Sassy, Go Go – Episode 8 Review

“I’m proud of you.” Aw, I can never get enough of Yeon-doo and Yeol! Yeol is back to school as his name has been cleared. Soo-ah is nearing the edge as she tries every way not to expose her misdeed. More like an evil and cheating deed.

SGG Ep8-2
Thanks to Hyo-sik’s video and Yeon-doo’s sharp eyes, there is a clear evidence which will clear Yeol’s name. Ha-joon is delighted as well and Yeon-dooo wants to sneak out of school to inform Yeol of good news in person.
SGG Ep8-4 SGG Ep8-3
Instead, Yeol gets a picture message from Yeon-doo of her being punished along with Ha-joon as they get caught for trying to sneak out. Da new BFFs are so cute. Hehe.
SGG Ep8-6 SGG Ep8-5
With the newly-presented evidence, Yeol deduces everything, including the matching the timing of his whereabouts and alibis with where Teacher Im’s USB drive has been, and neatly clear himself of accusations. Yay!
SGG Ep8-9 SGG Ep8-8
Yeol comes into the classroom and two of his classmates run to him, telling him that they knew that he didn’t do it as if changing their tune just because he is genius in studying and they definitely want his help again. Not when they actually believed that Yeol really committed the crime and were happy to move one rank up.
SGG Ep8-11 SGG Ep8-10
Seeing their true colours, Yeol isn’t “getting people back” and he is petty for that which earns him a thumb up from Yeon-doo. 😀
SGG Ep8-12 SGG Ep8-13
As Teacher Yang tells the whole class about Yeol being unjustly accused of the crime he didn’t commit and that, if they extend a hand out, he will always take their hand and help them return (from the wrong path), it seems get to Soo-ah as she is the one behind it.
SGG Ep8-14
The Three Musketeers celebrate Yeol’s return and being cleared of charges on the rooftop. Heh, Yeol shakes his coke can which Yeon-doo did last time she fel onto Yeol in the clubroom.
SGG Ep8-15 SGG Ep8-16
Yeon-doo hides behind Ha-joon as Yeol tries to get her to spray coke at her. Yeol accuses Ha-joon of being traitor and asks him to choose between him and Yeon-doo. Of course, he’d choose Yeol but claims that Yeon-doo is so strong. Daww, love the trio’s friendship here!
SGG Ep8-18 SGG Ep8-17
School is in a mess again as Yeol tells Principal Choi that he has to take make-up exam to which Principal Choi strongly objects, saying that schools have rules to be followed. So unfair, ohgawd.
SGG Ep8-20 SGG Ep8-19
This worries Soo-ah’s mother as well, as it could mean losing Soo-ah’s spot as Number One, and tells Director Lee to prevent it no matter what. Ohgawd, what an evil mother.
SGG Ep8-22 SGG Ep8-21
In contrast to Soo-ah’s evil mother, Yeol’s father is a cool one! He even brings lawyers to school to take legal actions against the school as Principal Choi is not letting his son take the make-up exam. This definitely scares her. Woohoo.
SGG Ep8-23 SGG Ep8-24
Even though Yeol’s father is taking legal actions, Yeol hardly believes as this sounds different from what he said at school before. As he turns to leave, his father apologises for not being the first person to say he trusts him. It’s a first time for Yeol to hear that from his own father.
SGG Ep8-25
Now, I am thinking what is going to happen if Yeon-doo’s mother agrees to marry Yeol’s father as he wants her to take care of his son. But she has her daughter too. The thing is, Yeol likes Yeon-doo and if their parents get together, it’d be awkward! Haha!
SGG Ep8-28 SGG Ep8-29
Soo-ah is relieved that Director Lee is able to take care of CCTV footage which it’s one of those, lucky for her, handled by a security company instead of school’s security. Oh wait, not lucky as someone already took a copy of it. And it’s a student from Sevit High.
SGG Ep8-31 SGG Ep8-30
Oh, I love his cheeky guy. Teacher Im is now scared of him as Yeol told him earlier that he was going to submit a petition about him to the Education Office. Of course, Teacher Im doesn’t want that, so Yeol tells him not to give unfair punishment points to his friends. Aw, he calls them “friends”!
SGG Ep8-32 SGG Ep8-33
He also has the upper hand in dealing with Principal Choi. He even says he won’t take the make-up exams and offers to drop the lawsuit if Principal Choi extends Teacher Yang’s contract. Aw, his loyalty! How can we not love him?
SGG Ep8-34 SGG Ep8-35
An unknown person left a note and USB drive for Soo-ah and the drive contains the footage of her stealing Teacher Im’s USB drive. I wonder who. This sends Soo-ah more into panicking mode and smash the USB drive. Dong-jae appears there (how is there not a sound?!) and Soo-ah yells at him, asking why he is always witnessing her ugly side.
SGG Ep8-38
