Twenty Again – Episode 15 Review

Back and forth, Nora still denies liking Hyun-suk and it’s going the way we didn’t expect. We may get upset at how she reacts towards Hyun-suk’s feelings for her. However, nevertheless, she is thankful for him and his helps.

TwAgn Ep15-2
Hyun-suk finally confesses his feelings towards Nora after 20 years which makes her surprised, hiccupping.
TwAgn Ep15-3 TwAgn Ep15-4
Nora scoffs at his confession, continues to deny that she doesn’t like him and keep repeating it. Aw, man. But, Hyun-suk doesn’t believe it, telling her not to back away because of clichés like her being divorcee with a son.
TwAgn Ep15-5
Later that night, both of them toss and turn all night in their respective beds. I like how they put them side by side as if they were together. xD
TwAgn Ep15-6 TwAgn Ep15-7
The next day, Hyun-suk is already out front at her house, calling her ‘friend’, and tells her to prove that she considers him just a friend since he can’t accept the fact that she doesn’t like him.
TwAgn Ep15-8 TwAgn Ep15-9
Hyun-suk brings her out to eat breakfast and Nora stays away from him, but he pulls her in when the cyclist passes by, heh. Nora is even being cautious around him when it comes to eating.
TwAgn Ep15-10
And, there she is, overreacting when Hyun-suk leans to unbuckle her seatbelt as she thinks it’s going to be another thing. Hah, that’s so obvious sign, Nora.
TwAgn Ep15-11 TwAgn Ep15-12
After school, Hyun-suk brings her out to the park where she had ‘date’ with her class partner, Danny. This time, Hyun-suk brought comic books along. When Nora laughs at the story, Hyun-suk leans in damn closely to see what she is reading, which definitely makes her uncomfortable. And, Hyun-suk seems to be enjoying all these, making her flustered and even lying down on her back.
TwAgn Ep15-13 TwAgn Ep15-14
Leaving his car, Hyun-suk takes subway with Nora and sit across from her to stare her. At first, Nora feel uncomfortable but, in order to prove that she is not affected by him, she stares at him back as if doing starting contest like high schoolers.
TwAgn Ep15-16 TwAgn Ep15-15
Yay, Hyun-suk finally meets Nora’s son, recognising him from before with Hye-mi. Looks like he is trying to make himself look good in front of him as y’know. xD
TwAgn Ep15-17
Aw, Min-soo wants to drink with his mother and you could see that Nora is so happy at that.
TwAgn Ep15-20
The next morning, Hyun-suk is out front again and Nora tells him that she doesn’t want to prove anymore and emphasis that she doesn’t like him at all! But, Hyun-suk points out that she was fidgety and uncomfortable around him the day before. Nora says that’s because he is a man, but Hyun-suk counters that she wasn’t like that in high school. Admit it, girl!
TwAgn Ep15-21 TwAgn Ep15-18
Min-soo wants to hang out with Hye-mi, telling her that he is skipping school. However, it means a goodbye date as Min-soo needs to figure what he wants in his life and that he can’t be a devoted boyfriend for Hye-mi. Hye-mi agrees that it’s best that they break up. For the last time, they enjoy last times together without worries.
TwAgn Ep15-22 TwAgn Ep15-23
Sang-ye tells Nora that she has decided to confess to Hyun-suk, seeing how she is all dressed up. Hm, is that a hint of jealousy? 😛 Now, Hyun-suk and Nora are back to being childish, passing messages through Sang-ye in front of each other.
TwAgn Ep15-24 TwAgn Ep15-25
Turns out that Sang-ye is heading for a blind date, which is set up by Hyun-sul, and she said that earlier to make her jealous and help Hyun-suk. Aw, Sang-ye.
TwAgn Ep15-26
Looks like it’s working as Nora keeps replaying Sang-ye’s words and tells herself to get it together, pounding her heart in frustration. Ooh, please.
TwAgn Ep15-27 TwAgn Ep15-28
Regarding the previous professor who has been fire, it turns out that Yi-jin set it up in the first place and she is doing the same thing to Woo-chul who belatedly finds out that it’s Yi-jin who is involved in Woo-chul’s blackmailing. When asked what she is going to do about the photo of Woo-chul giving money to a student, she tells him to find out the next morning.
