Sassy, Go Go – Episode 7 Review

Now that Teacher Yang’s name has been cleared, another person around Yeon-doo is affected. It’s between our first and second placed students, Kim Yeol and Kwon Soo-ah.

SGG Ep7-1
Whole group of cheerleading team, except Soo-ah, celebrate with joy for managing to perform cheerleading and proving Teacher Yang innocent. Even one of Baek Ho guys, Tae-pyung, thinks he was born for the stage, haha.
SGG Ep7-2 SGG Ep7-3
Jae-young and Na-yeon apologise sincerely to Teacher Yang and he thanks them for apologising. However, Soo-ah doesn’t say anything and Yeon-doo tells them not to ruin the mood because of her.
SGG Ep7-4 SGG Ep7-6
Comes in Principal Choi with her lackey ruins the celebration atmosphere, though. She treats Teacher Yang as an outsider, saying that no outsiders can readily come into school. I want to curse at her. Next, she calls Yeon-doo, Jae-young and Na-yeon to follow her.
SGG Ep7-7
That ain’t gonna happen as Ha-joon tells Principal Choi that he was also in on the cue cards revealing and volunteers to receive punishment. Followed by Yeol and the rest of the team, of course except Soo-ah. Aw, I love how Baek Ho members are becoming closer with Real King members.
SGG Ep7-8 SGG Ep7-9
Teacher Yang is declared not guilty of the sexual harassment charges after re-investigation and Principal Choi not-so-happily welcomes him back. Now that he is back, he no longer feels small even when Principal Choi tells him that he has two months left in his contract. “While I’m here, it won’t be easy to make any unsavoury moves towards her (Yeon-doo),” he warns her. Best. Teacher. Ever.
SGG Ep7-12 SGG Ep7-14
As if to make us love him even more, Teacher Yang lets himself eat black bean noodles with the trio kids who ordered the food into school secretly. Seeing how Yeol and Yeon-doo flirt with Yeol stealing pickled radish from her, Teacher Yang complains that some of them are sadly solo. Aww, Teach! Yeon-doo: “You have us, anyway!” So cute.
SGG Ep7-16 SGG Ep7-15
Midterms are around the corner and Tae-pyung’s study notes are ruined. Hah, are exam seasons like this? xD Yeon-doo comments to Dong-jae, that if they suck, why not study off Number One’s notes. Out of nowhere, Yeol tosses his notes to Yeon-doo who definitely wants it.
SGG Ep7-17
Which leads to this – Number One and Number 196 having elegant midnight rendezvous in laundry room. Yeon-doo nods off sleepily while Yeol explains the solution to her, heh. She quickly comes up with an excuse that someone must have sprayed sleeping medicine on the textbooks, haha.
SGG Ep7-19 SGG Ep7-18
D-3. Tae-pyung gets frustrated teaching Hyo-sik, oh I sense another bromance. xD And there is Yeol sitting with Yeon-doo teaching her as well. Whee~! Yeol comments how they are all together even though they don’t even have practice. I know right?! I love this sight – Tae-pyung, a Baek Ho, teaching the dumb one from Real King and Baek Ho getting along with Real King better than last time.
SGG Ep7-20
Except for Soo-ah who seems to be stressed and snaps at them to keep quiet. She get nosebleed as she leaves, which Teacher Yang notices as he walks by.
SGG Ep7-21 SGG Ep7-22
Afterwards, Teacher Yang tells Soo-ah to think of her health as she hasn’t been sleeping lately. He even tells her to come look for him whenever she is having a hard time. It looks like she is touched but tells him that she doesn’t have time for that. I know you want to, though.
SGG Ep7-25
When Yeon-doo is about to reply Yeol’s message about movie date (whee!) during class, her phone is confiscated by Teacher Yang. Dang. She cries about her phone’s cat dust plug.
SGG Ep7-26 SGG Ep7-27
Because of that, Yeol finds himself in front of staff room to sneak into, to take the plug for her. However, he is caught by a teacher as no students are allowed in during exam.
SGG Ep7-28 SGG Ep7-29
Later, Yeol finds Yeon-doo whining about her lucky cat at the cafeteria. Hyo-sik finds them together, commenting that he keeps seeing them together lately and uses his phone to “interview” them. Oh, so cute! Hyo-sik can definitely become the president of Yeon-doo x Yeol ship! xD Teacher Im is behind them and I feel that this is something of importance.
SGG Ep7-31 SGG Ep7-30
Yeol gets full marks for his essay which Soo-ah only gets 2 marks lesser which makes her ask Teacher Im about it. Looks like Yeol is really damn smart, though he can be playful and calm on outside, unlike Soo-ah.
SGG Ep7-33 SGG Ep7-32
The guys knock Teacher Im to the ground, dropping his stuffs. He chases after them and Soo-ah sees the USB drive (wth, how can a teacher carelessly bring it out?!) which she steals it.
SGG Ep7-34
This arises the problem as Teacher Im couldn’t find it and hears from another teacher about Yeol sneaking into the staff room. Oh no no no.
SGG Ep7-36 SGG Ep7-37
Soo-ah copies the file of midterm paper (oh gawd, that’s cheating!!) onto her laptop and overhears about Yeol. She takes the USB drive and secretly drops it into Yeol’s bag. Dammit.
SGG Ep7-38 SGG Ep7-39
Well, Soo-ah’s plan to bring Yeol down is a success as Yeol is accused of stealing the USB drive and all the evidence point against him – him sneaking into staff room and USB drive found in his bag.
SGG Ep7-40
Whole school hears about it and now thinks that Number One might have been stealing midterm papers so that he can be first ranked. Ah, dammit! D:
SGG Ep7-42 SGG Ep7-41
Yeol’s father is called to school and Principal Choi suggests suspending Yeol for twenty days to which Yeol’s father changes to doing community service for a month. All of sudden, Yeol laughs how they never ask him at all – why is he even there for.
SGG Ep7-44 SGG Ep7-43
Yeol is on his way to leave school and Yeon-doo catches up to him to apologise for getting him into such situation. He gives her lucky cat, wishing her well for her exams and pats her head before leaving. Nawww.
SGG Ep7-45 SGG Ep7-46
We get to see more of the reason why Yeol isn’t close with his father as he recalls how his parents had been quarrelling and that he had waited days for them to come back. However, they didn’t and little Yeol decided then not to trust anybody.
SGG Ep7-48 SGG Ep7-47
Midterm exams arrive and both Yeon-doo and Ha-joon look at Yeol’s empty table. Sighpie.
SGG Ep7-49 SGG Ep7-50
Yeol helps out at an elderly’s home where Yeon-doo visits (surprise!) him. Whee! How does she know about his whereabouts, though? Haha. And look at how happy he is to see Yeon-doo! Swoons. Anyway, she tells him that she believes in him, even without his title “Number One”. Aw.
SGG Ep7-51 SGG Ep7-52
Later that night, Yeon-doo sneaks into security room where Ha-joon is already copying files of CCTV videos. Smart.
SGG Ep7-54
They barely managed to stay hidden from the security guards, whew. Hello, partners-in-crime!
SGG Ep7-55 SGG Ep7-53
They work together to look through the CCTV videos as Ha-joon told her to join him, saying that his eyes will hurt.
SGG Ep7-58 SGG Ep7-59
Result for ranking is released and Soo-ah claimed first rank to which her mother treats her with high-class lunch and an expensive bag. Soo-ah seems to be really happy with her mother being happy. It’s sad how they are like this just because Soo-ah finally clinched first rank spot.
SGG Ep7-61
However, Soo-ah gets worrisome as she hears about Yeon-doo looking through CCTV videos and realises that there is CCTV in the hallway where her thief action has been recorded.
SGG Ep7-65
In the girls’ room, Soo-ah is assured that Yeon-doo hasn’t found the recorded video of her yet. Hyo-sik sends the video of “interview” to Yeon-doo which she watches with a smile.
SGG Ep7-66 SGG Ep7-64
Till she sees something that makes her eyes widen. Ah, knew that scene earlier was something of significant! She exclaims in the room that she has found it. “The evidence that will clear Kim Yeol’s name!” Yayyyyy!
SGG Ep7-63

