Twenty Again – Episode 16 (Final) Review

Aw, we are at the final episode and I love how light-hearted this show has been giving for past eight weeks. Twenty Again is one of those mostly without makjang and such. It’s all about a woman finding herself again after 20 years since losing her youth and we get to see the process.

TwAgn Ep16-2
It looks like a lot of time has passed as Nora starts the day differently – cycling through the park, exercising and eating her breakfast the unglamorous and yet still glamorous way. She goes to market like other mothers would do, picking out the best ingredients.
TwAgn Ep16-3 TwAgn Ep16-4
Nora has been learning her grandmother’s secret recipe and helping out Dong-chul at the store as Dong-chul goes for audition. Yoon-young has been visiting the store lately, however, not for Hyun-suk.
TwAgn Ep16-6 TwAgn Ep16-5
Flashback shows us that Nora has decided to leave Hyun-suk as her first love and won’t regret dropping out of college since it would cost a lot of money and also she went because of Woo-chul. “Living my life by other people’s standards, I won’t live like that anymore. That’s meaningless,” Nora says, matured.
TwAgn Ep16-7
Soon-nam takes over Nora’s job at Hyun-suk’s office, aw man. But yay to seeing him.
TwAgn Ep16-8 TwAgn Ep16-9
Hyun-suk ignores Nora and pretends not to know her when he runs into Nora outside at the bookshop. Ouch?! Is he trying to play hard to get now?
TwAgn Ep16-10 TwAgn Ep16-11
Min-soo is travelling aboard doing volunteer work (woah, that new hairdo, though) and Mom chats with him through Skype on her laptop. They sign off and Nora comments how her son is all grown up now.
TwAgn Ep16-13 TwAgn Ep16-12
Yoon-young has planned to go to Grandma’s house with Nora for her birthday, however, she has something on. It’s a weird coincidence that Hyun-suk drives up to Nora and offers to give her ride, given how he ignored her back then. LOL. Nora insists she can take taxi, but Nora gets in anyway.
TwAgn Ep16-14
She tells him to drop her off at bus terminal but Yoon-young calls again that she can’t make it. So, Hyun-suk uses that excuse to go straight to Grandma’s house as he happens to have a day off and was also close with Grandma. Hehe, why do I feel like it’s a plan?
TwAgn Ep16-15 TwAgn Ep16-16
At Grandma’s house, she suddenly remembers burying time capsule with Hyun-suk 20 years back and goes to search for the spot. Hyun-suk appears behind her and surprises her by telling her the exact spot. She digs up to see two bottles and is left to see the notes on her own.
TwAgn Ep16-17
She reads Hyun-suk’s first, “Year 2015, to Ha Nora who is now 38 years old. I see you’re still the same. You’re still bright, energetic, and pretty. July 20, 1995. 20 years ago. Ha Nora, I’ve been happy having you by my side for 20 years, and thank you. Let’s continue being happy. From Cha Hyun-suk, who always wants to be next to Ha Nora.” She reads hers next and remember she crossed out her name? She had wrote “The one who is keeping an eye on you,” instead. She realises that he had already read this.
TwAgn Ep16-18
Yup, teen Hyun-suk had dug up the time capsule without Nora after his discharge from army and paying respect to Grandma. He had wanted to throw it away, but kept it in the soil again.
TwAgn Ep16-19
As Hyun-suk leaves, Nora runs up to back hug him. Yessss, finally!! She tells him that this moment is one important moment in her life right. When he asked what it means, she answers, “I want you to be by my side.” He asks why. Nora cries, “Because I like you. Because I missed you. Because I can’t forget you. I thought I was going to die because I wanted to see you.” Hyun-suk smiles, hehehe.
TwAgn Ep16-20 TwAgn Ep16-21
She asks if he didn’t forget her and he turns around to hug her as he replies, “How could I forget you?” She calls him jerk which takes Hyun-suk by offend. However, he swoops in with a kiss, oh em geeeeee! Finally, we are getting a kiss after 15 episodes!
TwAgn Ep16-22 TwAgn Ep16-23
We get flashbacks and see how Nora has been secretly peeking at Hyun-suk for past months (three months and ten days!) but he knows and let her be, hehe.
TwAgn Ep16-24
Of course, Hyun-suk has been stalking Nora too, haha. He even took a picture of her cooking spicy rice cake and Dong-chul had brought in her batch of rice cake for him to try.
TwAgn Ep16-26 TwAgn Ep16-25
Yoon-young and Dong-chul have been in on it with Hyun-suk and were told not to tell Nora anything about him. I knew it! Hahah.
TwAgn Ep16-27 TwAgn Ep16-28
Woo-chul is now teaching at new university in a small town and Yi-jin stalks him (is stalking a thing in this drama? LOL) but gets find out because of the same disguise she wore last time. He confirms that he has made a very clean break and is alone.
TwAgn Ep16-29 TwAgn Ep16-30
Flashback shows that Woo-chul has finally given the necklace the Nora, telling her he is sorry and thankful for past 20 years. Nora notes that it’s the first present she ever received from him.
TwAgn Ep16-31 TwAgn Ep16-32
In present, Woo-chul and Yi-jin realise how they have dishonest with each other as they admit to not liking the food another likes. Woo-chul decides that they have to honest with each other. Pairing up again?
TwAgn Ep16-33 TwAgn Ep16-34
It’s day of Hyun-suk’s show as Nora and Hyun-suk are well dressed-up (oh my, Lee Sang Yoon’s forehead! Haha!) We hear that Soon-nam has decided to pursue directing, to Nora’s delight. Aw, yeah!
TwAgn Ep16-35 TwAgn Ep16-36
The show is a success as girls and reporters swarm around Hyun-suk after the show. He tells them that he has to accept the flowers from his girlfriend first. Keke. Too cute! Might be embarrassing for Nora, though. xD
TwAgn Ep16-37 TwAgn Ep16-38
Nora gives the flowers to Sang-ye next and Hyun-suk announces that she is no longer assistant producer as she has already got the idea for new project. He hugs her to which Soon-nam pries his arm off her, saying that his noona is there and Sang-ye has boyfriend (oohh). Then, Soon-nam tells Seung-hyun not to do that with other guys. Omg, hehe, they’re dating now? 😀
TwAgn Ep16-40 TwAgn Ep16-39
Nora is now the new owner of spicy rice cake shop and Dong-chul is the employee. Hyun-suk comes by but Nora has to go somewhere, not telling him where. When she returns, he is still there but gets jealous when a lawyer guy comes to eat the spicy rice cake and hears from Dong-chul that he only comes in when Nora is working.
TwAgn Ep16-41
Which he gets grumpy and tells Nora that he wants to use his wish for getting the time capsule right – to stop selling spicy rice cake to the lawyer, LOL. Pffttt, so petty. In the end, he tells her to introduce him as her boyfriend. It’s looks like they are arguing when Yoon-young arrives.
TwAgn Ep16-43 TwAgn Ep16-42
But, Nora cheers him up by giving him more ingredients than Yoon-young and Dong-chul who complained, hehe. Hyun-suk looks so happy for getting special treat, forgetting the small argument. SO ADORABLE, THESE TWO!
TwAgn Ep16-44 TwAgn Ep16-45
Nora shows her drawing which she drew as a hobby but Seung-hyun still uploads them into web which gets Nora all nervous and excited. Someone already commented asking for next one. Whee~
TwAgn Ep16-47 TwAgn Ep16-46
Nora and Hyun-suk visit Woocheon where Nora sees Hye-mi. It looks like Hye-mi has changed a lot as she refuses to go out, showing her friend Min-soo’s postcard and saying that she needs to study.
TwAgn Ep16-48
Nora looks around and reminisces her times at school. How time flies. It has been a crazy adventure for her and she is glad that she attended school at that time as she made unforgettable memories.
TwAgn Ep16-49
The couple heads to their usual spot which turns out to be at the park, lying on the mat. Nora helps turn the pages for him as she uses Hyun-suk’s arm as pillow.
TwAgn Ep16-50 TwAgn Ep16-51
Nora falls asleep and a boy throws a ball there to which Hyun-suk gives chocolate to tell him to play over there to let Nora sleep. Aw, cute. He give Nora a kiss on her forehead and they snuggle up for an afternoon nap.

