Twenty Again – Episode 13 Review

We get to see more of Nora’s past with her husband and more reasons why she wants to divorce now. It may be too late, but she still has long way to pick her old self up again, all thanks to her high school friend.

TwAgn Ep13-2
Hyun-suk is really there as he knows that Nora would be too curious to make it home and open up the box. He is like, “I thought you’d be tossing and turning all night, so I came to you first.” Pfffttt, more like saying yourself.
TwAgn Ep13-3 TwAgn Ep13-4
He tells her that she was his first love. “You really shone, you were so bright. You were so lively and pretty back then, Han Nora,” he continues. Funny how Nora doesn’t seem to remember what she had said to Hyun-suk that made him what he is today, hah.
TwAgn Ep13-5 TwAgn Ep13-6
Nora comes home to find Woo-chul waiting for her. He presents her the torn up divorce contract paper and Nora launches into telling him to shut his mouth and that she can’t endure this any longer. She goes to find her copy of contract but Woo-chul has already taken it and hid it in his office.
TwAgn Ep13-7 TwAgn Ep13-8
But that was his imagination, LOL. Nora tells him to go on about his reasons calmly in reality. He says she can’t simply tell him he has narcissistic personality disorder and dives into explaining. But explaining it only makes it sounds like it’s all about himself and Nora proves it. Second reason is that they can communicate now and he tells her to think what kind of person he was when they first met.
TwAgn Ep13-41 TwAgn Ep13-42
Flashback: The first time when they met, teen Woo-chul had noticed teen Nora’s injuries from dancing onstage. He told her about a movie and it was what led to her to teach him dance.
TwAgn Ep13-9 TwAgn Ep13-10
In present, Nora tells Woo-chul that what she liked then was his back as it was like seeing the back of her late father, like a protector. It was only back then. Another flashback shows that teen Woo-chul lied to her that there were no Korean people in Germany and she even couldn’t contact him when she was in pain.
TwAgn Ep13-11
Nora tells Woo-chul the reason for wanting the divorce – it was Woo-chul who made her lost her former self and become a clueless person. Outside, Min-soo overhears everything and quickly hides in his room quietly.
TwAgn Ep13-13 TwAgn Ep13-12
Haha, like how Yoon-young gets so excited, having discovered that Hyun-suk might like Nora and hears from Nora that she was Hyun-suk’s first love. With that, Yoon-young goes to see Hyun-suk to ask, as if teasing, if he likes Nora to which he doesn’t answer and asks her about Nora’s future plans instead. Yoon-young now knows that he know about the divorce. I hope she will tease him more, though!
TwAgn Ep13-14 TwAgn Ep13-15
Both Woo-chul and Yi-jin are not the way they used to be. Woo-chul even tells Yi-jin that Nora is mistaken about divorce. What? To make matter worse, Woo-chul learns that he actually got the position at the university because of Yi-jin and is infuriated at her for doing such an insulting thing.
TwAgn Ep13-16
Because Yi-jin couldn’t face Nora after their last encounter, her class is cancelled and Nora is enjoys beers at park with Soon-nam and Seung-hyun, like other students would do.
TwAgn Ep13-17 TwAgn Ep13-18
Hyun-suk finds her and grabs her wrist. Even Soon-nam and Seung-hyun get the hint and run off. It’s so cute that Hyun-suk even thanks them, haha. Nora gets it and tells Hyun-suk that she will continue working at his office. Oh yay!
TwAgn Ep13-19 TwAgn Ep13-20
Hyun-suk still keeps old cassette player and plays the cassette tape which he gave Nora, filled with her favourite songs. Together, they listen together. Aw, is it already for you to realise your feelings, Nora?
TwAgn Ep13-21 TwAgn Ep13-22
Hye-mi is still ridiculous and childish as Min-soo gets mad at her for ignoring his calls and texts which Hye-mi purposely left her phone at home. She even talks about how he never share his problems and Min-soo finally decides to share his problems and you can see that Hye-mi lights up. Oh gawd, do you really need to know everything?
TwAgn Ep13-23 TwAgn Ep13-24
Min-soo comes home and sits his parents down, showing them the contract which Woo-chul stole from Nora. Hah, well done! He even tells his father to keep his promise like he did in notarized agreement as he is the one who consider promises to be very important. Min-soo has matured that he tells his parents he will repay them once he gets a job after he graduates.
TwAgn Ep13-25 TwAgn Ep13-26
Having heard from Yoon-young that Nora plans to earn her own tuition and live with Min-soo until his graduation, Hyun-suk starts telling Nora that she has to study for exams and pick a major.
TwAgn Ep13-27 TwAgn Ep13-28
Looks like he just asks her to come over to his office to bring her for nothing. Well, maybe to see him interviewed or just to bring her out to suit shop and “coincidentally” see a sign looking for a part-timer which suits Nora and that’s what Hyun-suk actually called to ask about, LOL. He doesn’t even need a suit!
TwAgn Ep13-29
Speaking of suit, earlier, Nora seems to be down from hearing that Hyun-suk tells the saleperson that Nora is his younger sister who still follows her oppa around even at this age, not girlfriend. Naw.
TwAgn Ep13-30
With plans to transfer to another university, Woo-chul asks Nora for her help which she dresses up and goes to dinner with him to meet his colleague and German professor. At dinner, Nora just keeps quiet about being hidden away and her real age as his colleague thinks they are of same age. Even Woo-chul’s German professor thinks that his wife never once came to Germany.
TwAgn Ep13-31 TwAgn Ep13-32
During the dinner, they talk about year 2000 and it reminds Nora the date of her grandmother’s passing. She now finds out that Woo-chul had lied about that there were no direct flights to Korea. Teen Woo-chul said it would be too late but teen Nora insisted that she had to go to her grandmother. He even left her and their son to go to a conference as it meant a professor job in Korea. Oh, wow.
TwAgn Ep13-33 TwAgn Ep13-34
Back in present, she fumes, looking over at Woo-chul, and gets up abruptly to leave. Woo-chul chases after her only to be slapped by her twice. She reminds him about April 2000 – when her grandmother passed away. She angrily tells him with tears, “Your career was more important than a person who was like my mother and father.” I know right! Woo-chul has nothing to say and Nora leaves.
TwAgn Ep13-35 TwAgn Ep13-36
She runs to her granmother’s new shop and cries for her grandma, apologising. Oh, cries. After calming down, she thinks about her happy times with her grandma.
TwAgn Ep13-37
The next morning, Nora is seen walking away from Woo-chul in front of courthouse. Behind, Woo-chul looks at Nora’s back and softly says, “I’m sorry.” Oh wait, courthouse? Have they finally finalise their divorce?!