It’s surprising Teacher Yang and Coach Nam that Principal Choi is letting the team go camping as Soo-ah’s mother will be paying for everything (to make the kids happy). Off they go camping!
SGG Ep8-39
Dong-jae, as always, goes with Yeon-doo early to the camping site with Teacher Yang. And there strawberry milk!
SGG Ep8-69 SGG Ep8-42
Which Yeol complains about after hearing that Dong-jae has already gone with Yeon-doo.
Yeol: “Why do they go everywhere together?”
Ha-joon: “It’s not like they’re playing house.”
Y: “What’s up with that strawberry milk?”
H: “I totally agree.”
SGG Ep8-41
Y: “Ridiculous.” HAHAH, look at how these two are jealous of Yeon-doo’s best friend. Too cute! xD However, about Ha-joon agreeing – I wonder if he is agreeing because Yeol is his best friend or that he really likes Yeon-doo.
SGG Ep8-44 SGG Ep8-43
At the camping site where the kids are talking about how it would be better without Yeol in school jokingly, Soo-ah watches them and thinks of who could be the one leaving her the note.
SGG Ep8-45
When she finds another note in her bag, especially it’s after Yeon-doo leaves, she starts to suspect that it’s Yeon-doo. Oh, no. I don’t think it’s her!
SGG Ep8-47 SGG Ep8-46
While organising the drinks, Yeon-doo speaks of her father to Yeol who notes that it’s her first time talking about her father. Yeol also tells her how his parents were never around him and Yeon-doo pats his head for growing up well, saying that she is proud of him. Aw, Yeon-doo is such a best friend, cheering him up.
SGG Ep8-51 SGG Ep8-52
Wanting to get alone time with Yeon-doo to question her, she follows her out on an errand sent by Teacher Yang. As Yeon-doo searches her bag, Soo-ah see the pink post-its which confirms her suspicious. I think it’s a coincidence. Oh, dear.
SGG Ep8-53 SGG Ep8-54
Yeon-doo tells her to go ahead first as she needs to use toilet. Soo-ah gets an idea and takes the stuffs, including her bag. Ohgawd, be smart, Yeon-doo! Of course, Soo-ah tells the drive to drive off, leaving Yeon-doo behind.
SGG Ep8-55
Despite that, she must be feeling guilty as she bites her nails. She knows it’s wrong but she can’t stop herself, like always.
SGG Ep8-56 SGG Ep8-57
Soo-ah returns to find another note and realises that Yeon-doo isn’t the one. Dammit, be nice for once?! Yeol notices that Yeon-doo is not around which sends him, Ha-joon into searching for her frantically, including Teacher Yang.
SGG Ep8-58
It’s dark and Yeon-doo is somewhere lost on empty road, walking and tripping over own legs, injuring herself. Oh cries.
SGG Ep8-60 SGG Ep8-61
Teacher Yang and Yeol manage to unlock the office and Yeol calls the driver who answers him which surprise him and makes him run out to find Soo-ah. Meanwhile, Ha-joon takes bicycle and cycles quickly to find Yeon-doo.
SGG Ep8-62 SGG Ep8-63
Yeol finds Soo-ah and confronts her about what she has done to Yeon-doo. He raises his voice and shakes her as he angrily asks where she is. Soo-ah doesn’t answer.
SGG Ep8-64 SGG Ep8-65
Ha-joon manages to find Yeon-doo in the middle of nowhere, relieved. Yeon-doo is relieved as well and breaks down as she walks towards him to lean on his shoulder, crying. Nawww.
SGG Ep8-67
And he hugs herrrr. Ohmygawd, what do I do! Please don’t tell me that there will be love triangle out of this. We can’t ruin the bromance between Yeol and Ha-joon! Let me tell you what kind of ending I think we would see – Yeon-doo would not end up with either of the guys and treats them as BFFs. 😛

I love The Three Musketeers’ friendship and how Yeol learn something from the incident – two-faced people. It makes him realise that Yeon-doo and Ha-joon are his true friends. It’s funny how Yeon-doo used to hate him in first episode and now she is a good friend of his. Same goes for the bond between Real King and Baek Ho. Now that I mention this, I think Yeol doesn’t see himself part of Baek Ho from the beginning as he didn’t really care about Real King interrupting their studies as seen in the first episode.
SGG Ep8-48

Yeol always and get to live up to his arrogant and genius image in this episode as he definitely knows how to deal with the adults, unlike Yeon-doo. Look at how he has the upper hand over Principal Choi – to extend Teacher Yang’s contract so he would drop lawsuit and not do make-up exam – and Teacher Im – not to give punishment points to his friends, yes his friends! Including Real King members, woohoo. It proves that he is not only smart in his studies, but he is also quick-witted in dealing. He is definitely not that spoilt brat who has powerful father. He has brain of his own and doesn’t go to his father for help, well, that’s given how their relationship is not close. But that’s what made him grow up well. 😀
SGG Ep8-68


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