Remember–Son’s War – Episode 2 Review

We get to know more about the characters’ pasts. It must not be easy for Jin-woo to deal with all these on his own as he tries every way to prove his father’s innocence by putting his ability to use.

In order to prove Dad’s innocence, a public defender has come forward to help him. However, he doesn’t seem to be good as he thinks that Dad is really guilty. Ugh.
To make matters worse, the public defender actually stutters because he is nervous. Oh my gawd, I would have died of embarrassment there. Not only that, he lacks skills to expose the holes in the case. Jin-woo looks really helpless there. D:
In the next round of trial, Dad fails to remember what he had been doing during the time the victim Jung-ah went missing when being questioned by the prosecutor, Moo-suk, making Dad more suspicious and Jung-ah’s father more hatred towards him. The public defender or Jin-woo should have brought Dad to doctor to diagnose his Alzheimer.
Jung-ah’s father’s growing hatred pushes him to put a knife to Dad’s neck, yelling at the judge to slap the sentence in front of his eyes otherwise he would kill him himself. Luckily, Dong-ho stops the commotion and Jin-woo recognises him, using his picture memory, at the columbarium.
RMBSW Ep2-10 RMBSW Ep2-11
The trial fails through, to Jin-woo’s frustration. Outside the court, Nam Yeo-kyung (played by Jung Hye Seong) thinks that Dad is the criminal and I love how In-ah defend, telling her that she is not qualified to be the juror without hearing the defendant’s side. Woohoo!
RMBSW Ep2-13 RMBSW Ep2-12
In-ah is different from others who keep accusing the murderer and his son, she comforts Jin-woo on the bus where he breaks down in tears. She tells him, “My dad told me your dad is not someone who would do such awful thing. The trial has only started.”
RMBSW Ep2-14 RMBSW Ep2-15
Aw, she even worries about him skipping his meal and informs him of her pizza house, inviting him to drop by. She keeps calling him “high schooler” to which Jin-woo tells her that he has a name, seeming to be opening up his heart towards In-ah a little.
RMBSW Ep2-16 RMBSW Ep2-17
Dong-ho is a very cautious person and knows what he is doing as he approaches our evil guy, Gyu-man, without informing him. As always, Gyu-man’s temper strikes again and beats up Dong-ho who claims to have the footage of the evidence.
RMBSW Ep2-20
Dong-ho doesn’t strike back physically as he lets Gyu-man threaten him. That’s because he already has his own guys from opposite filming everything of what Gyu-man has done to the lawyer. Clever guy.
RMBSW Ep2-19 RMBSW Ep2-18
We get the insight of how Dong-ho’s client, Joo-il (his hyungnim) is related to him as Gyu-man asked if the thug is his father. Which makes Dong-ho reminisce the day his own father died when he was a teen and hyungnim had come to visit. Hyungnim then told teen Dong-ho not to become a thug. Instead, study law.
RMBSW Ep2-22 RMBSW Ep2-21
In present, Joo-il is freed, thanks to Dong-ho, and feels proud and satisfied that he had persuaded Dong-ho to become an attorney when he wanted to be a thug.
RMBSW Ep2-23 RMBSW Ep2-24
Dong-ho’s flashback is not only one we get to see, but we also get to see Jin-woo’s as he visits columbarium. Turns out that Jin-woo’s mother and hyung had died in a car accident which only he and Dad survived.
RMBSW Ep2-26 RMBSW Ep2-25
Dong-ho has also come to visit his father’s urn where Jin-woo asks if he is a lawyer and tells him of the day he saw him when he first got his lawyer license and was crying, remembering exactly what he was wearing. Wasting no time, Jin-woo pleads with Dong-ho to help defend Dad who is framed.
However, Dong-ho asks if he has some money. And he likes people who have actually committed crimes much better. Lol, whut. He chuckles at how Dad was the one he saved at the courthouse, and just leaves, not even wanting to help Jin-woo a bit.
RMBSW Ep2-31
In order to convince Dong-ho to help him defend his father, Jin-woo manages to accumulate tons of money in cash the next day, to everyone’s surprise. When asked how a high-schooler could earn this much, Jin-woo explains that earning this much is no problemm thanks to his great memory, in half a night which Dong-ho laughs it off.
RMBSW Ep2-33 RMBSW Ep2-34
However, Jin-woo is dead serious as it turns out that he went to illegal gambling house. He played cards, putting his super memory to use, and won tons of times, earning him millions. Outside, In-ah has been following Jin-woo, involving herself into his business interestingly.
RMBSW Ep2-35 RMBSW Ep2-37
As Jin-woo was about to leave with a bag of money, he was stopped the head of the place who was about to beat him up, thinking that he might have cheated. Thank goodness for In-ah who arrived in a nick of time, lying that someone ordered pizza, distracting the men.
RMBSW Ep2-36 RMBSW Ep2-50
Hah, I love this shocked big-eyes expression! xD Girl, In-ah is such a daring girl! She even dares to go into an illegal gambling house where it could be dangerous in order to find Jin-woo though they have no relation to each other.
RMBSW Ep2-38
Acting fast, Jin-woo grabbed In-ah and made a break for outside to the rooftop where they were cornered. Luckily, Jin-woo saw a lorry of soil passing by and jumped off, dragging In-ah along. Smart boy.
RMBSW Ep2-40 RMBSW Ep2-41
Back to current at Dong-ho’s office, Dong-ho is almost speechless at what Jin-woo have done, risking his own life. Me too. However, Dong-ho still doesn’t accept his plead. Why not?? Why?
RMBSW Ep2-42
The secretary asks Dong-ho why he didn’t agree to help to which he replies, “You’re not supposed to catch the falling knife.” Hmm…
RMBSW Ep2-46 RMBSW Ep2-48
RMBSW Ep2-47 RMBSW Ep2-45
However as the trial begins, Dong-ho gets a call that he was right and struts into the court room, to everyone’s surprise. He turns to Jin-woo and asks if he waited long, winking at him. You can see how relieved and happy Jin-woo is!
RMBSW Ep2-49
Dong-ho: ”I am defendant Seo Jae Hyuk’s attorney. From today.” YAY!

