D-Day – Episode 5 Review

Past is past. Some friends have changed but some may not have.

DDay Ep5-2
It turns out that Woo-jin had saved Ddol-mi without anaesthesia back then. So, it seems that he was different from but he claims that he did a crazy thing and just got lucky. In present, he doesn’t think that same thing will happen to all the patients now.
DDay Ep5-6
Salute to Chief Kang for doing her job as doctor even though she can’t find her son, Dong-hwa. She believes that he will be alright and come back to the hospital to meet his mother.
DDay Ep5-8 DDay Ep5-7
Mr Kang has finally managed to get the commuters out of the subway underground. Heh, Captain Choi seems to be happy to see Mr Kang alive.
DDay Ep5-10 DDay Ep5-9
All of sudden, the buildings start to collapse around the deaf girl and the kind man rushes to save her, who manages to get away safely, but himself gets hit by the falling rocks.
DDay Ep5-12 DDay Ep5-13
Intern Ahn is having hard time dealing with blood as he seems to be afraid of blood. He even almost puke when Doctor Yoo suggests slicing the patient’s knee off with a saw to Ddol-mi and she has to kick Intern Ahn in his leg.
DDay Ep5-15 DDay Ep5-14
Afterwards, Ddol-mi confronts Intern Ahn, poking her forehead and saying that his doctor license is just a piece of paper. Finally, he can’t take it, when the nurse asks him for blankets, and decides to leave the hospital to go home.
DDay Ep5-16
However, when he goes outside, he finally sees the mess from the disaster – people crying for their loved ones and the collapsed buildings blocking the roads.
DDay Ep5-19 DDay Ep5-18
Captain Choi and his squad brings the injured kind man to the hospital along with the deaf girl who pleads with Hye-sung to save the “oppa” by writing on his hand.
DDay Ep5-23 DDay Ep5-24
DDay Ep5-22
Seeing that the kind patient in such state, Woo-jin marks him black which means to give up on him and leave him to die. However, Hye-sung isn’t going to let that happen and marks the patient red. He tells Ddol-mi to do the surgery, even without blood transfusion, which Woo-jin protests against. Consent? The patient says that he wants to live.
DDay Ep5-27 DDay Ep5-28
Director Park hears about the surgery and tells Hye-sung to stop it but the patient has already signed the consent form. He asks about guardian to which Hye-sung can’t answer. Hye-sung asks if it’s about fee. Yeah, I wonder why the director want to stop when Hye-sung can try the surgery. Hye-sung says he will be the guardian.
DDay Ep5-31
The director cuts him off, telling Hye-sung not to try carry everything as his shoulders are already heavy enough. He has to think about his mother. Ugh, this director.
DDay Ep5-29 DDay Ep5-30
Just then, Intern Ahn comes into the operating room, saying that that he will be the guarantor. The patient knows him, calling out his name. Ah, they were high school classmates. Director Lee gives in and tell them to do the surgery. Hah, he throws his mask again like how he did last time, leaving the room.
DDay Ep5-32
Having asked Captain Choi for help to look for her son, she hears someone similar to her son and rushes to see that the boy is not her son. I wonder where Dong-hwa has gone to. D:
DDay Ep5-35 DDay Ep5-36
Woo-jin asks Director Park why he didn’t stop Hye-sung and the director answers that he went, but after thinking about it, he didn’t have a reason to shop it. I know right? Woo-jin counters that the patient will sue them if anything goes wrong. The director asks him if it’s the hospital or Hye-sung he is worried about. Woo-jin: “It’s the hospital.” I really do wonder why he is so against Hye-sung doing the surgery. Really, for hospital?
DDay Ep5-34 DDay Ep5-33
Woo-jin goes to try to stop the surgery which Hye-sung is doing without blood transfusion for an hour.  Seriously, they are doing the operation and he wants to stop it? Then, he insists doing the difficult operation. Hye-sung doesn’t let him and tells everyone to concentrate. Anyway, the surgery ends and it’s explained that Hye-sung is doing Damage Control.
DDay Ep5-37
Looks like Woo-jin is afraid of something else when Jina tells him that Hye-sung is afraid of the death of a patient. Woo-jin’s vision blurs as Jina leaves. What??
DDay Ep5-38 DDay Ep5-39
Now it’s Ddol-mi’s turn to get crushed and her eyes roll as Intern Ahn explains what he should do perfectly to Hye-sung. It’s as if he is telling and proving Ddol-mi wrong that his doctor license isn’t simply a sheet of paper.
DDay Ep5-40
Hye-sung hands the jelly and cans of coffee to Intern Ahn and tells him to hand them to Ddol-mi as well. He doesn’t like them and looks for garbage can. Well, he finds Ddol-mi (garbage can? Hah) and hands them to her to which she asks if he is really giving them to her. LOL, she must be getting wrong idea. HAHA.
DDay Ep5-41 DDay Ep5-42
Intern Ahn’s friend, Cheol-min, is someone whom he owe a lot. Turns out that Cheol-min had been set up by Intern Ahn’s father when Intern Ahn stole motorcycle. So, Cheol-min had gone to jail in place of him, without his father even helping Cheol-min.
DDay Ep5-44 DDay Ep5-43
Woo-jin finds a book to read about Damage Control. He says to himself that Hye-sung is putting on a show where the medicine and electricity are in danger. Pissed off, he throws the book and a photo slips out. It’s a photo of him with Hye-sung, So-yul, Jina and Chief Kang when they used to be close.
DDay Ep5-45 DDay Ep5-46
I am surprised that Jina is actually Director Park’s daughter. Whut? They are so different and they definitely have different mindset. They are not on good terms as Jina asks if Director Park doesn’t have manners to ask about her mother.
DDay Ep5-47 DDay Ep5-48
Jina walks away and when alone, she flashes back to when they argued about Hye-sung and Woo-jin. Oohh, looks like Director Park had covered up Woo-jin’s mistake during Hye-sung’s mother’s surgery. Jina was definitely not liking the way her father covered it up and how he always cared about the hospital’s image.
DDay Ep5-49
Back in present, Woo-jin finds Jina crying and asks what’s wrong. She says nothing but he tells her to push it out and that they never broke up. She tells him that they can’t go back and is about to leave when Woo-jin pulls her into a hug. She lets him and she almost hugs him back, but just stands in his arms.
DDay Ep5-50
Meanwhile, Assemblyman Gu asks the ministers why they are not doing anything. He tells them that he knows they dislike him, but it’s not what matters now. They can make a fuss after everything. He yells at them that opening the road is their first priority and the first 72 hours is the golden time for the disaster.

