Sassy, Go Go – Episode 4 Review

Daw, let’s have a cozy time together~ Hehe, I so love this drama! Now that both Baek Ho and Real King are in cheerleading team, we get to see the humorous twist, fun and everything.

SGG Ep4-8
Principal Choi manages to come up with an excuse as to why the parents are all gathered in the clubroom and even Soo-ah’s mother changes her tune to saying that they “are thinking of participating”. Oh really?
SGG Ep4-10 SGG Ep4-9
To make the principal and parents more nervous, Mr Joo suggests featuring the school in TV program and the newscaster is even there with him. He states that it’s higher-ups’ strong conviction to immediately do away with schools performing shady actions. Whoops!
SGG Ep4-11 SGG Ep4-12
Coach Nam is, well of course, needed back, but not without her condition – she is to do grading for club participation which sends Principal Choi into full raging mode.
SGG Ep4-16 SGG Ep4-17
While walking behind Yeon-doo and Dong-jae who has been kicked out from basketball team, Ha-joon asks if Yeol is interested in Yeon-doo to which he admits being interested in her since they keep crossing paths. Hehe, so cute. And I like how Ha-joon is noticing all these about Yeol and Yeon-doo.
SGG Ep4-22
All of sudden, two tangled mobs fly out of window above and, Yeon-doo and Dong-jae can only stare. Behind, both Yeol and Ha-joon also see what’s happening.
SGG Ep4-18 SGG Ep4-19
Luckily, Yeol is fast enough to react and swirls Yeon-doo around and the pieces of broken glass fall on Yeol’s back instead. OUCH. But, that is a heroic action, our Yeol!
SGG Ep4-24 SGG Ep4-23
We find out why Dong-jae dreads physical contact and getting hurt as he couldn’t save Yeon-doo earlier due to his childhood trauma. He had pushed a girl off high climbing thing at playground which landed the girl in hospital. He must be afraid of hurting anyone or getting hurt by someone. Or both.
SGG Ep4-27 SGG Ep4-25
At the hospital, Yeol doesn’t miss an opportunity to skip class and makes Yeon-doo skip as well, lying to Teacher Yang that he wants to go to toilet. Nice, haha. Oh these two, please. Yeol makes a big show of eating and Yeon-doo has to pay for the food as her “gratitude” for being saved by him, heh.
SGG Ep4-30 SGG Ep4-29
At the market, Yeol eventually get dragged into doing a couple dance with Yeon-doo, because they’d be automatically given the stereo as a prize. Disregarding embarrassment, Yeol dances along with Yeon-doo! You can see the ahjummas are so passionate in cheering for them, haha! Excuse me, but they’re so adorable! xD
SGG Ep4-34
Have to say that again as Yeol makes Yeon-doo sit with him on the bus ride back to school. Yeon-doo eventually falls asleep on Yeol’s shoulder with Yeol leaning on her head. He wakes up and enjoys it even more.
SGG Ep4-35 SGG Ep4-36
Teacher Yang is a teacher whom we wish we had him back in high school as he scolds Yeol and Yeon-doo for skipping class and that they should have keep in touch with him. The reason? “Then I could skip school too,” he surprises them. HAHAH, best teacher ever!
SGG Ep4-37 SGG Ep4-38
Later that night, both Yeon-doo and Yeol laugh to themselves in their respective rooms. In boys’ room, Ha-joon comments that Yeol laughs like an idiot and it’s his first time seeing such expression on his face. Aw.
SGG Ep4-63
The next day, Dong-jae joins cheerleading to protect Yeon-doo. Maybe it’s because he regrets not being able to save her the day before.
SGG Ep4-6 SGG Ep4-40
The cheerleading team gets physical punishment, as they choose not to get punishment points (loving Coach Nam for this), for not fulfilling the task given – getting to know each other. And, yes, Teacher Yang is now the assistant for cheerleading team, yayness!
SGG Ep4-43 SGG Ep4-41
In order to avoid the punishment again, they asks one another questions (one of Baek Ho guys, Choi Tae-pyung, says he likes APink, ahah!) and when it’s Yeol’s turn, he is asked who he is dating. He answers, “I do have a girl that I want to kiss,” which leaves everyone with goosebumps except Yeon-doo who blushes hot and red. Ooohhh, hehe.
SGG Ep4-44 SGG Ep4-45
SGG Ep4-46 SGG Ep4-47
Yeol finds out that Soo-ah was the one who rattled on Ha-joon’s self-harm to the principal and it leads to Ha-joon eventually finding out about Yeol’s deal with Principal Choi after confronting Soo-ah about what he shouldn’t know.
SGG Ep4-55 SGG Ep4-51
That makes Ha-joon erupt as he barges into Principal Choi’s office next day and Yeol (who couldn’t find him the night before) manages to stop him from doing anything further. But he doesn’t stop there as he throws everything off table in the clubroom and even start the fight.
SGG Ep4-56 SGG Ep4-54
What’s hilarious is that Coach Nam doesn’t try or let Teacher Yang stop the fight. She makes them do the punishment in the rain as she comments, “Seeing you fight, you were full of energy.” Haha, what she said is so true! xD
SGG Ep4-58 SGG Ep4-61
I just have to keep saying that Coach Nam is very smart and awesome as she tells the kids not to take bath and eat together. Because it seems like both Baek Ho and Real King are starting to bond together as the kids laugh at one another’s messed up looks. Even Soo-ah is smiling!
SGG Ep4-59 SGG Ep4-60
After getting knocked into sense from the physical punishment (it’s really effective xD), Yeol makes Ha-joon kneel with him in front of Principal Choi and apologise to her for what he did yesterday.
SGG Ep4-62
Now, let’s get few minutes of the adults’ lives – Yeol’s dad finally gives the ring to Yeon-doo’s mom, telling her to keep it and him. However, she apologises that she can’t keep it. Wait, why? What’s going on?
SGG Ep4-64 SGG Ep4-65
Coach Nam definitely knows more ways to bond the kids together as she sends them to a house where they find a table filled with delicious fast food and bottles of “grape juice” (which is wine, hehe) which everyone down.
SGG Ep4-66 SGG Ep4-67
As they drink more, they get drunk where almost everyone become so honest. Now, that’s the real way for bonding. 😛 It also makes Soo-ah unleash her psycho-bitch tendency as she keeps repeating, “I’ll kill you all,” to Ha-joon who pokes her temple to make her stop repeating, hah. As alcohol makes people honest, she reveals that she is having hard time too and it looks like Ha-joon is pitying her. All because of the parenting hell she has been receiving that would eventually make Soo-ah reach her breaking point, like now.
SGG Ep4-4
Yeol find Yeon-doo outside on rooftop as she feels dizzy. Yeon-doo puts her head on table and tells Yeol to do the same. Knowing Yeol now, she beats him to the punch by saying, “One, I get up. Am I right?”
SGG Ep4-68 SGG Ep4-70
Instead of saying she is right, he says, “One. I’m going to do it.” Oh, do what? He pulls her in and leans in, about to kiss her… ah dammit, the show cut scene midway!
SGG Ep4-69

