Sassy, Go Go – Episode 6 Review

It’s like a war between the students and adults. Adults may have power which the kids can’t do anything about. However, when they have their moment and everyone’s attention on them, they use the opportunity to get their power over the adults and this is what our members do for their favourite teacher, Teacher Yang.

SGG Ep6-1
Eventually, Yeon-doo gives interview despite Principal Choi’s warning.
SGG Ep6-2 SGG Ep6-3
These two boys definitely know how to teach the reporter the law, hah. Yeol tells the reporter to lie about interviewing Yeon-doo and protect her otherwise he will sue. Whee, smart Yeol!
SGG Ep6-6 SGG Ep6-5
However, the truth about the school wouldn’t go on air as Yeon-doo checks the news schedule and immediately tells Teacher Yang who calls the reporter. The reporter answers that he was ordered by the higher ups to wrap it up.
SGG Ep6-7 SGG Ep6-8
Principal Choi is very, of course, ecstatic about the turn of events and Teacher Im takes credit for finding out it’s Teacher Yang. They can’t fire him right away so they are going to find some reasons.
SGG Ep6-9
It seems like the oh-so-classy mothers were the one who prevents the program from airing and Soo-ah’s mother isn’t letting Teacher Yang be, like Principal Choi. Oh damn those who are conspiring against our favourite teacher.
SGG Ep6-10 SGG Ep6-11
It’s time for the selection of the president for the cheerleading team and, ohmygawd, the Real King members have successfully cooperated with Soo-ah in mastering the cheerleading moves. Meanwhile, it was amusing and cute to see Baek Ho members, the ones who always study, dance, keke. But, yay to Yeon-doo for managing to work with them.
SGG Ep6-13 SGG Ep6-14
Because Soo-ah wasn’t able to make Dong-jae participate, Yeon-doo is declared as the new president. Woohoo!
SGG Ep6-16 SGG Ep6-15
Soo-ah throws up in the toilet (I think?) with her mother’s words in her mind of not being able to become the president of the club. Then, she overhears about Teacher Yang from the two Baek Ho girls. Oh, no.
SGG Ep6-17
SGG Ep6-20 SGG Ep6-19
Soo-ah, as like adults, does want to get rid of Teacher Yang for wanting to expose the rotten core of the school. So, she uses the opportunity to report him for touching Jae-young inappropriately during the practice, which Jae-young realises later that he didn’t touch intentionally and couldn’t help, given the position.
SGG Ep6-21 SGG Ep6-22
Jae-young’s mother heard of this and tells the principal to fire Teacher Yang, who tries to defend himself, immediately. Do the rest of mothers’ squad have to come together? LOL. Coach Nam comes in, saying that one must hold people to do stunt cheerleading and that Jae-young would have been severely hurt if Teacher Yang didn’t catch her. Yeah, the ahjummas better know this could happen! Principal Choi threatens, using Teacher Yang’s way to report to Education Office.
SGG Ep6-24 SGG Ep6-23
The news about Teacher Yang’s “sexual misconduct” has spreaded around the school which everyone whispers about and Yeon-doo can’t stand it anymore. She stands up to tell everyone off, but Yeol tells her to sit down as he takes the lead. He asks the class if they saw Teacher Yang doing that to Jae-young.
SGG Ep6-26 SGG Ep6-25
He calls out the three meanie girls and what they have in common – 1. They’re main characters of the spec-stacking report that Teacher Yang sent to the Education Office. 2. So they lied about being sexually harassed. 3. Why? To kick Teacher Yang Tae-bum out. Yup, he got it all right and has caught on Soo-ah’s plans.
SGG Ep6-28 SGG Ep6-27
Still, the school announces that Teacher Yang will be fired. At lunch, everyone scoots away from him, leaving him alone to eat. However, Yeon-doo and Dong-jae join them. Yeol and Ha-joon as well. Aww, love them.
SGG Ep6-30 SGG Ep6-29
Yeon-doo, Dong-jae, Yeol and Ha-joon write petition to get Teacher Yang re-hired and Principal Choi heard about it from Director Lee.
SGG Ep6-32
However, it seems that their filed petitions aren’t registered. Oh, no, someone managed to block them, ugh.
SGG Ep6-33 SGG Ep6-34
The people from Education Office have come to school, same goes for the whole squad of mothers (where are the fathers? Haha). Jae-young also comes down to the meeting I thought she was going to tell the truth as she looks kind of guilty. However, she still lies and Teacher Yang apologises, saying that he had no intention of doing that but ended up hurting her and that he will resign. Noooo.
SGG Ep6-35 SGG Ep6-36
Jae-young tells her mother the truth though. However, she tells her to stop, saying that it’s the truth that Teacher Yang had touched her. Knew that the squad of mothers can’t be trusted.
SGG Ep6-38 SGG Ep6-37
