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Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 8th October)

I really do love this show! It’s very humorous with the mix of sadness, angriness and seriousness elements. Nevertheless, it always leave us laughing in every episode. I wanted to review every episode for this drama but I want to sit back and enjoy watching without thinking much. xD

SWP Ep2-1
This drama reunites Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon who both played siblings in Kill Me, Heal Me (My another favourite!!). Coincidentally, She Was Pretty airs in the same timeslot as Kill Me, Heal Me as it used to and also on same channel (MBC). Love it!
SWP Ep1-1 SWP Ep6-1
Hwang Jung Eum plays Kim Hye-jin who used to be very pretty when she was younger. However, puberty hits her and her ‘ugly’ genes from her father activated. She also has the fizzy hair and that’s why she hates rain. Not to judge by her appearance, she is very hardworking and whom everyone needs at work. However, because of her failure in life, she has to hide from her first love…
SWP Ep5-1 SWP Ep3-1
…who is none other than Ji Sung-joon (played by Park Seo Joon). He used to be very fat when he was younger but has grown up to become handsome and even successful. Very opposite of Kim Hye-jin. One thing about him: He can so engrossed in his tablet that he even drinks water from flower pot and knocks into door, LOL. Anyway, regarding wanting to meet Hye-jin after a long time,…
SWP Ep3-2
…which is where Min Ha-ri (played Go Joon Hee) comes into the picture as Hye-jin asked her best friend to pretend to be her to meet Sung-joon. However, things go awry as Ha-ri continue to meet Sung-joon without real Hye-jin knowing and Sung-joon thinks that Ha-ri is Hye-jin. And I am starting to dislike her but I hope that they won’t break the friendship between her and Hye-jin.
SWP Ep5-2 SWP Ep5-4
This is only the guy whom we all love in this show! He is such a happy pill as he is always trolling Hye-jin and making trolls faces. He is Kim Shin-hyuk (played by Choi Siwon) and I am really impressed by his ability to act. I am a big fan of Super Junior and I have seen him in The King of Drama, Skip Beat! (Taiwanese drama), Poseidon and Athena: Goddess of War and I have to say that his role in She Was Pretty is his best role in his acting career so far! I am totally shipping Shin-hyuk with Hye-jin and I bet he is da secret rich chaebol! And I love how he calls Hye-jin “Jackson”.
SWP Ep5-3 SWP Ep6-2
Actually, I am enjoying Shin-hyuk’s bromance with Sung-joon, way more than the sisterhood between Hye-jin and Ha-ri, hehe.

SWP Ep7-1
Why you should watch She Was Pretty
– Oh, please, all for Choi Siwon as Kim Shin-hyuk
– Relationship between Shin-hyuk and Hye-jin
– Sung-joon finding out that Ha-ri is not real Hye-jin
– Progress in relationship between Sung-joon and Hye-jin
– Even Sung-joon has his own comedic moments, hah!
– Shin-hyuk!
– Just watch it
– It will make you laugh 😀
– But you may get Second Lead Syndrome…

Now I can’t wait for Hye-jin’s transformation from the last week’s episode’s ending (episode 8) and I can’t wait to see how Sung-joon is going to treat after finding out that she is real Kim Hye-jin. The girl who he has been treating harshly at work because of her clumsiness, so it would be deabak to see how Sung-joon change his attitude towards her! Before I end this post, I really do wish for Ji Sung to cameo in She Was Pretty as he has worked with Hwang Jung Eum in Kill Me, Heal Me and Secret and Park Seo Joon in Kill Me, Heal Me!
SWP Ep8-1


3 thoughts on “She Was Pretty – Currently Watching

  1. I just love the sweetness of the show. Very funny and light, and yes SiWon is definitely the top reason one should watch this show. Not that I love his role more than Park Seo-Joon’s, but as you said, this is his best performance (I did enjoy Oh! My Lady, and definitely recommend it). I feel sorry for Ha-Ri but I can’t really “dislike” her, though the vast majority of people do and I also understand their perspective. But she didn’t even come up with this idea, and it’s not like her best friend and the lead were dating. On a human level, I actually sympathize, even if I am not applauding her actions.

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  2. P.S. : I have just added you to my Blogroll, really enjoy reading you 🙂
    P.P.S. : Don’t misunderstand, though I wanted to share a different perspective, I respect your opinion (on Ha-Ri) and can see why ppl may dislike her. My intentions have already been misunderstood before, so I just wanted to clear that up 😉

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