Whee~! I like how it ends in a cute and light way. Well, it’s a light rom-com drama. They are just so adorable as couple. Thought, they only got together officially in last episode, they have shown much more than when they keep bickering back and forth. Though it’s not that sizzling chemistry like other onscreen couples’ chemistry from other dramas, they actually have cute and childish chemistry like they are in their 20s. And that’s what make the show’s title Twenty Again. It’s all about being young at heart. Their love is quite pure and shows a lot even without much physical contact.
TwAgn Ep16-53

I love how perfect Choi Ji Woo played Ha Nora. It fits her perfectly. What I love about Nora is her journey to finding herself because it’s inspiring. No one is too old to attend school or do what she/he likes to do. As long as there is passion, one is able to do what they like no matter how old. Also, like Nora said, it’s meaningless to live your life up to others’ standards instead of own. Always live for yourself, not for others. That’s the message Nora probably wants to tell her 18-years-old self. Which brings me to Kim Woo-chul. Choi Won Young was able to bring out the boastfulness in Kim Woo-chul and yet still was a source of humour in this drama. He is truly one of the great actors as I had first viewed him as psychopath because I watched him move from I Remember You to Twenty Again and it incorporates his psychopathic in my mind while watching Kim Woo-chul, hah. xD That’s what makes his character funnier since his expressions are hilariously funny in this drama. Next, Lee Sang Yoon, oh his dimples! How can he look so grumpy and melt us with his dimples next? Haha! Oh, how I wish there’s such man like Cha Hyun-suk in real life, because his crush! 20 years of crush?! That’s a freaking long time, dude. But still, he still holds onto the hope of meeting Nora again and eventually ends up together with Nora, making up for lost time.
TwAgn Ep16-55

Overall, I like how Twenty Again gives us a message as I have stated before in previous paragraph – live for yourself, not others. Be yourself. I am so glad to have watched it as it makes me reflect on my own life – what do I want to do with my own life? Do we do for money or for what we like? I bet other viewers feel this way too. It has been one light and fruitful journey in which we learn few things from Twenty Again. 😀
TwAgn Ep16-52


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