Seems that Soo-ah has manipulated the girls into kicking Teacher Yang out as Jae-young and Na-yeon thought it would only end with a salary reduction. Oh, gosh, how can they be so dumb.
SGG Ep6-40 SGG Ep6-39
Soo-ah loses her composure as she leaves to the clubroom. Dong-jae also goes there to practice the moves, lol. He hasn’t done anything at all, and yet Soo-ah thinks that he can’t stand her and is protesting. It shows how she is quite paranoid about how people think of her and that she knows she has done something wrong, but still doesn’t stop doing it.
SGG Ep6-41
Ha-joon leaves school to see his father to ask for a favour to help Teacher Yang. However, surprisingly, it turns out that his father was the one who blocked the petitions from getting to Education Office and, of course, isn’t going to help the teacher.
SGG Ep6-42 SGG Ep6-43
Aw, Yeon-doo’s mother comes by to visit her daughter at school. They are similar – doing what one’s heart tell her to do so as not to regret. So, Yeon-doo inherits her personality from her mother. They are just so cute together and those evil mothers should take a page out of Yeon-doo’s mother’s parenting book, man.
SGG Ep6-45 SGG Ep6-44
On the way out, Yeon-doo’s mother finally meets Yeol, not knowing that it’s her boyfriend’s son, hehe. She stares after him because he looks so handsome. I know right! She also tells Yeon-doo to go out with someone like him. Yes, listen to your mother!
SGG Ep6-46 SGG Ep6-47
It’s hilarious how Yeon-doo’s mother tells Yeol’s father abouthow handsome the student there is. Hahah. xD
SGG Ep6-48 SGG Ep6-49
Yeon-doo is distracted during the practice because Teacher Yang is leaving. Noooo. Yeon-doo runs up to him to give him an invitation card and that he must come to the performance. Precious.
SGG Ep6-50
It’s the performance day (and look at their new outfits!) and Yeol goes to see Yeon-doo who is nervous, to give her vanilla milk because Dong-jae always gives her strawberry milk. Yeol: “It’s more like me in terms of how tall and light I am.” Hahah! Awkward moments form as Yeol tells her how he’s all about feeling afraid, scared and mad because of her.
SGG Ep6-51 SGG Ep6-52
She is about to leave but he pulls into a hug, telling her to cheer up. Can I have that hug too?! Hyun-sik comes running to inform Yeon-doo about Teacher Yang’s arrival and he sees the hug, puzzled! Hahah. xD
SGG Ep6-69 SGG Ep6-70
SGG Ep6-56 SGG Ep6-55
Whee~ Teacher Yang comes, to the kids’ joy. Though the people there look at him as if he is a pervert, I love how Coach Nam tells him to sit beside her at the front otherwise she’d killed him. Hehe.
SGG Ep6-57
Coach Nam to Teacher Yang: “Once you’re their teacher, you’re forever their teacher.” Aw, yes!
SGG Ep6-71
SGG Ep6-59 SGG Ep6-60
The performance is starting and it seems like Yeon-doo is going to do something as both Jae-young and Na-yeon nod with assurance to Yeon-doo.
SGG Ep6-61
The performance is a success as they end with holding up the boards. Cheer Up!
SGG Ep6-62 SGG Ep6-63
That’s not all. Na-yeon and Jae-young turn out their boards to reveal that they lied and Yeon-doo turns around hers to tell everyone to have Teacher Yang back, to everyone’s surprise including Soo-ah. Tears well up in Teacher Yang’s eyes, touched by their actions.
SGG Ep6-64

We are going to have Teacher Yang back, right?! Cheerleading team is not complete with him in it as their coach assistant. I love how this actually bonds the team even more as Jae-young and Na-yeon realise how mean Soo-ah is. That they have been used by her to fire Teacher Yang. It’s Yeon-doo who pokes at their conscience, saying that they will feel guilty for the rest of their life which they definitely do not want to. And, so, that’s how she got the girls to change their minds to tell the truth in front of everyone. They even use their performance as the opportunity to overpower the adults who have been covering up and manipulating the kids.
SGG Ep6-68

This week has been about the relationship between a teacher and the students. That’s it’s important to have at least one adult on the students’ side as the students would be on his side. Teacher Yang and the four kids are the perfect example of how they will be on one another’s side no matter what. I also love how Yeol and Ha-joon even got themselves involved with Yeon-doo’s wanting to help Teacher Yang, even though they are part of Baek Ho, Real King’s rival club. Oh, how I wish I had such a great and friendly teacher back in my secondary school. Now, their relationship is becoming closer and I hope to see more and more of his interactions with the kids as their homeroom teacher and friend whom they can confide in.
SGG Ep6-67


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