Sassy, Go Go – Episode 9 Review

The ride in this episode is such an emotional one and I bet next episode is going to be as well. Besides Yeol being in love with Yeon-doo, there is Ha-joon who might be feeling pang of jealousy and Soo-ah who is more stressed out than ever.

SGG Ep9-2
After the awkward hug, Yeon-doo explains that she is relieved to see at least someone familiar. On the way back, Ha-joon seems to be enjoying, riding Yeon-doo behind him on bike.
SGG Ep9-3 SGG Ep9-4
Everyone has been looking all over the places for Yeon-doo and, Yeol and Teacher Yang finally found Yeon-doo and Ha-joon. Worry is all over Yeol’s face as he runs to her side to check on her. Aw.
SGG Ep9-5 SGG Ep9-6
The Three Musketeers and Teacher Yang return, to everyone’s relief but not knowing that Soo-ah left her behind. Soo-ah is pacing up and down at her tent, feeling anxious. And, oh, Yeol turns out to be the blackmailer! He borrowed some of Yeon-doo’s post-its, that’s why.
SGG Ep9-7
Yeon-doo confronts Soo-ah about the reason she left her behind as she can’t let it slide. She also knows about Soo-ah stealing USB and framing Yeol. Whoops, go, girl!
SGG Ep9-9 SGG Ep9-8
It’s bonfire’s time and it’s nice to see them gather like this, with Teacher Yang getting chewed out for singing a tacky song, hah. They start to dance to which Teacher Im asks if they’re letting them have a bit too much fun. Teacher Yang tells him to leave them be to create precious memories.
SGG Ep9-10 SGG Ep9-11
Yeol suggests playing truth game and Teacher Im is so in for it, saying that he has nothing to hide. Hahah, he must have been wanting to say stuffs. However, Da-mi voices out that they don’t really want to play with teachers around. Teacher Yang gets it and drags Teacher Im out of the group, with Coach Nam.
SGG Ep9-13 SGG Ep9-12
The teachers have their own time together where Teacher Im spills his own real feelings – he hates Principal Choi too! Aw, man. He has suffered a lot and is going to suffer a lot later.
SGG Ep9-15 SGG Ep9-14
Playing the truth game among the kids at bonfire, Dong-jae is asked about his aspiration to which he answers that he wants to overcome his phobia of physical touch. Oh, that little girl he pushed off was Yeon-doo. Hyo-sik assures him that he can overcome it and that nobody will get hurt because of him.
SGG Ep9-16 SGG Ep9-17
As Soo-ah is about to leave. Yeol asks her why she ditch Yeon-doo which surprises everyone. Yeon-doo just explains that there was a commutation error, which we all know that it’s not true.
SGG Ep9-18
Afterwards, Soo-ah asks Yeol why he didn’t expose everything. He tells her to see how Yeon-doo keeps protecting her and not expect it anymore. Soo-ah breaks down, telling him that she is scared to die at the hands of her mother. Yeol gives her three days to tell her mother and the school. When he leaves, Soo-ah’s gaze changes. Oh, she was faking her tears. Ugh.
SGG Ep9-19 SGG Ep9-20
Yeon-doo can’t get any sleep and goes for a walk where she finds Yeol who can’t get any sleep either. Yeol tells her that he wanted to be the first to find her and would hug her if he’d found her. He continues with a chuckle,”Kang Yeon-doo. I don’t want to worry about you secretly anymore and I’m tired of secretly paying attention to you. And, above all, I’m tired of beating around the bush. So… Understand what I’m trying to say, already. I like you. What’s your reply?” THERE, HE FINALLY CONFESSED!
SGG Ep9-21
Before Yeon-doo could get actual words out, Ha-joon finds them and is not able to sleep either, asking to eat ramen together but sensing that the atmosphere is awkward.
SGG Ep9-22 SGG Ep9-24
The next morning, it’s time to set off back to school. Aw, man. Everyone, except Soo-ah (as always), have totally enjoyed the overnight camping and would love to come back. Yeol knows that Soo-ah went through his stuffs, still calm as ever.
SGG Ep9-25 SGG Ep9-26
Soo-ah is about to tell her mother about everything, but is put down and pressurised by her again. She confides in Director Lee and at least she knows that Yeol is not someone to mess with. She reassures her that she has three days to erase the video.
SGG Ep9-27 SGG Ep9-28
Seeing how Yeol’s father is very sweet with Yeon-doo’s mother, he is quite different from Yeol’s childhood memories. By the way, they make plans to eat together with the kids over the weekend!
SGG Ep9-29
Soo-ah fails to unlock Yeol’s tablet and quickly tries to leave when Yeol enters but is stopped by Yeon-doo who tells her to stay for practice and threatens her. Yeon-doo has gotten stronger in her words!
SGG Ep9-32
Yeol pieces everything together of what she is trying to do to Soo-ah – pretending to threaten her for the sake of safety of practice. Yeon-doo comments how Soo-ah is probably having a more difficult time than anybody else.
SGG Ep9-30 SGG Ep9-31
Changing the topic, Yeol says to talk about themselves instead, hehe. He pouts that he doesn’t like the way she is joking around with the guys, flirting with Ha-joon is useless and tells her she is no longer allowed to flirt with them anymore. The only person she can touch is… him. Daw, Yeol! Yeon-doo can only laugh at his childish request, haha.
SGG Ep9-33 SGG Ep9-34
When alone, she asks herself, “Kim Yeol even gets jealous?” Hehe, too cute. Her inner world is interrupted by Soo-ah who tells her not to say a word until two days are up.
SGG Ep9-35
There is a motive for that as she is trying to find a way to get hold of Yeol’s copy of video to delete it. During a class, she pretends to be unwell and requests to go to nurse’s office.  She changes into black outfit and sneaks into boys’ dorm room.
SGG Ep9-37 SGG Ep9-36
However, I mean good thing, Teacher Yang spies her suspiciously and catches her in action as she views video from Yeol’s USB drive. He sees it, but Soo-ah tries to run away with the laptop and Teacher Yang manages to snatch it. The USB drops onto another guy’s bed. Oooh.
SGG Ep9-38 SGG Ep9-39
Soo-ah goes to see Director Lee, leaving school grounds without permission, and curled up. She is more anxious now that one more person know about her evil act and Director Lee tells her to return to school to beg for Teacher Yang’s begging and bribe the kids with money. It’s gonna be of no use.
SGG Ep9-40 SGG Ep9-41
As she returns to school to beg Teacher Yang, it’s too late as whole school knows about her stealing the USB. Yup, Hyun-sik got the USB and showed it to Da-mi who uploaded the video, forgetting that they are using Yeon-doo’s laptop. (How can they not lock their own laptop?!)
SGG Ep9-42 SGG Ep9-43
Soo-ah checks that the uploader is Yeon-doo who finds out about it, looking as if pissed off. Because she knows that Soo-ah is going to misunderstand that she reduced two days and it’s going to be a bad thing.
SGG Ep9-44 SGG Ep9-45
As expected, Soo-ah storms and slaps Yeon-doo across her face the instant she sees her, not letting her explain. Though Yeon-doo says it isn’t her, Soo-ah grabs her by her collar, not believing her, thinking that she and Yeol planned this. Soo-ah’s psycho tendency activates as she tells Yeon-doo that she is going to kill her and pushes her.
SGG Ep9-46 SGG Ep9-47
Yeol and Ha-joon are there and Yeol rushes to get her as she is being pushed. They fall and roll down the staircase together. (Why near staircases out of all places?)
SGG Ep9-51 SGG Ep9-50
Yeon-doo is fine, thanks to Yeol. However, Yeol is unconscious and his head is bleeding. Dammit! This better make Soo-ah guiltier than ever! Yeon-doo calls out his name desperately. Oh no, they are not going to make Yeol lose his memories, right?!
SGG Ep9-53

