Sassy, Go Go – Episode 5 Review

Our favourite teacher is in trouble as he is exposed, and Yeon-doo wouldn’t stay still and watch him go. She would do anything for the teacher who has been on her side.

SGG Ep5-1
We didn’t get to see if Yeol and Yeon-doo kissed. Instead, everyone, except Dong-jae, is drunk which the sight surprises Coach Nam. LOL, looks like Coach Nam didn’t mean to make them drink the “grape juice” and just wanted to bond them together.
SGG Ep5-6 SGG Ep5-3
On the drive back to school-home, almost everyone is asleep. However, the van breaks down. Thank goodness that it didn’t break down in the middle of nowhere.
SGG Ep5-7 SGG Ep5-4
After fixing, Dong-jae sees that Soo-ah is missing and it’s almost nearing end of curfew. Teacher Yang is informed and quickly rushes over. Three of Baek Ho members say to leave Soo-ah alone and return to school but Yeon-doo dishes them out for saying such thing. Except the three, everyone goes to search for her.
SGG Ep5-11 SGG Ep5-10
Ha-joon finds Soo-ah near the water body, who wonders if the water is cold but guesses that it’s probably not as cold as she is. Ha-joon watches her walk into the water as if she is in trance. I thought what he is doing not stopping her, but eventually, he stops her as he understands her.
SGG Ep5-12 SGG Ep5-9
Yeon-doo’s injury acts up while looking for Soo-ah and Yeol offers to carry her on his back! Hehe, an excuse to get close?
SGG Ep5-16 SGG Ep5-15
It’s already morning by the time they reach school and Principal Choi is at the front gate with her lackey. Coach Nam comes up with an idea and performs in front of them, saying that she wanted to show them, to distract them so that the kids can sneak back in school with Teacher Yang’s signals. Hehe, best formation ever!
SGG Ep5-18
Coach Nam and Teacher Yang sigh in huge relief for not being caught by the principal and the kids pass by them, thanking, calling the coach “Teacher” and even throwing heart signs at her, aw. Am I only the one who is liking Teacher Yang and Coach Nam together?!
SGG Ep5-21 SGG Ep5-22
However, problem arises as Coach Nam accidentally let slips about the kids staying out overnight to the reporter whose cameraman has been filming. Has he been hanging around the school? LOL. Anyway, the reporter has heard about the whistleblower.
SGG Ep5-25 SGG Ep5-26
Yeon-doo doesn’t recall whether she kissed Yeol and tries to clarify with Yeol. However, Yeol teases her by wondering if they really kissed or not. Argh, do you have to smile like that?! I am sure he knows what happened the night before.
SGG Ep5-29 SGG Ep5-28
Yeon-doo is busy searching online on whether a drunk person would kiss a person while Coach Nam gives a mission – to choreograph a cheer for the competition – to each president (Soo-ah and Yeon-doo) in order to choose between them. That’s not all – Yeon-doo will have to with Baek Ho while Soo-ah with Real King.
SGG Ep5-31 SGG Ep5-30
Turns out that Yeon-doo and Yeol didn’t kiss as Yeon-doo passed out on his shoulder. Yeol: “I was being serious this time.” Aw, man. And look at how Yeol smile and chuckle recalling the almost-kiss. Ohmygawd, do you have to be this cute?!
SGG Ep5-34 SGG Ep5-33
In order to get the tape, Teacher Yang and Coach Nam meet with the reporter and Coach Nam pretends to be drunk and cries her heart out, even smearing her mascara and saying that her life will be over once the footage is out.
SGG Ep5-35
Not as what they planned, a group of gangsters come up to the reporter to hand the tape over and he hands it over. Hahah. However, he tells them that he still have a copy on his computer. Oh, damn.
SGG Ep5-36 SGG Ep5-39
Soo-ah hired Korea’s cheerleading team to teach Real King members the moves. Oh, wow, are they really going to do that? As Dong-jae is still not over physical contact, Soo-ah tells him to overcome it or he has to leave the team.
SGG Ep5-40 SGG Ep5-46
Meanwhile, Baek Ho members don’t cooperate with Yeon-doo. When alone, Yeon-doo drags Ha-joon into a room to let him bite her wrist like how she bit his, in order to make up and to help her with cheerleading mission. Aw, Yeon-doo. And comes in Yeol.
SGG Ep5-43 SGG Ep5-49
Teacher Im finds out that Teacher Yang is the whistleblower, having been using his mother’s name and Principal Choi plans to fire him which Yeon-doo, Yeol and Ha-joon overhear.
SGG Ep5-41 SGG Ep5-47
Of course, Principal Choi ‘threatens’ them and tells them to never do the interview. In private, Yeon-doo can’t stay still and Yeol tells her to never get involved. He seems to be hell bent on her to never get involved. Maybe it’s because he worries about her like how he was worried about Ha-joon and knows the consequences?
SGG Ep5-44 SGG Ep5-45
Yeon-doo waits for Teacher Yang and informs him about what she heard. Teacher Yang covers his uneasiness by telling her not to worry.
SGG Ep5-51 SGG Ep5-52