Are you going to make us wait one whole week for the kiss?! Are they even going to kiss for real?! Okay, gotta calm down. A kiss scene is actually a rare sight to see in a high school drama, at least for me. Yeol so totally deserves that kiss because he saved Yeon-doo from the broken glass! 😛 I am not sure if you guys know, but I adore Yeol so much. He is actually not a jerk, well kind of. But that’s because he can be very honest and doesn’t even try to deny anything when it comes to Yeon-doo. It can be seen that he genuinely wants to help Yeon-doo. He is a guy who doesn’t even exist in real life and only exists in dramas. But, I am so curious about his own family story, maybe he even has secret(s), and how his relationship with his father become the way it is now.
SGG Ep4-28

I love how Coach Nam is so effective in making the two clubs work together because they would have to choose between tons of punishment points and physical punishment which they choose latter most of the time. Or training at dawn, which they immediately get down to learn the moves, hah. Despite the fact that they are high schoolers, she even let the kids drink “grape juice” to bond them together even more as both clubs are now mixing with each other. Teacher Yang is also another teacher we love! He understands Ha-joon’s situation and Yeol even asks him for his help by saying that he was with Ha-joon when Ha-joon disappears. Now, that’s what Coach Nam and Teacher Yang being part of cheerleading team an awesome thing!
SGG Ep4-49_edited

Thanks to the coach, Soo-ah is starting to blend in with them, smiling, laughing and drinking with the kids. And I hope it keeps that way as she has been tied up by her mother for way too long and she needs some time off as well. Speaking of Soo-ah, it looks like she is going to be involved with Dong-jae a lot now that he joined the cheerleading team. Is that a ship?
SGG Ep4-72


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