D-Day – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: JTBC
Episodes: 20

I stopped writing reviews, since episode 6, for every episode for this drama due to real-life commitments.

The short summary
A natural disaster strikes the city of Seoul and a team of medical doctors and emergency personnel struggle to deal with its aftermath.

Its new genre
DDay Ep20-5
It’s the first ever new genre for a Korean drama – medical disaster – and I like how it gives whole new feel, giving insights on how a medical team deal with the aftermath of natural disaster which they didn’t expect to hit a popular city, Seoul. It also gives us a story for us to imagine by watching D-Day about the aftermath of natural disaster. We probably couldn’t live through if such thing happened in real life.

DDay Ep20-6
Lives are important to doctors and the citizens depend on them to save their lives or their loved ones. Therefore, the fate is all in a doctor’s hands whether the person will live or not. It’s a great stress yet they will always try their best to save one’s life as they are smart, y’know.

Those characters
DDay Ep20-8
Lee Hye-sung (played by Kim Young Kwang) is a doctor whom the viewers trust when it comes to saving lives, even though he is a really reckless character. Of course, there will always be a flaw as he failed to save one. Because of his personality, we see how the patients’ lives are affected by him. Not only the patients though, but the people around him as well. For example, his comatose mother. It’s really sad how they have to kill off his younger brother, Lee Woo-sung (played by Song Ji Ho) in the last few episode. Oh cries. Kim Young Kwang has put a lot of effort in expressing his emotions and personality. I can feel him whenever he is boiling with anger or frustrated when he can’t do anything and wants to save a patient. I have seen the actor in Plus Nine Boys (which I am currently catching up on) and I have to admit that he is one of great actors. So far, he has portrayed Lee Hye-sung very well like how other characters did.

DDay Ep20-7
I have never hated a character so much to the point of wanting him dead and wishing him hell, like how Hye-sung almost didn’t want to save him when he was dying because of all what he have done to him as hospital director. Yes, the hospital director, Director Park Gun (played by Lee Geung Young) but I have to say that the actor has done superb job in portraying very-hated antagonist character. I hate how he always want to take the scalpel away from Hye-sung just because he always acts against his order to do a surgery and that Hye-sung messed with his pride as he is one of the best doctors, other than Han Woo-jin.

DDay Ep20-9
Speaking of Han Woo-jin (played by Ha Suk Jin), I like how his character develop throughout the show. He is one of those who have changed a lot. He used to be a hated person because of his little greed, thanks to Director Park, but realised later of how corrupted and evil the director is. He is becoming bit like Hye-sung and now understands him why Hye-sung did what he did recklessly.

DDay Ep20-11 DDay Ep20-10
Now, it’s time for the girls. I am so glad to see Jung So Min back onscreen again and she played Jung Ddol-mi who is like bit tomboy-ish. But, she is still so pretty-adorable as I have seen her in Playful Kiss and movie Twenty. I really do hope that we will get to see her in a new drama again. As for Yoon Joo Hee who played Park Jina, the daughter of Director Park (yes, it’s true!), I have seen her in God’s Quiz. I didn’t recognise her at first because she looked so different in God’s Quiz! Her character is probably one of those having the hardest time as she hates her own father too. At least, she is not like her evil father.

Littleeee romance
DDay Ep20-1 DDay Ep20-2
Not that I am complaining, there are bits and bits of romance in this drama, pairing here and there up. In fact, I like how they don’t mainly focus on romance (duh, as its genre is medical disaster) but they use it to heal one another through hard times. That love and support are important during hard times, be it family or a couple. I have been wondering how Hye-sung and Ddol-mi would get together since they would have to part eventually. But, hey, I am glad that the writer didn’t forget about their budding romance at the end of the finale, even when Ddol-mi returned to her hometown. Greatly, we can see that Ddol-mi has been affected by Hye-sung a lot during the times she worked with him as she unconsciously uses the same words Hye-sung used back then, hehe.

There are other expected pair ups – Han Woo-jin and Park Jina, Chief Kang (played by Kim Hye Eun) and Ga Ja-hyuk (played by Cha In pyo) (Their relationship is really stable!), Ahn Dae-gil (played by Infinite’s Lee Sung Yeol) and Eun So-yul (played by Kim Jung Hwa) (They are so adorable together!) and probably these two guys, Doctor Yoo Myung-hyun (played by Go Kyu Pil) and Firefighter Cha Ki-woong (played by Kim Ki Moo). Hehe. 😛
DDay Ep20-12 DDay Ep20-13

Overall Thoughts
DDay Ep20-14
D-Day is really good, even it’s a pre-production and 20-episodes long drama. I am so glad that they took on this new genre, giving us a refreshing feel and view. Even though there are flaws, I like how the writer gives every character a story of their own, entangling their lives together. I am not sure what intrigued me throughout the show, perhaps its medical disaster genre, the antagonist or whichever, but it kept me hooked onto every episode, making me look forward to next. As for the ending, because it’s a 20-episodes drama, I felt like there was no end but they managed to remind us that it has already wrapped up by giving us a sweet and nice ending. 😀
DDay Ep20-3


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