Remember–Son’s War – Episode 1 Review

It’s so intensive already! Too much feeeeels. Plus it’s Yoo Seung Ho again! 😀 I have been looking forward to this show, and I am so glad it’s finally here. Remember manages to deliver what it promised – melo, tears and thrills.

Seo Jin-woo (played by Yoo Seung Ho!) is a lawyer, defending his own father who has been in prison for four years. However, the thing is that his own father, Seo Jae-hyuk (played by Jun Kwang Ryul), is having mental illness.
Dad is not remembering anything, not even his son who is pretty used to it but determined to prove his father’s innocence. At times, Jin-woo can get frustrated and begs Dad to remember, even if he can’t remember, when Dad resigns himself to fate.
RMBSW Ep1-10 RMBSW Ep1-11
We are brought back to four years ago when it all started. Jin-woo and Dad had good old days like any other days. They are so lovingly adorable together as father and son, even face-timing to see each other’s face!
RMBSW Ep1-17 RMBSW Ep1-18
That amazing moment when Jin-woo shows off his super memory as a girl, Lee In-ah (played by Park Min Young), accuses him of stealing her wallet. LOL, she actually stops everyone on the bus to get them to police station, reciting the laws she studied.
RMBSW Ep1-19
I wish I have his ability to remember every single detail even down to the point. He recalls seeing a suspicious man who cut open In-ah’s bag to steal the wallet perfectly, stolen car’s license plate number and even heard what the culprit spoke on the phone of his whereabouts. Wow. Just amazing. And so it happens, the culprit is one of the suspects on the wall, astonishing the detectives and passengers.
RMBSW Ep1-20 RMBSW Ep1-21
However, it only embarrasses In-ah who studies law. LOL, she was just spouting nonsense earlier about the criminal procedure as Jin-woo corrects her. Bwahaha. At least, he didn’t embarrass her in regards to that in front of everyone.
RMBSW Ep1-13 RMBSW Ep1-12
This feels like the reunion of Hidden Identity peeps! Lawyer (more like gangster type?) Park Dong-ho (played by Park Sung Woong) is on close terms with this hyungnim, Suk Joo-il (played by Lee Won Jong). Must be from the underground world? Joo-il is detained for hitting someone, well not. It’s more like he merely bothered a CEO without ever lifting a hand on him. The crazy CEO just wants to throw Joo-il into prison.
RMBSW Ep1-24 RMBSW Ep1-25
Even though Dong-ho’s name card says, “A criminal defence lawyer with 100% win to loss ratio”, the problem is the prosecutor behind the Joo-il’s case. But that’s the first problem which Dong-ho settles as he manages to convince Prosecutor Tak Young-jin (played Song Young Kyu) to work with him.
RMBSW Ep1-23
The real problem is the victim, Nam Gyu-man (played by Namgoong Min), who always throw tantrum whenever he feels like. He has anger issues, man.
RMBSW Ep1-26 RMBSW Ep1-27
He tells his secretary, Section Chief Ahn (played by Lee Si Eon), to not be formal with him and to be like friends. But when he says something that Gyu-man doesn’t like to hear, Gyu-man just snaps and throws him out of the car. Like, what the… His anger issues, really…
RMBSW Ep1-29 RMBSW Ep1-28
Again, he throws tantrum at the party when the singer who is Jin-woo’s neighbour, Oh Jung-ah (played by Han Bo Bae), sings the wrong song that he doesn’t like.
RMBSW Ep1-30 RMBSW Ep1-31
Dad works at Gyu-man’s place (I think so) and is off work to buy a new phone for Jin-woo. The thing is that the saleswoman tells him that he has been here few times and bought few times. But Dad denies it. Uh-oh. Jin-woo has been waiting for Dad at home.
RMBSW Ep1-32
Now, the real thing starts here. Dad wanders in forest, clearly having lost his way due to his deteriorating memory and calls Jin-woo who rushes over to find him.
RMBSW Ep1-33 RMBSW Ep1-34
He comes across a (dead) girl lying on the ground and it’s Jung-ah who was last seen with Gyu-man the night before. He panics and can’t even remember the passcode to his own phone. He faints when Jin-woo arrives. That fast? xD
RMBSW Ep1-35
It’s when Dad tells the police that he don’t even know Jung-ah to the detectives that Jin-woo finally realises that Dad might be having Alzheimer as he checks at home where there are many boxes of same phones and other products. How can he not notice this at first?! But, it’s so sad. D:
RMBSW Ep1-36
It seems that the Prosecutor Hong Moo-suk (played by Uhm Hyo Sup) whom Dong-ho dislikes, knows about Dad’s failing memory and tells the detective to take a look at his profile and statements. Oh, dammit.
RMBSW Ep1-37 RMBSW Ep1-38
And, yeah, Dad is made scapegoat as the detectives arrest him at the funeral. However, instead of going to police station, he is driven to somewhere remote. Could it be torture? Or people there manipulating his memory? The next thing we know that the news broadcasts that the suspect Seo Jae Hyuk has confessed.
RMBSW Ep1-39 RMBSW Ep1-40
Jin-woo is unable to accept Dad’s confession and visits his father who at first doesn’t recognise his own son, scaring Jin-woo. Moments later, Dad remembers his son, to Jin-woo’s relief, tears rolling down his cheeks. T_T Oh, the feeeels!
RMBSW Ep1-46
Outside the prosecutor building, people are protesting to punish the murderer and Jin-woo can only stand behind them to watch his own father being taken away inside and doesn’t hear nor see In-ah who calls out to him.
RMBSW Ep1-45
Jin-woo is now called “murderer’s son” by the citizens and get thrown eggs at. Oh cries, he is in pain and despair.

That’s a great kick start! The premiere gives off a strong emotional feeling, all thanks to Yoo Seung Ho’s superb acting ability. There are too many tears. Cries, how could he cry that much? Besides him, Jun Kwang Ryul has also really done superb job in portraying memory loss. Two of them are really a perfect match as a father and son.
RMBSW Ep1-41

It looks like it’s a race for Jin-woo to catch Gyu-man who is probably mainly the mastermind. Now, I wonder how long they are going to keep “four-years-ago” timeline because I would like more and it’d be more interesting to watch how characters develop over the course of four years, especially In-ah. For now, her character has nothing much to offer but, certainly, she will be entwined with Jin-woo to help him in his father’s case. Which also involves the Dong-ho. Will he still keep his motto – 100% winning – in Dad’s case?
RMBSW Ep1-14

Honestly, in the first place when I heard about this drama before the casting, I kind of accused the title and plot to be similar to I Remember You. However, the leads make me want to watch it. Besides that, there is one cool thing about the protagonist – hyperthymesia – and Remember is, of course, different, plot-wise. I hope that this show will keep its current pace up!


2 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 1 Review

  1. Remembering, is a gift from God, to all. What was kept in our mind stayed till we hold our last breathe on earth. Remembering is much about people, people that matters to us.
    Memories are very fair, whether to the rich or poor, the clever or the “stupid”, the good-people or Bad-people. Memories are a blessing, to all. It’s the only thing we acuminate for free as we aged in life.
    For dad, and those who has Alzheimer’s early in life, this precious part was robe, if the memories were beautiful and about loved ones. But for those who had a painful suffering life behind them, memories were tortures and is a blessing not to remember.
    We are yet to see, this “nothing missing from Seo Jinwoo’s memories” is a blessing, or a torture for him. Remember is also something we hold loved ones forever in our hearts, a gift even to our loved ones, a tool to save our loved ones in jinwoo’s case. To some, Remember is the best gift our loved ones give us.

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