Sassy, Go Go – Episode 3 Review

Attacking one another’s weakness to get what you want is likely the highlight of this episode as we have almost everyone charging at one another just because of the dispute between our favourite and not-really-so-favourite girls. And there our favourite top-of-school guy wanting to protect his friend.

SGG Ep3-1
As Yeon-doo has pride, Yeol decides that she can’t be convinced to join cheerleading for now.
SGG Ep3-2 SGG Ep3-3
Yeol finds out from Soo-ah that two Real King members joined cheerleading because they were almost kicked of dorms.
SGG Ep3-4 SGG Ep3-5
It could mean that the other Real King members are going to be kicked out. During class, Yeol gets an idea and adds punishment points himself, to Teacher Yang’s surprise. “I guess I qualify for a “prize” too. I’ll work hard.” Hah, everyone’s jaws drop.
SGG Ep3-6
Of course, he isn’t doing that for himself as Yeon-doo has been ignoring him. He even rattles on her so as to bring her down as well. Heh, nice one, Yeol!
SGG Ep3-8 SGG Ep3-9
Well, Yeol manages to get themselves alone and believes that he will change Yeon-doo’s mind in two hours. To Yeon-doo’s annoyance, she tells him to do the 1-2-3 steps.
SGG Ep3-7
Soon after, Yeol is able to do the steps properly and in sync with Yeon-doo, singing a song and crushing the cartons. Daw, he looks so cute dancing! Hehe. Now their synchronisation is what annoys Yeon-doo.
SGG Ep3-10 SGG Ep3-11
Hyo-sik, one of Real King members, comes by and Yeon-doo knows that he has been kicked out of his dorm as well as Da-mi, to Yeol’s surprise (that’s what he is planning to use to convince her). She is sorry that she can’t do anything.
SGG Ep3-13
She knows that saying yes to cheerleading would solve everything. However, she her last bit of her own pride and breaks down. She cries for almost an hour and that’s when they have to run back to their dorm before they are locked out.
SGG Ep3-15 SGG Ep3-16
SGG Ep3-17
They are too late and it seems like the boys have been locked out often that Yeol whistles for Ha-joon to drop the rope for Yeol to climb. Yeon-doo doesn’t want to at first, but still climbs into boys’ dorm anyway.
SGG Ep3-20 SGG Ep3-19
Yeon-doo barely manages to hide under blanket with Yeol on his bed, from the Head Resident. It’s hilarious to how Ha-joon lie about Yeol being sick in bed and tries to stop the head from uncovering the blanket. Heh.
SGG Ep3-21 SGG Ep3-22
Looks like Yeol manages to convince Yeon-doo into changing her mind as he “lies” about protecting his friend as we all know he is referring to Ha-joon. “Pride? That seems to be the most important thing to you but for me, that friend is a lot more important,” he tells her.
SGG Ep3-25 SGG Ep3-26
As they have decided the night before, Real King walks into Principal Choi’s office with their heads high up and I love how Yeon-doo speaks to principal about how she threatened the Real King members, not others. Saying that they will join the team, Yeon-doo makes Principal Choi promise to revive their club after they win the regional competition. She even records everything! “Daebak,” Teacher Im says with surprise.
SGG Ep3-27
What I even love is that they even already wrote their apology letters, having known that Principal Choi would ask them to do for barging into her office and misconduct. They bow and leaves together. Heh, way to go, Real King!
SGG Ep3-30 SGG Ep3-28
Just as the problem with Real King settled, another problem arises – Baek Ho’s parents storming into school (they look like a group of ducks swarming, LOL) and complaining to Principal Choi for using their children to help one girl, Kwon Soo-ah.
SGG Ep3-29
I think it’s Teacher Yang who has been reporting school’s misconduct to Education Office as someone captures a photo of parents in Principal Choi’s office.
SGG Ep3-32 SGG Ep3-33
Haha, looks like Yeol’s father wants to propose to Yeon-doo’s mother but things go awry as they see Soo-ah’s mothers with other parents and sneak away. Heh, they are keeping their relationship secret?
SGG Ep3-31
Ugh, so annoying to see that the parents are now trying to suck up to Soo-ah’s mother and Soo-ah’s mother plays along.
SGG Ep3-38 SGG Ep3-37
Looks like Soo-ah has been smoking to relieve her stress but is caught by Dong-jae.
SGG Ep3-40 SGG Ep3-41
Yeol also finds out about Soo-ah’s smoking (or has he known about it?) and pretends to have lost his wallet in class. Teacher Yang asks everyone to open their bags which sends Soo-ah into panic mode as there’s a pack of cigarettes in her bag.
SGG Ep3-43 SGG Ep3-44
Yeon-doo stops everything and after class, Yeol explains to Yeon-doo that he wanted to help her by making Soo-ah do cheerleading. All of sudden, Soo-ah slaps Yeon-doo (like, wth?!), telling her that it’s her answer for her dirty trick to which Yeol protests that it was all his idea.
SGG Ep3-45 SGG Ep3-46
Soo-ah returns to her cigg place and flashbacks to her time with Yeon-doo. Ah, Yeon-doo knows about Soo-ah smoking as her friend had committed suicide. She dwelled on how no one will remember second place as she is, but Yeon-doo comforted her that she is in 196th place.
SGG Ep3-47 SGG Ep3-48
Saying that earned her a smack from her mother from behind, hah. Soo-ah seems to be envious of Yeon-doo’s relationship with her mother.
SGG Ep3-49 SGG Ep3-50
In present, seeing how lively Real King members are, Soo-ah also seems to be envious and want to be like them. However, because of her strict mother, she is brainwashed and pressurise into doing well (and even scolding her for few mistakes) and never to mix with those kids, so that no one would dare to look her in eyes when she graduates.
SGG Ep3-51 SGG Ep3-52
Physical training for cheerleading has started! Looks like Baek Ho has poor stamina as they complain and stagger out of gym room, hah. Meanwhile, Real King are just playing around.
SGG Ep3-53 SGG Ep3-54
Not hearing that it was all Yeol’s idea, Soo-ah decides to hurt Yeon-doo by using Dong-jae’s weakness and bribing his opponents to attack him. However, things get serious as Dong-jae collapse from having his trauma triggered, thanks to Soo-ah. She better feel guilty!
SGG Ep3-55 SGG Ep3-56
Yeol witnesses everything and confronts Soo-ah, asking why she is doing all this to Yeon-doo when she knows very well that Yeon-doo wasn’t the one who give the cigarette to Yeol. I guess Soo-ah is kind of paranoid about Yeon-doo exposing her secret and being laughed at.
SGG Ep3-57
When she is alone, Soo-ah staggers and sits to see the news of a high schooler’s suicide. Must be her friend, as she opens her gallery to see old photos of herself with a girl named So-young. She asks if she is happy and admits that herself is not happy. She says that she can’t stop even if she is not happy. It seems that she wants happiness but her mother isn’t allowing it. It’s as if she’s been conditioned to doing anything, even wicked ones, to provoke whoever provoked her and get what she wants. She has been suppressing her guilt in front of people and not caring how others feel.
SGG Ep3-58 SGG Ep3-59
And that’s what make Yeon-doo call her “nasty bitch” as Soo-ah doesn’t care about other’s pain and only aims for where it would hurts Yeon-doo the most. At least Yeon-doo is different from Soo-ah when it comes to being mean. Soo-ah is mean to everyone in order not to lose her cool and composure, and to show that she holds higher position than everyone, using her family’s background.
SGG Ep3-61 SGG Ep3-60
Funny how Soo-ah’s mother was the one who hired cheerleading instructor, Nam Jung-ah (played by Lee Mi Do) and even asks what she is doing. Yeah, what did she even do when one of Baek Ho girls slightly injured her wrist? And even the parents make scene. LOL, what a fuss.
SGG Ep3-66
Just then, Mr Joo from Education Office arrives as per someone’s report, making every parents and teachers panic. Woohoo! I like how there are someone at least higher than Principal Choi and Soo-ah’s mother.

