Sassy, Go Go – Episode 10 Review

This is practically Soo-ah’s episode and her redemption (well not). The members realise the importance of friendship for cheerleading as Soo-ah breaks down mentally and decides to go missing.

SGG Ep10-4
Yeol is injured and rushed to hospital with Yeon-doo worrying as hell over him and following him with Teacher Yang.
SGG Ep10-8 SGG Ep10-7
Soo-ah’s mother hears from the school about Soo-ah’s misdeed and pushing someone down the stairs. She blames Director Lee for not managing her well. Well, who is to blame but yourself, Evil Mom?
SGG Ep10-65 SGG Ep10-12
Thankfully, Yeol is fine and his father is called up by Teacher Yang who wanted to call Yeon-doo’s mother as well, but Yeon-doo tells him not to. Funny how Yeon-doo’s mother is actually there with Yeol’s father when Teacher Yang called.
SGG Ep10-11 SGG Ep10-13
Yeon-doo sees sleeping Yeol and calls him bastard, telling him to wake up and that she is going pay him back twofold. At that, Yeol surprises her by waking up and asking her how.
SGG Ep10-14
They ask each other if they are okay, aw. Yeol asked again how she is going to get him back. She hesitates before leaning in to kiss on his check, to Yeol’s surprise. OHEMGEE.
SGG Ep10-15 SGG Ep10-16
“Like this…,” she answers and is about to leave when Yeol pulls her back by wrist to kiss her on lips. DOUBLE OHEMGEE. Okay, I expected, but I wasn’t really expecting since it’s a high school drama. Ha-joon stops by to visit Yeol and witnesses them still kissing. OUCH, noooooo.
SGG Ep10-18 SGG Ep10-17
Yeol’s father runs over to see Yeol and Yeon-doo’s mother decides not to visit Yeol yet. (Aish!) His visit is a surprises Yeol as it’s unexpected of his father to do that. Aw, the look of concern on Yeol’s father’s face. Yeon-doo introduces herself as Yeol’s classmate, but without her name. Why.
SGG Ep10-19
Yeon-doo’s mother lingers behind, though. However, both mother and daughter missed each other around the corner. Whyyy.
SGG Ep10-20 SGG Ep10-21
It’s now Yeon-doo’s turn to be blushing and going little crazy in love, hehe. Meanwhile, in the room, Yeol and his father have the most awkward atmosphere.
SGG Ep10-22 SGG Ep10-23
Finally, Yeol’s father breaks it and remembers Yeon-doo’s mother’s words. He thanks his son for not getting to hurt. Aw, he is learning now as to how to express.
SGG Ep10-25 SGG Ep10-24
Soo-ah is still freaked out about what she has done, and goes to see her mother who just tells her not to worry about worthless things when Soo-ah confesses everything. Soo-ah looks at her mother, pressurized again, and asks her if there is an end to the road. Evil Mom: “Of course. At the end of this road is the future we desire.” What do you desire, I ask?
SGG Ep10-27 SGG Ep10-26
Back at the hospital, Yeon-doo leaves and Ha-joon finally visits his buddy. Yeol reminds him about how they should tell each other first if they were to find a girl they liked and tells him that he thinks he has one. Ha-joon crumbles again inside and tells Yeol to tell him next time.
SGG Ep10-31 SGG Ep10-30
Soo-ah returns to school but doesn’t go inside. It’s when her phone rings with messages talking about her and her wrongdoings. She imagines herself in a room with the students looking at her and messaging in front of her at the same time which makes her scream in her head.
SGG Ep10-32
Because of that, she doesn’t go into school and wanders around. Walking by a glass reflection, she stops to look at herself and thinks back to how terrible she was. Glad you know. Afterwards, she goes to her late best friend’s memorial where she asked if it’s really not okay to be happy now.
SGG Ep10-35 SGG Ep10-34
It’s official! Kang Yeon-doo and Kim Yeol are dating! Hehe. She even sneaks out of school to bring food to Yeol who takes photos of her so that he can sees her whenever he misses her. TOO CUTE.
SGG Ep10-33 SGG Ep10-6
Soo-ah goes to the hospital to leave the note by Yeol’s room door, not letting the Yeon-doo and her friends know of her presence.
SGG Ep10-36 SGG Ep10-37
On the way out, Soo-ah runs into Dong-jae and comments how their paths cross a lot. She tells him that she came to apologise to Yeol and Yeon-doo, like how he told her to. They are about to leave separately, when Soo-ah turns around to ask Dong-jae for a favour.
SGG Ep10-38
SGG Ep10-41 SGG Ep10-40
The next thing we see is Dong-jae and Soo-ah playing games at an arcade. After playing, Dong-jae asks if she is not going to study or get scolded by her mother to which she says it’s alright and wants to do more fun things.
SGG Ep10-42 SGG Ep10-43
After cycling, they sit down and Soo-ah finally realises how she have never done such things before because she was always studying. She then apologises to Dong-jae for using his physical disability against him, which surprises him since she don’t usually apologise.
SGG Ep10-44
Yeon-doo finally reads Soo-ah’s note, which is apology letter to Yeon-doo and Yeol, and is shocked by the content which makes her call out the rest to read. Something is wrong with Soo-ah.
SGG Ep10-47 SGG Ep10-46
And, so, Dong-jae finally calls Yeon-doo back who quickly tells him about Soo-ah to which Dong-jae says that she seems fine as they were together till few minutes ago, but later realises something and quickly run to search for her.
SGG Ep10-48
Soo-ah’s mother gets a message from her daughter apologising for not living up to her expectations, which makes me panic and demands to track down her location.
SGG Ep10-51 SGG Ep10-52
The rest of cheerleading team also split up to search for Soo-ah. Dal-mi and Hyo-sik blame themselves for getting Soo-ah and Yeol into such state. Whut. Okay, this is just unexpected. I mean, it’s actually Soo-ah’s choices which started it all.
SGG Ep10-50 SGG Ep10-49
Yeon-doo and Yeol also feel the same. Yeon-doo blames herself for knowing that Soo-ah is having hard time and yet hating her so much. It’s okay, girl.
SGG Ep10-45
Soo-ah is somewhere crossing the road and doesn’t flinch at cars coming towards her as she thinks of committing suicide.
SGG Ep10-53 SGG Ep10-54
One of the cars is coming directly at her and, out of nowhere, someone pulls her into a hug. It’s Dong-jae. Physical contact! Ooh, so he is overcoming his fear of physical contact. Yeon-doo breathes a sigh of relief, watching them from across with Yeol.
SGG Ep10-56 SGG Ep10-55
The next thing we know is that probably few days have gone by as the kids say how Soo-ah isn’t having visitors yet. Yeon-doo returns and, as expected, she is not able to see Soo-ah, much to the kids’ disappointment. Turns out that Soo-ah is lying in hospital bed as her mother discusses that she should go study abroad. Okay, wow, looks like Evil Mom hasn’t changed.
SGG Ep10-57
The members overhear the students bad-mouthing Soo-ah and surround them to defend Soo-ah, their friend. Aw, friendship-squad goal.
SGG Ep10-58 SGG Ep10-59
After hearing that Soo-ah is going to study abroad, the members have been sending video messages to Soo-ah, one by one, making her smile. And, Dong-jae has officially overcame his fear, thanks to Soo-ah! (But the “loveline”, really?) He jokes how heavy Yeon-doo is and begs for Soo-ah to return, hah.
SGG Ep10-60
The final video shows Yeon-doo with the rest behind her, telling Soo-ah,