TwAgn Ep15-29 TwAgn Ep15-30
Nora finds out that the store has been sold and Yoon-young asks Hyun-suk to look into it. Immediately, Hyun-suk catches on what is going on with Woo-chul and Yi-jin after hearing the rumour about Professor K.
TwAgn Ep15-31 TwAgn Ep15-32
Hyun-suk goes to see Yi-jin to tell her his theory and to stop everything, considering that Woo-chul’s son goes to Woocheon too. He also tells her to remember that she once loved Woo-chul and that she won’t get much satisfactory from getting revenge.
TwAgn Ep15-33 TwAgn Ep15-34
So, Yi-jin bears Hyun-suk’s words to put stop and calls Woo-chul over to tell him that he could have apologised to her instead of making her this way, beating him with envelope. Inside envelope, of course, Yi-jin was the one who bought the store.
TwAgn Ep15-35 TwAgn Ep15-36
It’s all thanks to Hyun-suk that Yi-jin has decided to stop the revenge. Woo-chul goes to see him to ask why on earth he would save him when they are rivals in love. Hyun-suk answers that it wasn’t because of him, but because of his son. If his son is unhappy about him, Nora would be even more unhappy.
TwAgn Ep15-37 TwAgn Ep15-38
Nora hears from Woo-chul that Hyun-suk saved him, and wow, he looks different now. Like a poor man. He admits that he lost to Hyun-suk.
TwAgn Ep15-39 TwAgn Ep15-40
Which brings Nora to visit Hyun-suk to thank him for everything and tells that she has nothing but ‘Thank you’ to say. He wonders what she is saying. Finally, she tells him to let her go and to stop doing things for her. She says that it’s hard being in front of him and looking at him, holding back tears. Nora leaves.
TwAgn Ep15-43
Hyun-suk calls Nora to meet up for coffee and it’s even worse than before. Hyun-suk asks if she needs time and if she doesn’t need him to which she answers no to both. He tells her that he loves who she is 20 years later. She tells him that she want to try living on her own, without anyone.
TwAgn Ep15-41 TwAgn Ep15-42
Hyun-suk reminds her that there is no forever and decides to finally move on. He can’t hold on to dreams of his first love forever and that first loves never last. Nora thanks him for everything for one last time and Hyun-suk tells her to live well before getting up to leave. Nooooooo!
TwAgn Ep15-44
Later, we see Nora handing in her paperwork to drop out of school and then she leaves the university campus. Whattt! Noooooo!

This is such a sudden turnaround. With one episode left, I wonder what Nora is going to do, without Hyun-suk and school. Ah, dammit, I’d expected her to stay in school throughout. But, then, it would not make sense if she’d stayed because she won’t be most likely look for jobs after graduation. Besides that, she has low income that won’t be able to cover her school fees though she would have used school loans. Also, I guess she decided to drop out because of the reason she attended it. Woo-chul. Now that she has grown up and learnt that Woo-chul has taken away her youth and young adulthood, and that she is no longer the wife of Professor Kim Woo-chul, it’s no use attending college. It must be hard for her to have made such decisions, asking Hyun-suk to let her go and dropping out of school which she has been wanting to attend. But, why doesn’t she accept he own feelings towards Hyun-suk? It must be because she feels conscious of herself, being a divorcee with a son? But, hey, Hyun-suk wouldn’t mind Min-soo. Or that she is more thankful for everything he has done for her, like literally almost everything. Nora must be thinking that she is mistaking her gratefulness for him as feelings, so she is afraid to mix the feelings and confuse herself. Sigh, it’s sad to see that Hyun-suk can’t get the girl he has been crushing for 20 years and that he tells her that he is really going, deciding to move on.
TwAgn Ep15-46


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