This is revolving around Soo-ah as she constantly battles within herself. She is so pressured and afraid of her own mother that she might go crazy, trying to cover up everything to make her proud and happy. And maybe drive her to suicide. She doesn’t show that she has remorsefulness in front of Yeon-doo and others as she doesn’t want to let them see her vulnerable side. Instead, she lets them hate her. But inside, Soo-ah does feel something such as guilt and remorse. That’s the reason why I don’t really hate her for being that way. I hate her, but at the same time, I don’t hate her. It’s her mother who made her this way and I hate her mother. Okay, “hate” is such a strong word, so let me use “dislike”. Yup, I dislike Soo-ah’s mother. Who doesn’t? I feel that Teacher Im is somehow similar to Soo-ah in a way – living up to another’s standards. Teacher Im has to always lie to make Principal Choi happy which is similar to Soo-ah stealing and lying to get first rank to make her mother proud.
SGG Ep9-52

Yeol is too adorable! His jealousy! And it looks like Yeon-doo is falling for him as well. But, sad for Ha-joon. Why aren’t there two Yeon-doos?! This is true meaning of love triangle – two guys liking the same girl. I can’t say that we’re going to have Second Lead Syndrome because Yeol is well-deserved as first lead. Ugh, someone give Ha-joon another Yeon-doo or at least make him happy with Yeol as his best friend. That he would get over the tiny jealously he has when it comes to Yeol and Yeon-doo. That he treasures friendship more. Oh, wait, I believe that Ha-joon treasures friendship more than love. I am sure that he doesn’t want to lose Yeol as his best friend, as well as Yeon-doo.
SGG Ep9-54


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