Cheo Yong 2 – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: OCN
Episodes: 10

Just a short summary
Detective Yoon Cheo-yong (played by Oh Ji Ho) uses his ability to interact with spirits to solve the cases, along with ghost high schooler, Han Na-young (played by Jun Hyo Seong).

The police
CY2 Ep10-2
I am not sure if it’s just me or this is best Department Chief Police ever in dramaland! I love how Inspector Kang Gi-young (played by Joo Jin Mo) is always protecting his team and encouraging them to find more evidence and solve the case, not letting outsiders (even Prosecutors and higher-ups) get in their way. In the last episode, I thought he was going to die for real, but I knew it can’t happen since we can’t just simply kill off the awesomest and strongest old man! Whew, this is a spoiler but he survived again and again!

The (best) team!
CY2 Ep10-7
I know that there many awesome detective teams out there in dramaland, I have to say this team – Special Case Investigation Team – is really jjang! It’s because of this ghost high schooler who can freely roam around to help Cheo-yong and the team.
CY2 Ep10-3
Yes, the high school girl is Han Na-young. Not only that it’s her presence and help are what make the team best ever; It’s because, in later episode, the whole team knows about the ghost whom Cheo-yong can communicate with. Hehe. 😛 Also, it’s mostly thanks to Na-young that this team can solve difficult cases which other police and detective cannot even solve.
CY2 Ep10-12 CY2 Ep10-11
I love how Na-young is always helping ahjussi Cheo-yong despite him ignoring her in presence of people (or none). Well, that’s what one supposed to do when you’re a ghost, hah. Cheo-yong knows that Na-young will stick around and trusts her when it comes to finding things out, having once said that she is kind and very passionate. Aw, he doesn’t show or tell it to Na-young though.
CY2 Ep10-10
Surprisingly, I am glad that the new female detective, Jung Ha-yoon (played by Ha Yeon Joo) is as good as the previous one in Season 1! Especially the actress, she could play out Na-young’s character well. I could really tell the difference even when possessed Ha-yoon (by Na-young) has to pretend to be real Ha-yoon.

Cheo Yong Season 2’s cases, which some of them, are actually linked together and they all are linked to a lawyer who acquitted them and later murdered them. I can’t remember what the cases were like in Season 1, but they are different. I actually like season two better. They are much darker and, as always, all the cases come to one in the last two final episodes. And there is a plot twist which I didn’t see coming.
CY2 Ep10-8

I actually also like how short Cheo Yong is – 10 episodes for each season. That way, I can catch up quickly since they take longer time to sub cable dramas. That’s also one of the reasons why I stopped writing reviews for, after episodes 1 and 2. I wanted to wait till every episode is subbed so that I could marathon-watch it. And, so here I am writing the overall review for this drama. It’s quite addictive for me because I find it so cool that a person can see ghost and makes uses (but not that much) of it to solve the cases.

If you love Season 1, you will love Season 2 more! I totally recommend Cheo Yong if you like darker aspect in police procedural. Well, that is if you are not easily scared. 😛 There are way many more words to say about this drama but I suck at putting it in words, so yeah. And, will we get Season 3? I do hope for Season 3 because it’s so awesome, however at the same time, it’d be better that Cheo Yong ends at Season 2 since there’re limits in terms of casting and the characters’ abilities.
CY2 Ep10-4


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