Imaginary Cat – Episode 2 Review

We get more insights on Jong-hyun’s past life – his first love and how he met the cat, Bok-gil. It’s just so adorableee!

IMC Ep2-2
Third chapter namely “Oh! My Muse” of the show is basically about the muse and yes, it’s the cat! Bok-gil is Jong-hyun’s muse as he finally comes up with idea for his new project when Bok-gil steps all over his paper with paw prints.
IMC Ep2-5 IMC Ep2-4
Partially, I feel that Na-woo is also another muse as she suggested trying to draw what is most dear to Jong-hyun who gets annoyed getting stuck with her throughout the night at the book shop.
IMC Ep2-6 IMC Ep2-7
HAH, it’s hilarious when Dokko-soon gets drunk and upset, saying that Bok-gil is just a cat, having thought Bok-gil was Jong-hyun’s girlfriend. “I must be a woman who is not even as good as a cat.” Hahah. xD Hae-gong explains that Bok-gil’s existence is a miracle after Jong-hyun’s close friend died and lost motivation to draw.
IMC Ep2-8
Speaking of, we get to hear Bok-gil’s narrative voice as she is scared and alone at home, about how she was abandoned years ago. We also hear Jong-hyun’s narrative voice as the past himself discovered Bok-gil as kitten near where his first love’s urn was at. Aw, this scene~
IMC Ep2-9
Na-woo has mentioned about celebrating Bok-gil’s birthday as it is the day when Jong-hyun had found her, so they celebrated with stacks of cat food. Aw, look at the little hat on top of Bok-gil’s head! So obedient, hehe.
IMC Ep2-11 IMC Ep2-10
In fourth chapter “Let Me In”, beside the backstory of how Jong-hyun and Bok-gil meet, we also learn bit of how Jong-hyun’s first love, Jung Soo-in (played by Solar), left the world. It’s just weird, though. It’s like another mystery surfaces as we learn that Soo-in committed suicide. What’s strange is that Soo-in had confessed to Jong-hyun but he didn’t give her his answer (we all know that he liked her too).
IMC Ep2-12
It is a great regret for Jong-hyun who, in present, ponders why he didn’t say it that time.
IMC Ep2-14 IMC Ep2-13
Jong-hyun and Na-woo continue to bond over cats as the cat who Na-woo has been feeding died and blames the ahjussi for killing it. Jong-hyun manages to calm her down, saying that stray cats die on street and that her cat, Haru, is well somewhere.
IMC Ep2-15 IMC Ep2-23
As people don’t live forever, animals too. Jong-hyun tells Na-woo that he is mentally prepared for the saddest day when Bok-gil might pass on. Bok-gil has grown older now that she is having a hard time jumping up on the chair when it used to be easy. Aw, man. Na-woo tells him to keep loving her as that is the best thing a human could do.
IMC Ep2-16 IMC Ep2-17
Hah, I love how grumpy Bok-gil is when she tells Jong-hyun to get lost as he comes home later than he told her. But, she is eased as Jong-hyun massages her, hehe.
IMC Ep2-18 IMC Ep2-19
Having wanted to see Bok-gil, Na-woo invites herself to Jong-hyun’s home as she guesses correctly, taking Jong-hyun by surprise. Girl, really, wow. Bok-gil approaches the door and thinks to herself that the human has never let any woman other than herself in past seven years.
IMC Ep2-24
“What are you doing? Hurry and tell her no!” Now, is Jong-hyun going to let Na-woo into his home?

If so, Na-wo would probably be the first woman to be ever let in his house in seven years. Wow, seven years! Speaking of seven years, that’s how long since Na-woo has lost her cat, Haru. All the more it’s likely Bok-gil is the lost kitten Haru. However, seven years is a long time and Bok-gil is now grown up (oh so adorably fatty) so Na-woo most likely won’t be able to recognise Haru. If only there is a marking or something on Bok-gil.
IMC Ep2-21

I like how Jong-hyun has long-time friend, Hae-gong, so that he is not lonely at all. At least there is his friend who understands him and his attachment to a cat. That, like in previous episode, Hae-gong knows how his friend is a sucker for cat stuffs like cat food to make him come out all the way, hehe.
IMC Ep2-22


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