Sassy, Go Go – Episode 11 Review

Shock, confusion and pain – these are what we going to see in this episode as we focus on the budding relationship between Yeon-doo and Yeol and them finding out about their parents (finally). Ha-joon is going to be in a lot of pain as he struggles within himself.

SGG Ep11-2
Thanks to the videos sent by the members, Soo-ah decides to receive punishment instead of following her mother’s order to be sent abroad. “I’m going to choose what I believe is right, and what I want do,” she says.
SGG Ep11-3 SGG Ep11-4
Soo-ah is welcomed back to the club and apologises for real this time as she says sorry to Yeol, Dong-jae Yeon-doo and everyone else face-to-face. Behind her serious face, Yeon-doo smiles about Soo-ah’s return and tells her that she can’t be forgiven easily. She has to clean the clubroom for a month to which Soo-ah obliges gladly.
SGG Ep11-5
I agree with the students who thinks that Soo-ah’s punishment is too light for what she has done. However, dramas. Looks like Yeon-doo and Soo-ah are friends again as Yeon-doo hits Soo-ah’s forehead playfully for being slapped by her. She even uses Yeol’s “1-2-3” options on Soo-ah. Oh, the influence from her love. 😛
SGG Ep11-6 SGG Ep11-7
Oh, remember the movie date Yeol had asked Yeon-doo out before exams? Yeon-doo finally gives answer by sticking post-it on Yeol’s forehead like how he did. Hehe, look at how Yeon-doo pouts. Afraid that he might forget?
SGG Ep11-8 SGG Ep11-9
Which leaves her hanging as she sees that Yeol still have not answer her back. She asks Ha-joon about it which she makes up that it’s her “friend”, haha. She wonders if her “friend” taking initiative will come off seeming like obsession and whether the guy likes it or not. Ha-joon says it’s his type, as if referring to her. Aw, poor puppy.
SGG Ep11-11 SGG Ep11-10
To feel more pang in his heart or more like a stab in the heart, Ha-joon has to hear from Yeol about dating Yeon-doo and that he likes her a lot. Ouch.
SGG Ep11-12
Yeol seems to be ignoring Yeon-doo whole day but in fact, he has already planned a late night movie by setting up a screen monitor in the clubroom. Aw, tell me how can I not love this guy?! Yeon-doo is pretty surprised and, of course, ecstatic. Hehe, oh lovebirds.
SGG Ep11-15 SGG Ep11-14
Kim Yeol proves that he really is in love with Yeon-doo to the extent of getting jealous when Dong-jae goes home together with Yeon-doo on weekend. He keeps persisting that he should go off already and Yeon-doo is enjoying all these, hehe.
SGG Ep11-20 SGG Ep11-19
As Dong-jae goes into his home, Yeol finally gets to hold Yeon-doo’s hands, saying that he thought he was going to die. From the other side, Yeon-doo’s mother and Yeol’s father are walking together towards Yeon-doo’s home. As both couples walk, all four of them (FINALLY) meet, calling one another in shock.
SGG Ep11-21
Finally, they meet in one place! I have been looking forward to this meeting and their shocked-surprised faces are priceless! 😛
SGG Ep11-22 SGG Ep11-23
Both of the children confront their parents to which Yeon-doo’s mother denies dating (despite that Yeon-doo claims that she saw them holding hands) while Yeol’s father confirms it with his son. So opposite.
SGG Ep11-25 SGG Ep11-24
Yeol and Yeon-doo return to school dorms with their bags and are upset at the idea that their parents might get married which would lead them to become siblings. I love how both of them are similar to their own parents with both Yeol and his father saying that they should come up with a plan in different places.
SGG Ep11-26 SGG Ep11-27
That night, as Ha-joon didn’t go home because of his results, Yeon-doo confides in Ha-joon about her “friend” which he already heard from Yeol earlier. He tells her that doing what her heart tells her will give her peace. She gets it and thanks him before leaving to meet Yeol. Ha-joon mutters to himself that he can’t even do what his heart tell him.
SGG Ep11-29 SGG Ep11-30
The next day, both parents are called to meet their own child respectively, however, it seems the other way round as Yeol meets Yeon-doo’s mother while Yeon-doo meets Yeol’s father. She respectfully tells Yeol’s father about her seeing his son and how Yeol often thinks of his friend which is a surprise to Dad.
SGG Ep11-31 SGG Ep11-32
Over at Yeon-doo’s mother’s side, Yeol introduces himself as Yeon-doo’s boyfriend (!!!). Mom asks him why he likes Yeon-doo. Initially, he liked spending time with her, but it’s different now. He answers that it’s because of her belief in him which encourages him to believe in other people which Dad couldn’t do so. Aw.
SGG Ep11-33 SGG Ep11-34
Sigh, why do they have to make Ha-joon suffer more at the hands of his father?! His father heard about school spot checks and that they would focus on cheerleading club which Ha-joon is part of and his father asks him to quit it. Ha-joon tells him to give him two more weeks which gets him beaten again. Ugh. His heart is already in pain and now he has to endure physical pain all over again.
SGG Ep11-35
SGG Ep11-37 SGG Ep11-36
Yeol is hell worried about his best friend as he goes looking for him. Yeon-doo also looks for Ha-joon and finds him sitting at the bottom of staircases. She sees his wounds which she tries to touch but Ha-joon slaps her hand away to Yeon-doo’s surpise.
SGG Ep11-38 SGG Ep11-39
He tells her to leave and pretend not to see him. She leaves but not after telling him that she doesn’t want him to be in pain. At the last moment, Ha-joon runs after her to back-hug her, surprising Yeon-doo and telling her not to leave as it’s too painful. Ugh, writer, why.
SGG Ep11-41 SGG Ep11-43
Yeol finds them in the nurse’s room and it feels weirdly awkward. He gently tells Yeon-doo to go and rest while he treats Ha-joon.
SGG Ep11-44
Ah, so, he actually witnessed Ha-joon back-hug Yeon-doo earlier. I guess he now realises Ha-joon’s feelings for Yeon-doo and that it could jeopardise their bromance friendship.
SGG Ep11-45 SGG Ep11-46
The next day, everyone acts as if nothing had happened and Yeol offers to give another lesson (oh hey, her rank is now 195th!) in exchange of having lunch together three times per week. TOO ADORABLE, their smiles (and eye smile!).
SGG Ep11-47 SGG Ep11-48
Day isn’t going well for Ha-joon as Principal Choi tells him about the school chairman’s request of him to withdraw from the cheerleading club. The chairman and his father are very close, and are powerful, and if Ha-joon doesn’t withdraw, Coach Nam’s and Teacher Yang’s jobs could be jeopardised. Ugh, not again.
SGG Ep11-49 SGG Ep11-50
This makes Ha-joon think of his father’s words and decide that he quits which is an abrupt changes to the club as they will have to change position. Everyone hears of Ha-joon’s withdrawal and Yeol goes to look for him in the sports hall.
SGG Ep11-51 SGG Ep11-52
Yeol confronts him about his withdrawal and asks for the reason to which Ha-joon replies that he should focus on studying instead and that he was getting bored. However, Yeol isn’t believing him as he roars at him, asking if those all are the reasons.
SGG Ep11-54
He gets to the point, yelling-asking Ha-joon if it’s because of Kang Yeon-doo. Oh dammit. I don’t think it’s because of Kang Yeon-doo and that Yeol is mistaken. I hope that Ha-joon would tell him about what Principal Choi and his father had told him.
SGG Ep11-53