Really?? I thought they were going to drag out, but yeshh! I mean I thought I was gonna have to wait one or two episodes to see them finalise divorce as I didn’t expect them to do it after Nora finds out how much career meant a lot to Woo-chul than her grandmother who was like a father and mother to her. It was cruel. Yes, I know that career is important as it could mean changing your future life, but think of your spouse’s loved ones too. Not going means not being to see her/him/them ever again. There are always chances for better career plans, but not for seeing loved one(s) for the last time. Besides all that, Woo-chul was even embarrassed to the extent of keeping Nora hidden for years while in Germany, like what? He doesn’t even want her to socialise outside nor let her befriend anyone, even Koreans, in a foreign country. This shows how he only thinks for himself and how he only loved himself. It has always been no one else but himself. Even while with Yi-jin, he only cares about himself.
TwAgn Ep13-40

Now that she may be finally divorced with Woo-chul, I hope that Nora will realises more about herself. Her jealousy could even be seen when Sang-ye helps Hyun-suk! Why doesn’t she think that Hyun-suk might even still likes her now, even though she is a mother? All that aside, the thing about her son Min-soo, I can’t wait for Nora’s relationship with Min-soo to be revealed to Hye-mi, Soon-nam and Seung-hyun. I mean, I’d expect them to be cool about it and even become closer than before! Like hanging out and such, though it might be awkward. Okay, it’s just me. Also, I can’t wait for Min-soo to be introduced as Nora’s son to Hyun-suk. Hah, is it too early for me to wish for this? First thing first, I wonder if Nora and Hyun-suk would really get together romantically because they are now grown adults. But, ya, in drama, anything is possible, haha.
TwAgn Ep13-38


3 thoughts on “Twenty Again – Episode 13 Review

  1. I think it will happen, Min-Soo will be introduced to Hyun-Suk but I don’t really know how both will react to each other. Haha I hope No-Ra and Hyun-Suk dooo get together, and yes anything is indeed possible in dramas, but that would be more realistic if there if it happened like “6 months / a year later” in the last episode or something. Because if No-Ra dates right after a divorce, I don’t think I will enjoy it as much. She kinda needs time for herself emotionally. 🙂 Totally agree with you on the husband!!! What a crazy fool.

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