Imaginary Cat – Episode 3 Review

Now, there is someone who wants Bok-gil’s attention, well more like wanting Jong-hyun’s attention, and Bok-gil has one more person caring for her. Aw, how lucky she is as a cat?

IMC Ep3-2
Of course, Jong-hyun is not letting Na-woo into his house and Bok-gil doesn’t like her for now. And it’s interesting how Na-woo says that Bok-gil looks like Haru. Another reason to add to the possibility!
IMC Ep3-3 IMC Ep3-4
Aw, even a cat can be jealous as Bok-gil messes up Jong-hyun’s stuffs after a girl comes by. Hehe.
IMC Ep3-11 IMC Ep3-12
As always, Jong-hyun is not exactly on good terms with Jin-sung who claims that he didn’t plagiarized his works. They seems to have a history from long back. They are up against each other for the open slot to which their works are tied.
IMC Ep3-13
Hah, I love Hae-gong’s reaction when he sees that Jong-hyun is actually talking to a girl and she even returns her clothes and knows about Bok-gil, having been to his home. Oh, what are you thinking? Guys will always be guys. xD
IMC Ep3-5 IMC Ep3-6
Chapter 5 “Which Family?” tells how Jong-hyun, even though he is orphan, treats Bok-gil dearly as his family as when Bok-gil feels feverish, Jong-hyun is worried sick and rushes him to the animal hospital.
IMC Ep3-8 IMC Ep3-7
Na-woo is now trying to get close with both Jong-hyun and Bok-gil as she is also worried about Bok-gil when she saw Jong-hyun running like mad. Aw. It’s also where she meets her former classmate who is now the vet. Looks like Na-woo is probably his first crush?
IMC Ep3-9 IMC Ep3-10
He is late for work the next day and tells his boss that his family is ill to which the boss laughs it off, saying that he doesn’t have family. Standing firm, he exclaims, “No, I have a family.” Yes, cat is also a family!
IMC Ep3-15 IMC Ep3-14
Sucks how Jong-hyun has to keep a cool head and listen to his boss’ order when Jin-sung comes to his book store for fan-signing event. D:
IMC Ep3-17 IMC Ep3-18
We get to hear why Jong-hyun dislikes Jin-sung as his buddy Hae-gong say in frustration how Jin-sung saw his project and lied that he had never seen it. After that, he debuted with it. Ah, that’s so bad! Hopefully there will be justice for Jong-hyun!
IMC Ep3-20 IMC Ep3-21
Na-woo booked a health appointment for Bok-gil which Jong-hyun reluctantly complies. At the clinic, the vet, Lee Wan (played by Choi Tae Hwan), stays late with Na-woo. She just wants to simply see both Jong-hyun and Bok-gil. (Sad for Wan, though) Na-woo made a collar with bell for Bok-gil which the grumpy cat thinks it’s not bad. But not with Na-woo when she carries her.
IMC Ep3-22 IMC Ep3-23
Bok-gil’s check-up is done and it seems that her immune system is weak. Responsible Jong-hyun says he will pay the bills, even though his rental fee has increased, to which Wan says that Na-woo has already paid. It looks like Jong-hyun is not pleased with this.
IMC Ep3-24
Outside, he tells her that he is Bok-gil’s owner so she is not to overdo it and mind her own business. It’s probably that he is not used to a girl talking to/hanging around him that he is being this way? That he only wants to be the one caring about his cat. I guess that Na-woo’s involvement is annoying him, with the deadline nearing.
IMC Ep3-25 IMC Ep3-28
Speaking of, Jong-hyun stays up again to finish his drawings. Meanwhile, Bok-gil wanders around the mess in the house, thinking if she should play hide-and-seek game, and sees ajar door which the gas inspector didn’t close after leaving. Uh-oh, no.
IMC Ep3-29
Few hours went by and Jong-hyun realises that Bok-gil is missing. He sees the ajar door with frightened look in his eyes. Oh no, can it go any worse than this? We all know that Bok-gil is precious to Jong-hyun as well as his career as webtoon artist.

Oh my gawd, what if Bok-gil’s missing might make Jong-hyun lose his one shot at becoming true webtoon artist? But it looks like that Bok-gil matters more to him, since Bok-gil is a miracle that makes Jong-hyun want to draw again. Please don’t put Bok-gil in danger. And Jong-hyun as well.

I like how the show reminds us of the importance of health, though the grumpy cat is getting old. Still, Bok-gil can become better if provided with correct supplements so that she can live longer which Jong-hyun wants.
IMC Ep3-19

It’s cute how Bok-gil doesn’t really like Na-woo just because of the attention Jong-hyun gives to Na-woo sometimes. Bok-gil and Jong-hyun have been living together for seven years, so it’s right for Bok-gil to be grumpy around Na-woo. Hehe. At least, she doesn’t find the collar with bell, which Na-woo made for her, bad and is now warming up to her.
IMC Ep3-31


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