Sassy, Go Go – Episode 12 (Final) Review

It’s da final episode! How time flies! We know what is coming but they surprise us with better ones which make up for the past (messed up) episodes. The cheerleading team is at the risk of not being able to participate as regional is around the corner.

SGG Ep12-4
When asked if it’s because of Yeon-doo that he is quitting, Ha-joon doesn’t tell the truth and asks, “What if it is?” Yeol grabs him and yells at him that he should have told him. But what is he going to do about it, Ha-joon asks?
SGG Ep12-5
Yeol isn’t able to answer that and broods over the argument later that night when Ha-joon leaves his bed in the middle of the night.
SGG Ep12-6 SGG Ep12-7
Resolving the argument always come first for Yeol as he skips lunch with Yeon-doo to look for Ha-joon. Even though Ha-joon is right that Yeol can’t stop liking Yeon-doo, Yeol tells him that he can’t lose him either. He even feels like crap about Ha-joon’s feelings which Ha-joon said he will take care of it. Aw, bromance is fixed!
SGG Ep12-8 SGG Ep12-9
Inspection day comes and, even though Soo-ah’s mother tries to shut the Baek Ho parents’ mouths, they still rattle on her and Principal Choi about using their children to build specs through cheerleading.
SGG Ep12-11 SGG Ep12-10
I wonder how the news travel that fast that Sevit High’s cheerleading club even made to internet news for being a ploy to stack specs. To shock them even further, they see the notice that the club is disbanded as of now. Noooo.
SGG Ep12-12 SGG Ep12-13
It means that Coach Nam is fired and Principal Choi is fired as well (which Teacher Im is so glad about, hah). Teacher Yang drowns his sorrow at the disbandment and is very thankful towards Coach Nam for the changes in kids.
SGG Ep12-15 SGG Ep12-14
Coach Nam, as classy as ever, parts ways with the whole team in a classical way as they are too upset to let her go. Aw. Before she leaves, she tells them to cheer one another on a lot.
SGG Ep12-16 SGG Ep12-17
Ha-joon finally hears about the disbandment and goes to look for his father who confirms that he was the one who made it happen, saying that it was to protect him. Ha-joon doesn’t believe it and asks if is because he is scared to have his corruption exposed, which earns him a slap. Okay, enough.
SGG Ep12-19 SGG Ep12-18
The kids are upset that they are not able to take part in competition which is only two days away and that they can’t give up. Yeon-doo comments how they didn’t want to start cheerleading in the first place and that they did it to get Real King back. But, they have grown to love it and always had fun. She tells them not to decide quickly and to give it some more individual thought.
SGG Ep12-20 SGG Ep12-21
Ha-joon is locked up in his room by his father and Yeol goes to his home to look for him but is not able to. He then goes to see his father and hears that he was the one who made Ha-joon quit. That’s news to Yeol. He clenches his fist and firmly tells the father to stop beating Ha-joon and that’s not love, before leaving.
SGG Ep12-22 SGG Ep12-70
Soo-ah finds Yeon-doo alone and asks why she doesn’t do anything since the Kang Yeon-doo she knows would ask them to plan something to enter competition secretly. Yeon-doo agrees but she knows that it’ll hurt them. No wonder Yeon-doo is such a great leader!
SGG Ep12-24 SGG Ep12-23
The next day, she tells the members that she will wait for them at arena and that they will have to decide – skip school to go to arena or not show up. Afterwards, Yeol tells her that some may not show up and she understands. Now is the time to find a way to get Ha-joon!
SGG Ep12-25
They sneak out early in the morning the next day and wait for Ha-joon’s parents to leave. Yeon-doo rings the emergency alarm which Ha-joon manages to get the lady to get him out.
SGG Ep12-27 SGG Ep12-26
Yeah! Your best friend has come to save the day! “Let’s go!”
SGG Ep12-29 SGG Ep12-30
On the way there, Ha-joon sees his father and goes up to him bravely. He even stops his father from slapping him when he refuses to go back home! He finally shows him his scars on his wrist. Ha-joon tells his father that he has been hating himself because he beats him up. But now, he is not going to hate himself, no longer afraid of his father and storms off.
SGG Ep12-31
Yeon-doo worries for nothing as whole cheerleading team is present and when they try to register, they heard that Sevit High Cheerleading team is not permitted to enter. They curse at the man who says that rules are rules.
SGG Ep12-33 SGG Ep12-32
A voice comes up behind them and it’s Coach Nam who is on the board of Cheerleading Committee! She tells the kids to go prepare and once they are gone, Coach Nam actually kneels down to beg the man to register them. Hah.
SGG Ep12-35 SGG Ep12-34
The competition has begun and they gaze in awe at the last year champion’s performance. Wow. They are worried about theirs but Yeon-doo cheers them up by saying that 13 of them are all here and that’s what matters most. And have fun.
SGG Ep12-37 SGG Ep12-36
As soon as they get on the stage, the audience recognise them as the club being used to build specs, but Teacher Yang shouts encouragement words at them. “Fighting!” he yells.
SGG Ep12-38
They perform cheerleading successfully with the claps from the audience (yay), though not the best (and at bottom place). As the performance ends, the kids put their cue cards which say, “I’m cheering for who I am today!” Woohoo~
SGG Ep12-2 SGG Ep12-41
SGG Ep12-39 SGG Ep12-40
They smile the audience as they flashback to how much they have gone through and bond over the time. We hear Yeon-doo’s voice in voiceover,

“Please remember the time when we were hurting passionately at eighteen. With you, I became we. Therefore, I was encouraged. Because of you, I got a chance to look at myself. Therefore, I was able to grow up a little bit more. We will continue to fall down at hurdles in life. We’ll make mistakes and get hurt, because we’re inexperienced. We will also cry. But I will not regret. Because we’ve tried our best to be happy today.”

