Oh My Venus – Currently Watching

Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 8th December)

So far, I am liking this show! All thanks to the awesome leads and other characters. Oh, the cuteness and not to forget the sexiness as well. 😉

OMV Ep1-4
Shin Min Ah has such a perfect figure and face, so I wonder how they even make her look chubby and fat in this show with the makeup and all. Wow, it’s power of makeup and television effect.
OMV Ep2-1
She plays a lawyer Kang Joo-eun who becomes overweight over the course of years of working. Not only that, she is cheated on by her boyfriend after 15 years! That’s it till she meets someone who changes her life and it’s none other than…
OMV Ep2-2
Kim Young-ho (played by So Ji Sub) who is also known as John Kim, the world renowned secret physical trainer. Man, he is such a fit guy and y’know… sexy. I love how friendly and “loving” he is with his secretary, hehe. Whenever I see So Ji Sub in this show, I would expect him to say “Get lost” because of the last drama he was in, Master’s Sun. Hah. 😛 Now it’s “No carbs!”
OMV Ep7-2 OMV Ep7-1
As expected, Young-ho is always saving the damsel in distress. I wish Joo-eun would be stronger (well, I can’t keep expecting a strong willed and minded female lead from every drama). Anyway, these two have such sizzling chemistry. By that, yes, I mean they are cute and sexy together at the same time. How is that possible?!
OMV Ep7-3
Recently, I can feel the lust from these two, oh my gawd. xD

OMV Ep2-3
Anyway, moving onto the world’s worst bastard, Im Woo-shik (played by Jung Gyu Woon). This actor is more like reprising his role from Birth of A Beauty, and hey, that drama is similar to Oh My Venus! I am glad that Woo-shik doesn’t get much screen time, hehe. He sucks.
OMV Ep6-3
The woman he left Joo-eun for is Oh Soo-jin (played by Yoo In Young who is playing yet another ferocious second female lead since Mask) who used to be overweight. Now, she has slimmed down and is a successful lawyer, opposite of what Kang Joo-eun is.

OMV Ep8-4
No worries, Joo-eun has the guy to help her get back to her slim figure from high school days. And she is slimming now, look at her face!

OMV Ep8-2 OMV Ep8-3
Of course, we must not forget these two boys who are Young-ho’s sidekicks, Jang Joon-sung (played by Sung Hoon, glad to see him again after seeing him in New Tales Of Gisaeng!) ad Kim Ji-woong (played by Henry Lau, from Super Junior M!!). Thank goodness that we seeing a member from Super Junior on screen after Siwon who starred previously in She Was Pretty.
OMV Ep6-1
Love them three together, hehe.

OMV Ep6-2
Why you should watch Oh My Venus
– The couple!
– Their sizzling chemistryyyy
– So Ji Sub and his funny expression
– Light-hearted
– The three boys (as seen above)

Okay, not much. However, it’s really worth watching it, thanks to the leads’ chemistry and of course, the boys. Hehe. Now that Joo-eun and Young-ho are dating, I wonder how they are going to move forward as Young-ho has become the director of a company which he has been avoiding. As for Joo-eun, when she returns to her original figure, I wonder if Woo-shik would try to get her back. If he does try, he better not, lol. It’s too late for him.

Oh yes, would Young-ho’s identity as John Kim be really exposed by Woo-shik? Ugh. It is going to put the couple’s life at stake. So far, Oh My Venus has been good! 😀
OMV Ep8-1


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