It has come full circle as Ha-joon is forced to quit the cheerleading club when, in fact, he was actually the reason why Yeol persuaded Yeon-doo and gathered members to form the club despite meaning to build Soo-ah’s specs, in order to protect him. I really do hope that, in final episode, their friendship wouldn’t be ruined because of Yeon-doo. Ha-joon puts his friendship first and suffers on his own. I know that it’s wrong of him to back-hug Yeon-doo out of blue but that’s because he is at his weakest point and needs someone at his side. He knows his limit and tries, and still trying, to treat her as a friend as Yeol is his dear best friend, not wanting to lose him. Like how Yeon-doo had said, he is like a marshmallow – hard on outside but is soft inside. I am sure that Yeol doesn’t want to lose Ha-joon as a friend too, now that he knows about his feelings for Yeon-doo whom he is dating. He is always worrying about him and couldn’t stand it anymore when Ha-joon is being beaten up by his bad father again.
SGG Ep11-40

Now, even if the love triangle would get solved, the question in the final episode is – Would Yeon-doo and Yeol become couple or… siblings? As if love triangle isn’t complicated already, the relationship between their parents are way more complicated from the beginning. Or when Yeol starts to fall in love with Yeon-doo. I think some viewers would think that Yeon-doo should become a couple with Ha-joon and siblings with Yeol. That would solve all the problem. But, no. Yeon-doo has fallen in love with Yeol. Sigh, it’s so complicated, making us scratch out head as we wonder how their relationship (between the kids and their parents) is going to turn out in next and last episode. The past few episodes have been quite a mess, I have to admit, and I hope-pray for a good and satisfied ending.
SGG Ep11-55


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