SGG Ep12-46 SGG Ep12-45
Ha-joon finally lets Yeon-doo know of his feelings towards her through using gummy bears. Gummy bears! Hahah, are they now gummy bears buddy? Cute. I like how he is cool about letting her know of his feelings and not expecting anything return since Yeon-doo is not his best friend’s girlfriend.
SGG Ep12-50 SGG Ep12-49
Which brings us to the cute bromance between the two guys! Short moment, but when Yeol says that he is going to freeze to death, Ha-joon tells him, “You can keep me close and hug me.” Heheh.
SGG Ep12-52 SGG Ep12-51
A restraining order was filed against Ha-joon’s father for child abuse, yay! He walks into police station where he passes by Soo-ah’s mother who is being investigated for corruption cases involving specs at school. Despite that, Soo-ah seems happy and even sends a video message to her to encourage her.
SGG Ep12-56 SGG Ep12-55
Teacher Im finally becomes the principal of the school, however, it ends quickly. HAHA. Real King and Baek Ho are still the same – being at bottom and top places respectively – except that it’s different this time which they have friends with whom they can do anything together. Looks like they are still in cheerleading club as Coach Nam is back!
SGG Ep12-57
Meanwhile, Dong-jae has returned to basketball which he always loved. Soo-ah has been stealing Yeon-doo’s strawberry milk, aw. Hehe. No worries, you got your banana milk from Yeol!
SGG Ep12-61
SGG Ep12-58 SGG Ep12-59
Looks like Yeol is no longer against his father’s relationship with Yeon-doo’s mother as the flashback shows that they have talked seriously and that he saw a card from Yeon-doo’s mother to his father about telling him that she will respect his decision that he will give up marriage for his son’s happiness.
SGG Ep12-63
Hah, so, Yeol has come up with a plan to be with Yeon-doo – changing his family register. Smartass. In voiceover, Yeon-doo continues to say that they still have not given up their love. Ha-joon joins them, saying, “if he cheats, come to me. I’m very faithful, you know.” The rest of the club join them as well, laughing together. 😀
SGG Ep12-66

I like how it ends. Especially the adults’ and kids’ relationships as I was expecting either one of the couples to give up their love. However, Yeol decides to let his father love his girlfriend’s mother. Being smartass as he is, he actually thinks of changing his family register. Anyway, it’s a good thing that Yeol thinks that way because adults’ love is more “guaranteed” than his love with Yeon-doo since they are still young and have long way to go.
SGG Ep12-67

In regards to Yeon-doo’s voiceover about been eighteen, it practically sums up this whole drama. Throughout everything, it shows how the kids have grown up and found friends they’d do anything with through cheerleading. Though they did not win a prize (which is realistic, since they only practiced for few months), at least they had fun. At least, they got onto the stage and performed. Memories – they are what matter most, so that they can look back at how crazy they were and fun they had. They may have made mistakes, but it’s because they are inexperienced and those are what will teach them in life. As you may remember, most of them cried but that’s only in that moment and they do not regret afterwards. Because they have tried to be happy. In whole, happiness is the thing. It is important. Soo-ah’s and Ha-joon’s stories are the examples of that. They wanted happiness but their parents have been taking it away from them. It’s what friendship and love make them happy and strong again.
SGG Ep12-69

Kwon Soo-ah has always been pressurised by her mother and she finally shows her relaxing side after thinking through that she shouldn’t always follow her mother’s road map because that’s not what she wanted. She gets the encouragement words from the team and that’s what makes her stand for herself in front her own mother. Chae Soo-bin has done well done in being a hateful girl, but that’s only for a moment. I couldn’t hate her because her mother made her that way, not herself though her wrongdoings were her choices. It’s nice to see her grow out of being mean girl, who would do anything to bring everyone down, and into a loving girl. I am glad that they didn’t take her relationship with Dong-jae to another level because it still weirds me out, haha. Seo Ha-joon doesn’t really receive any love from his family and it makes sense why Yeon-doo’s caring personality is what makes him fall for her. He also gets the courage to stand for himself like Soo-ah. Ji Soo has also done well in portraying the emotion, be it pain, stern or happy, on his face and I have heard about him in Angry Mom which I should watch as well. And yay to making second male lead in the progress in this drama!
SGG Ep12-68

Kim Yeol is a unique male lead, in my opinion. He is still the same as always though, only that he is starting to believe in others because of Yeon-doo. His parents made him decide not to trust anybody till Yeon-doo comes in the picture. Yeon-doo believes in him even when he was accused. Like Ha-joon, it’s what make Yeol falls for her. Lee Won Geun is such an eyecandy and I hope to see him in another drama soon! As always, Jung Eun Ji has done terrific job in portraying Kang Yeon-doo. She makes Yeon-doo a lovable character. Like everyone else, she has gone through a lot of things but everyone depends on her decision and her leadership is amazing.
SGG Ep12-62

Even though Sassy, Go Go was bit messed up (damn love triangle!) in the middle and bit rushed in the final episode, it’s been good so far which I am bit satisfied with. It gives us lessons on teamwork, friendship and happiness. Through cheerleading and great teamwork, everyone gains new friends which they start to have fun. Not to forget that the teachers also played important roles in keeping them together. Now, it’s a happy ending and everybody smiled. Cheer up, everybody! 😀
SGG Ep12-65


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