Imaginary Cat – Episode 1 Review

I am back to writing reviews again for a drama! Well, I hope so. This time, it’s Yoo Seung Ho’s comeback drama (not exactly, since it’s a cable drama) and 8-episodes long, Imaginary Cat. 😀 Two words to describe this show: Cuteness Overload!!

IMC Ep1-3
Hyun Jong-hyun (played by Yoo Seung Ho) lives with his fat orange furry cat, Bok-gil (voiced by Han Ye Ri), who is so cute, talking to her owner. However, Jong-hyun can’t hear what his cat is saying at all. I wish he could. D:
IMC Ep1-5 IMC Ep1-4
He struggles with living as a webtoon artist he didn’t get signed on as told by PD Dokko-soon (played by Lee El) and seems to be on not-good terms with a star webtoonist, Park Jin-sung (played by Kim Hyun Joon whom I can’t not laugh at his face because of his role back in Plus Nine Boys).
IMC Ep1-8 IMC Ep1-9
Oh Na-woo (played by Jo Hye Jung, she looks like Lee Yu Bi!)  is another cat lover who has lost her cat, Haru, and whom Jong-hyun meets through an unfortunate incident, when he defended her and when he was drunk (which he remembers later, hah, that was so cute).
IMC Ep1-10
You know, maybe Bok-gil is Haru, Na-woo’s cat… Because of the little bell! Bok-gil thinks, “Why are you taking my bell away?”, when Jong-hyun doesn’t give it to Bok-gil as it’s not his. I love how they add this little mystery though the first episode doesn’t give a strong start.
IMC Ep1-14 IMC Ep1-15
But, hey, it’s all about cat and a man healing each other. Oh, and a woman too. Jong-hyun’s buddy, Yook Hae-gong (played by Kim Min Seok), mentions something about his first love, Soo-in, and that she no longer exists in this world. Ah, is that why Jong-hyun has been single and living with Bok-gil ever since?
IMC Ep1-11
Which brings us to this cat-lover couple. I wonder how their romance is going to develop through Bok-gil or cats. Since it’s “Imaginary” Cat, perhaps Bok-gil is an imagination, in Jong-hyun’s mind? That Bok-gil is Haru, but different appearance?

I simply love this simple mini drama already. Well, the story doesn’t matter as long as there is Yoo Seung Ho and cat(s)! I love how Bok-gil is able to “act” so relevantly. It’s as if the cat itself can talk for real. Again, I wish for Jong-hyun to be able to hear and converse properly with Bok-gil. But then, it’s more fun this way, with Bok-gil thinking her own thoughts to herself so that we can see from the cat’s point of view. 😀
IMC Ep1-16

Yoo Seung Ho, as always, is so adorable and I love how he is totally a cat-lover and wants the viewers to understand the animals well through Imaginary Cat. This is why he chose to take on this project even though it’s a Korean cable drama which might not get good and high viewership ratings. I do hope that ahjummas watch this! xD
IMC Ep1-17


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