Eventually, they will have to do cheerleading, right? Can’t wait for next episode as I see the preview like it will be even better!

Even though he has powerful father and is a top student, I like how Yeol wants everyone to be involved in cheerleading no matter who they are. And how he knows almost everything and everyone’s secret, especially Soo-ah. He knows about Soo-ah smoking and uses it to make her do cheerleading as she doesn’t want to be exposed like how Soo-ah reported Ha-joon’s self-harm to Principal Choi to make Yeol form the cheerleading team so that Ha-joon doesn’t get reported to his father. He even tells Soo-ah to do to him instead of Yeon-doo as it was his doing, not Yeon-doo. He is taking his own responsibility, even for his best friend, unlike Soo-ah.
SGG Ep3-64

Same goes for Yeon-doo as she proves her loyalty by not exposing Soo-ah’s smoking and still keeping it secret after Yeol almost reveals Soo-ah’s cigarettes. She knows about it and her sad story, but she doesn’t use it to provoke or threaten Soo-ah even after they become enemies. Instead, she pities her. For what she has been doing for herself to get best benefits. However, it seems like Soo-ah already step past Yeon-doo’s boundary when she uses Dong-jae’s weakness against her and hurting her as Soo-ah knows that Dong-jae is a very dear friend to Yeon-doo. It’s so cruel of Soo-ah to touch Yeon-doo’s good friends like how Principal Choi even threaten Real King members just to make them join cheerleading team, all for that one girl, Kwon Soo-ah.
SGG Ep3-65


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