Twenty Again – Episode 14 Review

Even an adult could adorably blush like a teen. Nora is struggling to hide her own feelings but she can’t easily escape from Hyun-suk’s grasp, heh.

TwAgn Ep14-2
Nora and Woo-chul has divorced and Nora doesn’t look back as she walks away. Yes, go girl! She goes to eat her grandmother’s spicy rice cake. Meanwhile, Woo-chul has packed to leave home and Min-soo tells him not to worry about Mom and him.
TwAgn Ep14-3 TwAgn Ep14-4
Nora has plans to rent out their house and move to small villa with Min-soo. Yoon-young is still angry about Woo-chul choosing career over her grandmother but Nora seems to be alright with it as she understands that her grandmother was a stranger to Woo-chul but they still have Min-soo.
TwAgn Ep14-6 TwAgn Ep14-7
Sang-ye is now even taking to an extreme by lying to Hyun-suk that Nora has gone home when she is told to call her to join them for dinner.
TwAgn Ep14-8 TwAgn Ep14-9
However, Hyun-suk returns to office to find Nora lying on the sofa, feeling unwell and feverish. In her sleep, Nora calls out for her grandmother softly and this makes me feel so sad.
TwAgn Ep14-10
Throughout the whole night, Hyun-suk takes care of her by feeding her porridge and medicine while cradling her in his arms, aw. Meanwhile, Nora think it’s her grandmother, hearing her voice in her head.
TwAgn Ep14-11 TwAgn Ep14-12
The next day, Nora wakes up and is startled to see Hyun-suk beside her before realising that it wasn’t a dream and that Hyun-suk has been taking care of her. She looks at Hyun-suk, brushing his hair out of his eyes and smiling. She realises what she is doing and quickly dashes out of the house.
TwAgn Ep14-13 TwAgn Ep14-14
Hyun-suk wakes to see her gone and calls her. As he sees her get into taxi, she answers his call and lies that she already got home before quickly hanging ups. Haha.
TwAgn Ep14-16 TwAgn Ep14-15
In taxi, Nora clampps her hand over her pounding heart and decides that she must be crazy. Meanwhile, Hyun-suk wonders why she is being like that and thinks about the touch. He says to himself, “She’s not possibly… Ha Nora, you…” before breaking into wide grin. Hehe, he knows. We know.
TwAgn Ep14-17 TwAgn Ep14-18
Looks like Woo-chul is trying to Nora back. Like what?? Wasn’t he the one who wanted to divorce Nora in the first place? And now he wants to win her back since he belatedly realise his feelings for her. He even declares to Hyun-suk, “Let us start a true love triangle, beginning now.” LOL. What kind of declaration is that, especially to his rival? xD
TwAgn Ep14-19 TwAgn Ep14-20
After the discussion with Soon-nam and Seung-hyun for their final project for their theatre class which they still lack in ideas, Nora thinks about the reason why she came to college when she has no plans for her future. True.
TwAgn Ep14-21 TwAgn Ep14-22
As she walks, Woo-chul stops her to tie her shoelaces and literally show his back just because it was what she fell for. LOL, not literally, man. She walks away, but she realises that Woo-chul was initially the reason for her attending school so that she could communicate with him.
TwAgn Ep14-24 TwAgn Ep14-23
Wanting to get back at Woo-chul, she uses someone to accuse him of ordering a picture taken of previous professor’s bribe and blackmail him. Yi-jin expects Woo-chul to come begging her to help and would refuse, however Woo-chul still doesn’t call or come to her.
TwAgn Ep14-26 TwAgn Ep14-25
Woo-chul imagines the rumour becoming a big thing in news and eventually get investigated by prosecutors for something he didn’t even do. He isn’t going to let that turn into reality so he decides to pay the blackmailer which Yi-jin hears about it and screams in frustration as the things didn’t go her way.
TwAgn Ep14-27
Heh, Nora keeps blushing and getting hot as Hyun-suk gets closer to her. She even run away to calm herself down but doesn’t face the fact about the real reason why she is being like this.