“Kwon Soo-ah. Do you know what was hardest for me? I hated you so much, but I couldn’t completely hate you at the same time. It was because of these memories. Kwon Soo-ah. You’re wrong to think you have no one next to you. You’re not alone. To you, there are friends who would do things with you. There are teachers who would stand by you no matter what. We will show you how to ask for a hand. So please come back soon. Plus, you’re the one who started this cheerleading club!”

Everyone agrees, which make Soo-ah smiles with tears.
SGG Ep10-62
Soo-ah is touched by their words telling her to come back soon. And I have mixed opinion about this.

It’s like a train has gone off the track and onto a wrong one. Also, it feels like the story plot is rushed. Soo-ah should have faced the punishment, such as coming to school and face the consequences instead of running away. She has always been strong, but at the last moment, she can’t take it anymore. So, I get that she wants to commit suicide in order to escape from her mother’s strong grasp. More like strangle. And also to run away from the consequences of her actions, however it’s still wrong. It’s giving the viewers a wrong message. One has to face the reality and consequences. Besides that, it’s actually one’s choice to do a wrong thing, because she knows it’s wrong and yet still can’t stop herself, and it’s not too late to turn back onto the right path, like how Teacher Yang had said. I have to say that her mother may have driven her this way, but Soo-ah could have stopped herself (stealing USB and such) instead of losing herself in the moment with one goal – to make her mother proud.
SGG Ep10-61

Other than Soo-ah’s matter, the way Yeon-doo and the rest are already forgiving her doesn’t kind of make sense. (I am sure it’s just me who thinks that way.) Yes, I’d love that kind of friendship and I actually smile at how the members ask Soo-ah to return. However, as I think more about it, it’s too easy. As in how they forgive her too easily. They should have slowly forgive and welcome her back. They should have let Soo-ah redeem herself slowly in a process. However, the drama is making it an absolution instead and is therefore failing to address what should have been done in real life. Absolution isn’t redemption, that’s the thing. And that’s where Sassy, Go Go has gone wrong. I love this drama, but still. I hope that Soo-ah will reflect on her actions and the members not be too soft-hearted just because she wanted to commit suicide. It’s Soo-ah’s fault as well, for starting everything. She should face the consequences taken action by the school. Maybe an expulsion? It’d be right thing to do so, but I am worry and curious about how they are going to keep cheerleading thing going with or without Soo-ah.
SGG Ep10-64


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