Woah, it’s ridiculous that the ministers are not even doing anything or even listening to Assemblyman Gu just because he is a junior. They have to think about the citizens, not who is front of them and giving out orders.

It seems that Woo-jin has changed a lot and not the person whom everyone knew then. Like how Ddol-mi asked him if he was the person she knew then. He had saved her like a crazy person which he probably finds ridiculous now. I wonder if Hye-sung’s mother’s surgery was what changed him. He is now afraid of something. Perhaps his image, lawsuits or losing someone? It’s no wonder why Jina doesn’t want to get back together with him. It’s sad to see their friendship within five of them has fallen apart because of the feud between Woo-jin and Hye-sung.
DDay Ep5-52

We get to know more about Intern Ahn through his friend who had helped the deaf girl. We can tell that his friend Cheol-min is a good guy from the way he helped the girl and how Intern Ahn speaks of him that he owe him a lot. It’s hilarious to see that Ddol-mi scolds him like how Hye-sung used to scold her. But, it’s what makes Intern Ahn stronger, in terms of mentality, that he is now able to concentrate. Besides that, he wants to save his friend so he is now depending on Hye-sung to save him even though he doesn’t like him. He has to endure it all and can’t just simply throws everything because nobody treats him right. Who knows that he might owe Hye-sung who becomes crazy again to save the patient without blood transfusion?
DDay Ep5-53


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