TwAgn Ep14-28 TwAgn Ep14-29
Hyun-suk is starting to tease her and guesses that he making her all silly to which she snaps that it’s not. Nora is in confused mode as she tells him to go to his left while she goes to right, but they are facing each other, haha. Hyun-suk has definitely make her gone crazy in like.
TwAgn Ep14-31 TwAgn Ep14-32
Min-soo and Hye-mi continue to argue over their different priority – Min-soo choosing studies while Hye-mi chooses to play. It’s so ridiculous. But then, hearing from Hye-mi going on about Min-soo’s goal of getting a job sounds like he is similar to his father – choosing career over someone. Anyway, they break up, like finally! But I guess they will be back together?
TwAgn Ep14-33
Min-soo drowns his sorrows in soju as he remembers his father’s words, “The next four years will determine the next 80 years of your life,” and that he must become a leader that goes further. His father want him to be as successful as him and has been making him live up to his expectations so he is practically following his father’s goal instead of living his own life with no goal of his own.
TwAgn Ep14-35 TwAgn Ep14-34
Meanwhile, Sang-ye also gets drunk as Nora is called over by a man. Nora listens quietly as Sang-ye rambles on how she did something petty and she is not able to stay by Hyun-suk any longer now that she is found out regarding her feelings. Aw, man.
TwAgn Ep14-36 TwAgn Ep14-37
The next day, Sang-ye finds herself in Nora’s home and Nora makes hangover soup for her and Min-soo. Min-soo asks Sang-ye why she chose theatre as the job doesn’t make much money. Sang-ye answers that it’s what she loves since the future is uncertain. This actually gives me food for thought, hmm.
TwAgn Ep14-38 TwAgn Ep14-39
Yi-jin finds out that Woo-chul and Nora have already submitted their divorce agreement to the court and Woo-chul has been staying in motel. Meanwhile, Woo-chul has found a buyer for the store (that was supposed to go to Nora?!) and meets the blackmailer that night to pass her cake box of money. He doesn’t know that his action is being captured away.
TwAgn Ep14-41 TwAgn Ep14-40
Nora has decided to apply for the job at children’s theatre and she tells the she is available for weekdays which Hyun-suk hears about it surprisingly because she is supposed to work for him on weekdays.
TwAgn Ep14-45
Hyun-suk goes to find Nora and asks angrily why she is even choosing to work on weekdays for theatre, telling her to cancel it. She refuses, saying that the office doesn’t really need her. Hyun-suk counters, “I need you,” and explains that she is avoiding him.
TwAgn Ep14-42 TwAgn Ep14-43
Nora asks why she would be avoiding him. Hyun-suk: “Because you like me.” Ooohhh, he is saying what she has been denying, even to herself. Nora is baffled and denies it. Nora now can’t look him in his eyes and Hyun-suk asks, “What if I said I like you too?” Ooohhh, hehe. Nora looks at him as Hyun-suk takes a step forward, saying, “If I like you too, will you still think love is absurd?” For me, I don’t think so! Keke.
TwAgn Ep14-44
Out of nowhere, Nora hiccups, looking at him wide-eyed, and clamps her hand over her mouth when she hiccups again. Ohhh, yeahhh~

I am going to keep this short as I am deadbeat, writing this. xD I really do find Woo-chul really selfish as he only cares for himself. He even sells the store just to keep the blackmailer quiet for something he didn’t even do. If he is innocent, he should have tried to clarity and prove his innocence instead of giving in to the blackmailer. Nora has been wrong about him and trusted that Wo-chul will give the store to her under her name. That’s one more way to break her trust, so Woo-chul can forget about getting Nora back. Especially since Nora is feeling something special towards Hyun-suk and the feeling is mutual. Forget Woo-chul and let’s get Hyun-suk!
TwAgn Ep14-46


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