Sassy, Go Go – Currently Watching

Episodes aired: 8 of 12 episodes (as of 27th October)
Also known as: Cheer Up!

It’s sad how this drama consists of 12 episodes because I love this drama so much. It’s a new reason why I look forward to Mondays since I Remember You ended. What’s more, I get to have my dose of eyecandy every week – Lee Won Geun and Jung Eun Ji.

SGG Ep8-70
They have such an explosive chemistry onscreen and they’re so cute together! Not to forget their eye smile! Eye-smile couple~

SGG Ep1-30
Jung Eun Ji plays Kang Yeon-doo who is known to be a troublemaker at school but is very loyal towards her friends. She is very poor in her studies but has passion for dancing which is why she is very determined to keep Real King, a dancing club, alive. In order to revive Real King club, she joins the cheerleading team, Baek Ho, along with her members. Talking about Baek Ho, it’s merely a name. Well, it used to be till the school, Sevit High School, has decided to make cheerleading for real.
SGG Ep1-1
That’s where Kim Yeol comes in. He is played by Lee Won Geun and I fell so hard for his smile, ohmygoshhh. I have only seen once in Phantom where he cameo’d in and that was when I fell hard for him because of his darn attractiveness. xD Kim Yeol is known to be Number One in school and he is really genius. We all can tell that he is dumb in love with Yeon-doo and he’d do anything to not let her hurt.
SGG Ep5-65
Seo Ha-joon (played by Ji Soo) is a best friend of Yeol’s and another of whom he doesn’t want to be hurt. He is also one of the top students, but has abusive father whom he seems to be afraid of. As best friend, Yeol is always protecting him, even to the extent of making Yeon-doo and others to join cheerleading team in order not to let the school principal rattle on Ha-joon’s suicidal attempts.
SGG Ep1-70
In high school dramas, there is always a meanie girl and in Sassy, Go Go, she is Kwon Soo-ah (played by Chae Soo Bin). I have to give this actress credit for portraying such a hateful girl well. Despite being a mean girl, she has a reason for being that way – her mother. She is pushed by her mother to rank Number One and take over Yeol’s ranking. I can see that she wants to be good as well, being good friends with all and I hope we get to see her that way, if possible.
SGG Ep8-36
Ha Dong-jae (played by Cha Hak Yeon) is Yeon-doo’s childhood friend and has a problem of his own too – fear of physical contact. Dong-jae is supposed to be second male lead in this show, but I think the writer or they veer along the way, appearing to be making Ji Soo’s role second male lead instead. And I have to admit that I am glad it’s happening this way. Now that’s the good thing about live-shooting.

SGG Ep8-72 SGG Ep8-73
Talking about the second male lead, I really really really hope that they are not going to make love triangle between Yeon-doo, Yeol and Ha-joon. However, it seems like it’s going to happen that way. But hey, at least the first male lead is so much better (and melting us with his killer smile and eye smile) than the one in *coughs* Who Are You: School 2015 *coughs*.

SGG Ep2-41
Why you should watch Sassy, Go Go
– Lee Won Geun’s smile!!
– His eye smile
– Jung Eun Ji’s eye smile
– The eye smile couple 😛
– Cheerleading moves
– Just Kim Yeol and Kang Yeon-doo
– Ha-joon too!
– High school drama
– Just Jung Eun Ji
– And Lee Won Geun
– And Ji Soo
– Importance of friendship
– Please, the story is great as well

Not to forget – Kim Yeol’s father and Kang Yeon-doo’s mother. It’s hilarious how they are actually in love and Yeol is in love with Yeon-doo. It’s like either the kids will become step-siblings or the parents become in-law. I am curious to see how these relationships between them are going to turn out. Same goes for Yeol, Yeon-doo and Ha-joon. I have a feeling that Yeon-doo is going to fall in love with or choose neither of the guys. Y’know, it’d be nice to leave the ending on open-ended or with friendship intact and that matters the most.
SGG Ep7-68

I love how they also focus on teachers and that students can be closed with a teacher too. I don’t recall if they had focus much on a teacher in other dramas like Who Are You: School 2015 and School 2013. Not only students have problems, teachers can also have problems, either within themselves or created by students. Teacher Yang Tae-bum (played by Kim Ji Suk) and Coach Nam Jung-ah (played by Lee Mi Do) are cool and awesome teachers, especially when they are working together with the cheerleading team.
SGG Ep5-32

It’s such a dismay and upsetting how Sassy, Go Go has the lowest ratings in its timeslot. It’s understandable, though. Sassy, Go Go is mostly for teenagers and those who love high-school dramas and the casts, and most of Korean viewers are ahjummas. It’s like how it was with I Remember You all over again. Nevertheless, there are always international fans and I can see that more are loving this show! Cheer up! 😀 There’re 4 more episodes left and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen to Baek Ho, now the real cheerleading team, competing, if they’re really going to do that. Yes, all for Soo-ah. And, also, to see whether Real King club will be revived or not. So, sassy, go (go)!
SGG Ep2-42


One thought on “Sassy, Go Go – Currently Watching

  1. “But hey, at least the first male lead is so much better (and melting us with his killer smile and eye smile) than the one in *coughs* Who Are You: School 2015 *coughs*.”

    oh no no, not just so much better, but A LOT!
    I love Yeol since episode 1, but then… there’s Hajoon, my jisoo, bokdong aaa~
    He’s the reason why I watched this drama.
    and i already got the 2nd lead syndrome.
    hahahahahahaha~ and i know. I’m going down with this ship!

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