye-sung sees Chief Kang being pushed and steps up firmly to tell the guardians that they are doing this to save the patients who cannot move. Eventually, they calm down.
DDay Ep4-50 DDay Ep4-51
The patients and guardians start to leave the hospital as Chief Kang apologises over the intercom, wishing them well. She continues to explain that they are not throwing them out, but this is the best they can do in the face of an earthquake. She asks for them to understand and that the hospital has to normalize, bowing respectfully to the crowd leaving the hospital.

Chief Kang is whom we exactly need in this situation, unlike Director Park who is all about priority. Knowing the director, Chief Kang has to suck up to him and uses what he wants – the hospital’s reputation to be good, or more like his – to convince him into letting her use her countermeasures – letting the patients go and accepting the critical ones. It’s so that Mirae Hospital won’t get criticize for rejecting patients in this time of crisis, instead it will be known as a hero which Director Park likes the sound of it. As always. At least, Chief Kang has complete control of the hospital now which Hye-sung couldn’t do on his own. However, Director Park is always throwing responsibilities on someone else such as Chief Park and Hye-sung (for his patients). It’s all for his image, ugh. He just likes to take whatever will be good for him and throwing what’s bad for him on others. Besides the director, Woo-jin is also another one. He seems to be scared of getting into trouble, staying away from whatever troubles. If he really had done something wrong during Hye-sung’s mother’s surgery, he must be trying to run away from it and not to repeat such mistake again. And this definitely mirrors my expression whenever I see Director Park and Woo-jin.
DDay Ep4-52


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