Teacher Yang, having being exposed as whistleblower, hands over the dirts on school to the reporter as part of deal to delete the footage. And it turns out that the reporter already knew that Teacher Yang was the one.
SGG Ep5-53 SGG Ep5-54
Though Principal threatens the kids not to do the interview by suspending or expelling them, Yeon-doo still wants to do it after seeing Teacher Yang packing up.
SGG Ep5-56 SGG Ep5-55
As she is about to do it, Yeol grabs her away and tells her be reasonable, at least, and not run away after starting something. Of course, Yeon-doo won’t sit still and tells him that, at least, she doesn’t look the other way like he does. “And about how you look right now… It’s not that different from how the adults you hate look,” she continues before walking away. Owh.
SGG Ep5-57 SGG Ep5-58
Even her mother tells her not to do anything or get involved. The phone call makes Yeol’s father envy as his son doesn’t even pick up his call.
SGG Ep5-59 SGG Ep5-60
Ha-joon’s father comes by school and hears that his son doesn’t do well in his studies which he beats him up in carpark. Ouch. Yeon-doo happens to pass by and gets shocked at the sight and calls out his name to stop the beating.
SGG Ep5-61 SGG Ep5-62
Afterwards, Yeon-doo passes him the medicine and plaster to him for his wound and tells him not to worry as she is very loyal so she won’t say anything.
SGG Ep5-63 SGG Ep5-64
Yeon-doo’s actions must have moved Ha-joon that he even asks her what he is supposed to do about the cheerleading, surprising Yeol. Aw, yeah~
SGG Ep5-66 SGG Ep5-67
He even drops the umbrella outside the clubroom where Yeon-doo practices her dance moves and walks in the rain. He must feel comfortable with her now and feels her sincerity. I hope this doesn’t lead to love triangle, though. xD Bromance better keep intact!
SGG Ep5-76 SGG Ep5-77
Before heading to practice, Yeon-doo runs into Teacher Yang and feels bad that she can’t do anything. He tells her to never do the interview. Instead, he tells her to look for two things in school – friends you’d do anything with and adults who will be on your side no matter what.
SGG Ep5-68 SGG Ep5-69
Yeon-doo doesn’t see the umbrella Ha-joon left for her though. She waits as it’s still raining and Yeol arrives, telling her that she is mistaken if she think he came to give her an umbrella. He comes to apologise to her for his words earlier to which Yeon-doo says that he might be right. He tells her to do what she like to do right now, from her heart rather than her head. She smiles, saying that she will do that.
SGG Ep5-70
Yeol gives her the umbrella and Yeon-doo asks what about himself. Yeol: “If I’m alone with you under umbrella, I may get myself in trouble.” Oooh, he is controlling himself, hehe xD
SGG Ep5-71
The next day during Teacher Yang’s class, Yeon-doo recalls how Teacher Yang has been helping her and the students. It seems like it’s Teacher Yang’s last class even though he says, “See you at next class.” Noooo.
SGG Ep5-73 SGG Ep5-72
Teacher Yang follows Principal Chou out and Yeon-doo runs to stop them in their track. She tells him that she has already found friends she would do anything with but may have found the second thing just now – adults who will be on her side no matter what. They smile at each other and she bows before leaving.
SGG Ep5-74
She runs to find the reporter and offers to give the interview on the truth about Sevit building up the specs of students. Yeol and Ha-joon happen to be there to hear her. Oh, no. She better not get expelled!

I like how this episode put spotlight on the adults instead of students. That some adults can’t be trusted in school. That, at least, there is one adult to trust and be one your side no matter what. That’s Teacher Yang. Yeon-doo is one reckless girl and won’t sit still to watch without doing anything, but her actions could lead her to even worse situation. She must feel really sad and bad not being to do anything to stop the school from firing Teacher Yang.
SGG Ep5-78

However, Yeol tells her to do what her heart wants and she decides to go with that, doing the interview. Besides that, she has found an adult who will be on her side so she can’t let him get fired for not doing anything wrong. It’s depicting the relationship between teacher and student, and Yeon-doo, even Yeol and Ha-joon, put their trust in him. It’s in fact Principal Choi’s dirty tactic to cover up everything and collaborate with the parents to build the specs and manipulate the grades. That’s really worse thing to do. That’s actually cheating. I am glad for Teacher Yang to expose this and Coach Nam not going along with Principal Choi.

And, oh, I am loving how Ha-joon is warming up to Yeon-doo as she is trustworthy and straightforward. That’s probably why Yeol likes her. I believe that Ha-joon is seeing Yeon-doo as good friend and willingly to help her out, because he knows that Yeol is interested in her.
SGG Ep5-23


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