Now, I wonder what finally makes me agree to help Jin-woo and Dad. He has been rejecting all the time just because of the money. But, it can’t be just the money. There has to be something else? Maybe I am thinking too much, haha. I like how he became lawyer today, thanks to his father’s friend’s persuasion.

I think I am getting In-ah’s role in this. She is different from others, especially the girl Yeo-kyung, and doesn’t anyhow accuse without any proven evidence. She is more of like a support for Jin-woo whom he really needs in times like this as he is all alone on his own. Jin-woo will need someone to open up his heart and that’s where In-ah comes in. Perhaps, her loving family wouldn’t be like others who are now staying away from “murderer’s son”.
RMBSW Ep2-30

I wish I could hug Seo Jin-woo because he cries a lot for his father! And even his whole family! As expected of Yoo Seung Ho, he is such a talented actor as seen expressing emotions incredibly in this show. I am so looking forward to what the show is going to offer because it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a ride for Jin-woo, along with his supporters. And a long battle.
RMBSW Ep2-51


3 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 2 Review

  1. Mom: “You’re rich if you have a lot of good memories… later when you become an adult. You should make people happy, and help those in need with your talent. Maybe that’s why GOD gave you that talent.”
    while the show may focus on saving dad, but I hope that along the pathway, JW learned to become a voice for the needy, a brain for the mistreated, using his gift. When God give a talent, He meant it to be pass-forward. To more we give, the more it multiply, just like the fish and bread when Jesus gave at Galilee.
    I also wanted the gifted lawyer to be happy one day, not just successful in his vengences and winning 100% rate in cases. i want him to rise above that, and use his gift to be blessing, and i really loved InAh , getting like the way i loved Youngshin of Healer. hope she be the rib that fix into the rib cage of JW well, inspired him for good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. IA: “… If you didn’t even hear the defender’s side, and you want to accuse him of murder. ….Even the murderer who killed a human being, should have the right to a fair trial in court.”
    IA certainly deserved more praises than what many anti fans could give. Since its exactly a month Anniversary from the Finale of the Remember. And I am still staying with Remember, though I did watched 6 Flying dragons and the much lauded Descendents of Son, yet I am still here, for Inah.
    Because she is worth it. By the 4th Ep, Many antifans chided that she is just acting Side-kicking, by ep 18 kissing scenes, some even said her role was added in as a need to have romance in any dramas…. Not seeing that she is crucial in Jinwoo’s life, thinking that why don’t just allow her to be just colleague is good enough, why must play love interest? This, I strongly beg to disagree. Inah is not blindly follow him, or trusting him without reason. First foremost, her trust originated from her dad who can testified that Jinwoo dad is a mild innocent man, and she witnessed his plight, with her belief that if she didn’t een hear the defender’s explanation, none should judge one without given the accuser a fair chance to defend himself. She from the beginning has the right spirit or compassion even towards one who is judged by others or the law. InAh is gifted with such rare and just and gracious attitude towards to forsaken by majority that makes her a perfect candidate for a prosecutor in future, whether or not she may meet Jinwoo and fallen for him. And none other but Inah can be the One that soothe his heart in future and be his memories, because only Inah can end up doesn’t mind loving someone who will forget her daily after every day reminding him how much they loved each other once.

    (SORRY, EvelynL, i am back here, still lingering with Remember. and i say, i loved what you wrote about Inah. she is one Character,that i will never ever forget. she just preceded her own Youngshin, as an awesome woman behind her man.)

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