Plus Nine Boys – Overall Review

Year: 2014
Korean Channel: tvN
Episodes: 14

The Story
There is a common Korean belief that anything plus nine is always “cursed” and brings about more hardship than usual. The drama revolves around the four boys whose ages are 9 years old, 19 years old, 29 years old and 39 years old, who believe they are cursed to be unlucky, be it in love or at work.

The Number 9
PNB Ep14-3
I have been wanting to watch this drama since its airing last year, but I am not sure why I didn’t catch it that time. The reason I want to watch it because of its number – nine. It’s my favourite number, well because of my birthday. xD Plus Nine Boys has really an interesting way of showing the lives of four guys simultaneously and how their ages affect their lives in similar ways. Four romances in one drama.

Four guys and their girls
PNB Ep14-4
Kang Jin-goo, 29 years old, (played by Kim Young Kwang) is mainly the male lead of all the guys and I knew from the beginning that he is the one who would successfully have the girl, Ma Se-young (played by Kyung Soo Jin, who looks like Son Ye Jin!), as his mother heard from the fortune-teller about one of the guys meeting a girl.
PNB Ep14-5 PNB Ep14-6
It’s understandable that Se-young didn’t believe Jin-goo’s love and sincerity towards her at first, since he has been such a jerk and player. However, I am glad that she comes to realise that he is being serious and likes him back. Their relationship is kind of common one, I guess? And it’s sad to see their friends, Park Jae-bum (played by Kim Hyun Joon) and Lee Go-eun (played by Park Min Ha) hurt as Jae-bum and Go-eun are not being able to be with Se-young and Jin-goo respectively. But, gladly, they are all friends again in the end. 😀

PNB Ep14-9
The boys’ uncle, Goo Kwang-soo (played by Oh Jung Se), is pathetically 39 years old, hah. In the first few episodes, I was so curious who one of his exes would enter his life again. And, bam, it’s divorcee Joo Da-in (played by Yoo Da In) with 5-years-old kid.
PNB Ep14-8 PNB Ep14-7
I didn’t understand why Da-in left Kwang-soo abruptly, but then I understand after watching and thinking more. She should have stayed on to clear up the misunderstanding, though. Kwang-soo was partially at fault too, for not realising  how he had been delaying plans with her thus making her feel lonely on her own. Sad how Kwang-soo’s sister, Goo Bok-ja (played by Kim Mi-kyung), the mother of three sons, don’t approve of her brother’s relationship with his ex-turned-divorcee-mother-become-his-girlfriend-again, though we could see that Bok-ja is beginning to accept it in the final episode.

PNB Ep14-10
Yook Sungjae added to the reasons why I wanted to watch this drama since Who Are You: School 2015 and he played 19 years old Kang Min-goo. He is such a childish when it comes to being in love. But he matured throughout as his girlfriend, Han Soo-ah (also known as Bong-sook, played by APink’s Park Cho Rong) is older than him.
PNB Ep14-11 PNB Ep14-12
Soo-ah is different from what we thought of her at first as she is known to be a legend back in high school. Despite that, Min-goo still likes her. But their relationship ended on a nice note in the final episode, which I am glad about. It’s because they are still young and I like how Soo-ah tell Min-goo to do what he wants (Judo) as she has a dream of her own, which she finally gets to audition for a talent show. At least, Soo-ah has somehow taught Min-goo about life as he has finally come to sense.

PNB Ep14-13
Oh, how adorable is this little boy?! This little boy is the youngest out of all the guys, Kang Dong-goo (played by Choi Ro Woon) and 9 years old. Loved this adorable kid in Good Doctor! This child actor is amazingly great at acting for his age! Damn, he could pull off “not-being-able-to-act-well” in Plus Nine Boys. It’s funny how his role Kang Dong-goo already has girlfriend at such young age. Even this kid has better love life than me, hah. As in having one ah. But it’s sad how his girlfriend chose another guy, his rival in acting and love. At least that’s what pushed this little boy to be a better child actor in this show. I mean, his role Kang Dong-goo, not the child actor himself.
PNB Ep14-14
I like how they focus on him in the end of the final when the mother Bok-ja finally shows the footage of his father as Dong-goo has no memories of his own father. I realised how Dong-goo’s story was more like on becoming a successful child actor even though he lost his girl to his rival. But at least, he learnt how to get in touch with his emotions and that’s what being an actor all about for him.

Overall Thoughts
PNB Ep14-15
I especially love the title “September 19” for episode 7 (I just checked that they aired this episode on 19 September, wow. Was that a coincidence or on purpose?). (winks) And, also how they dedicated one episode (episode 9 “The girls’ stories”) to the girls and their perspectives.

It has been great, plot-wise, overall. I am satisfied with how all the four guys had their stories wrapped up in a truthful way. They all grew and matured throughout the series. Each of the guys have their own story and I love how they portrayed their own lives, be it in love or at work, plus friendship. They all have gone through hard times together but at different places and aspects. I can relate mostly to one of them because of our similar age and feel that I should learn a thing or two from this show. Even though there is really nothing much heavy or whatever in this show, Plus Nine Boys was more like conveying real life situations, no matter what age you are. There may be downs in our life, but there are ups as well. Dream and work hard to achieve the dream. Learn the hard way. Yup, these are what I learnt from this show. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to this show and the guys as I am really satisfied with the ending.
PNB Ep14-17


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