This episode has been about the competition between Soo-ah and Yeol. Soo-ah is desperate to meet her mother’s expectations even to the extent of cheating and framing Yeol. It seems that she wants her mother’s love, so she’d do anything to make her happy which will make herself happy as well. What a sad life, Soo-ah.
SGG Ep7-62

I hope not to see a love triangle between Yeon-doo, Yeol and Ha-joon! D: It seems that Ha-joon is starting to like the girl whom his best friend likes. I don’t know, man. You can see in his eyes when he sees how Yeol flirt with Yeon-doo. He even steps up to volunteer taking punishment with her as he can’t let a great friend take a fall. Yes, that’s what I like about him – prompting whole cheerleading team to do the same. All that aside, I love how they are actually making Ha-joon a second male lead in the process as he has more scenes than Dong-jae. In fact, Dong-jae is a second male lead but he barely has five to ten minutes of screen time in this episode. Ha-joon definitely plays more important role than Dong-jae. xD (I guess they realised their mistake. :D)
SGG Ep7-56

We also get to know more about Yeol, his vulnerable side and his past, especially his relationship with his father. More like the reason why. We can now understand why Yeol is being like this. He has sad past which he doesn’t share and puts on smile despite everything. Yeon-doo is whom makes him happy genuinely now. That’s the power of love. 😛 That’s what make him totally different from Soo-ah. He may have not-close relationship with his father, but at least, he found someone he likes and is happy for real even though he has vulnerable side to him. However for Soo-ah, she is constantly living under pressure from her mother and the only times she can be truly happy is when she gets to meet her mother’s expectations and making her happy – getting first place. That’s what differ her from Yeol and her life kind of pitiful and sad as she is lonely.
SGG Ep7-67


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