D-Day – Episode 6 Review

It’s a matter whether to save a patient or not. Of course, everyone wants to save someone, however, resources are running dry and our hero even wants to risk his own life to save patients.

DDay Ep6-3
Assemblyman Gu Ja-hyuk’s priority is to save lives as he tells the chief of fire department to not put out the fire and take care of his district. Ja-hyuk is even considering himself a god as he vows to rebuild Seoul.
DDay Ep6-4
HAHA, Ddol-mi tells Hye-sung that she thinks Intern Ahn has crush on her just because he gives the food to her and Hye-sung has to hide his laughing because he was the one who asked Intern Ahn to pass the food to her. Keke.
DDay Ep6-6 DDay Ep6-7
Intern Ahn’s friend, Cheol-min, is doing well, however, Chief Kang informs Hye-sung not to bring in more emergency patients as the electricity won’t even last for 2 days. They are at a loss as there are so many patients to transfer and treat.
DDay Ep6-8
The twins’ father return to the hospital injured from being beaten up the guys who also want the oil. It’s difficult to get some as oil in high demand and there is only one factory working with the increased price. Hye-sung tells him to stay strong for the sake of his family.
DDay Ep6-9 DDay Ep6-10
So, he calls out to the hospital waiting room for help to collect the oil together, from everywhere they could find – stealing from car and such. Some men volunteer to do with them as they do want to get on boat as well.
DDay Ep6-11 DDay Ep6-12
Intern Ahn overhears how the twins’ mother not being able to drink seaweed soup or any in order to produce breastmilk to feed her babies and surprises Ddol-mi when she enters the mother’s room to find Intern Ahn (let’s call him Dae-gil now, haha) already set up a pot of instant seaweed soup. Aw.
DDay Ep6-13 DDay Ep6-14
It has been 35 hours since the earthquake and Captain Choi enters an apartment with his key. Oh, his house. He braces himself to see his wife and daughter dead but sighs in relief that they are not here and have probably gone to a relative’s house. Never has he been so thankful to have aruged with his wife.
DDay Ep6-17 DDay Ep6-16
Woo-jin checks Cheol-min’s charts and notices something about platelet count but doesn’t let Dae-gil know. Instead, he tells the intern to prepare himself as the patient is about to go, since the electricity is running low.
DDay Ep6-15
The VIP patient’s platelet count is also low but Woo-jin reacts differently. He angrily tells Doctor Yoo to quickly get more blood platelet IV. Meanwhile, Ddol-mi notices Cheol-min’s low platelet count and yells at Dae-gil for not noticing earlier.
DDay Ep6-18
She and Jina rush to get more but they are too late as Doctor Yoo has taken all. Hye-sung goes to confront Woo-jin to share evenly but Woo-jin refuses, telling him that his patient has higher survival rate. Oh please, isn’t it because he is a VIP patient? Even Chief Kang tells Hye-sung to give them to the patient with higher survival rate.
DDay Ep6-21 DDay Ep6-19
Hye-sung has a solution, though. He gathers all the staffs and ask if anyone would want to ride his motorbike to get to the blood back. Ddol-mi volunteers herself and is like, “Is it a lot different than bicycle?” and also realises that phone doesn’t work when she said she could use GPS.
DDay Ep6-22 DDay Ep6-23
Hye-sung has no choice but to go himself. The deaf girl comes running up to him with her whistle and gives it to him. He and Ddol-mi may not understand sign language, but at least they get the idea that she wants him to take the whistle for safety.
DDay Ep6-24 DDay Ep6-25
So-yul runs up to Hye-sung who is getting ready on his motorbike, giving him the jacket she bought for him when he transferred and telling not to even blink or get off the motorbike on the way to and from the blood bank as it’s dangerous out there.
DDay Ep6-26 DDay Ep6-27
There is a reason why So-yul said that as she knows him well – he sees dead bodies and their family weeping for them. He feels like he wants to help out, but is reminded of So-yul’s words and speeds away.
DDay Ep6-28 DDay Ep6-29
Meanwhile, the twins’ father and the guys go on stealing the fuel, however, they are caught by a group of men. They run away and lose fuel in the process. What a waste.
DDay Ep6-32 DDay Ep6-33
Woo-jin finds Ddol-mi in the middle of blood transfusion as she wants to donate her blood. Woo-jin tells her that she should treasure herself since he saved her life with difficulty and yet she is giving up her blood to save one of the thousand patients.
DDay Ep6-31
Ddol-mi counters that he had saved her out of 7,000 too. So she tells him that she want to save the patient’s life in front of her eyes. She looks back at how different (and friendlier) Woo-jin was back then and wonders how a person changed that much.
DDay Ep6-34 DDay Ep6-35
Captain Choi and the firefighters are also at a loss as the headquarter orders them to consider people’s lives instead of providing water and putting out the fire.
DDay Ep6-36 DDay Ep6-37
Despite the bridge missing the middle section, Hye-sung manages to fly his motorbike over to the other side. However, he hurts his chest when he lands. Oh no, I sense that something bad is going to happen to him.
DDay Ep6-38
He finally manages to reach the blood bank where only one staff is still there and loads packs of blood into a container. Hye-sung uses tissue papers and scotch tape to cover up his wound as bandage. The staff tells him that the bags can only be kept in container for 5-12 hours before needing fridge again. Hye-sung reassures him that he needs to go quickly no matter what.
DDay Ep6-40 DDay Ep6-39
However, on the way back, he passes by the collapsed Han River Mirae Hospital and hears a man’s voice, hallucinating his face crying for help and accusing him for leaving there so that he could live.
DDay Ep6-42
Oh no, he gets off his bike, forgetting So-yul’s words, to dig at the mountain of rubbles and a man comes up behind him to attack him with a stick. He falls, but tries to stop the man from stealing his bike. However, he is already weak from chest wound as the man pushes him to the ground.
DDay Ep6-41
The thief steals the motorbike and rides away, leaving Hye-sung alone. At least, he still secures the container of blood bags and holds it to him as he slips into unconsciousness.

Oh, no, he is going make it back to the hospital somehow, right?! It is such a chaos outside as everyone struggle to save one another and live. I knew that something would happen along the way when Hye-sung goes out to the blood bank and return to the hospital from the blood bank. As always in dramas, ominous things are bound to happen. Of course, he will make it back somehow, because dramas. But I am curious as to how he is going make it back now that he is seriously injured. Most importantly, he has to keep the blood bag close and safe to him in order to get them to the hospital to save the patients especially Dae-gil’s friend.
DDay Ep6-44

Despite everything, I like how they put humorous element into the show, especially in previous episode and in this episode where Ddol-mi thinks Dae-gil has a crush on him when we all know the reason behind Dae-gil’s action and Hye-sung has to stop himself from bursting into laughter. It’s cute, though, hehe.
DDay Ep6-43


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